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Looking for hack: SMW2 Redesigned


SMW2 Redesigned

Hey, guys.
Is this hack of Mue? No. This is a hack who is made by his cousin, who is also an experienced user on YI hacking. He hasn't registered here.

Anyways, here are some screenshots of this hack.

1-1 Yoshi's pounding back!

1-2 An Autumn Stroll

1-3 Into the skies

1-4 ???? Fort (Who could the boss be?)

1-5 A Trip into mt.Lava

1-6 Spear Guys Territories

1-7 Platforms Galore!!

1-8 ???? Fort (Who could this boss be)

1-E ???? (An Extra level for them to play)


This link is broken

I want a new download link, please.