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Super Mario Gaia Demo Version 1.3 by grisu

File Name: Super Mario Gaia Demo Version 1.3
Submitted: by grisu
Authors: grisu
Demo: Yes
Featured: No
Length: 8 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Light
Description: This is the demo of my very first hack!

It is set in the world of Final Fantasy VII, one of my all time favorite games. The difficulty level is pretty beginner friendly and mostly focused on (hopefully) creative setups mixed with some precision based parts.

This demo contains the eastern continent from Midgar to Junon and its southern islands.
I included 8 exits and the first Switch Palace. The final version will have 12 new exits
and two new Switch Palaces, so 20 exits and 3 palaces in total.

Hope you enjoy it, feedback would be appreciated!

Edit: uploaded the wrong file which contained a softlock in the first Level. Fixed it in the new File, V1.31.
I am rejecting this because I was having issues in the 2nd half of MYTHRIL MINE with enemies despawning. Sometimes the shell up top would despawn making the top route impossible. Sometimes the yellow koopa at the bottom would despawn also making that section impossible. I feel like these issues should be resolved before being accepted to the site.

Since you are looking for some feedback I will offer some of mine.

Midgar - My favorite level of the hack, things are easy to understand and has some great ideas with the raft. Gameplay is very smooth.

Kalm - Felt kind of basic compared to the first level. Nothing is bad, but nothing to great going on here. These are shell jumps we see in every hack.

Chocobo Farm - Feeding the yoshis are very very easy for kaizo. I never felt pressured and only had to make simple throws. You don't need to feed the 2nd yoshi, you can just jump on the koopa to the midway. I did like the idea of having the different color koopas to show which ones to eat.

MYTHRIL MINE - The multiple path idea is interesting. Riding the rocks is pretty slow and boring. I've already went over the 2nd half of the level earlier, but both solutions I eventually came up with were so much harder than the rest of the game.

Fort Condor - The mushroom platforms leave behind a garbled graphic that doesn't look good. You can skip the red shell by cape spinning the block double jumping. (I don't see why the shell would help)

Mideel - The level is a little slow but not bad. Stopping the shell to turn around the mole was a really cool move though. :D

Temple of the Cetra- Fine level, albeit its shortness.

Junon - Seems fine, kind of on the shorter and easier side, no complaints really. Boss is very simple and the bullets don't pose much of a threat.

Hope this helps out some, GL on the next submission.