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NSMW1: The Twelve Magic Orbs Remastered - Beta Testing (World 9 demo)

Standard: Hard

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Since the main purpose of this remaster is to polish a hack that was barely tested, i'll start beta testing it sooner and since now i'm halfway done with the hack, it's the perfect time to start testing it.

UPDATE (08/06/2022): The demo now includes World 9


Just as a note, i'll update this demo again once i finish World 10.

Here are some issues i'm aware of that will be fixed later:
-The save files in the title screen sometimes will not apear, but you can still select them
-The intro message level is obviously a placeholder
-The rooms in Peach's Castle are incomplete, with the exception of the tutorial room
-You still get bonus stars in the goal (i'm planning on removing them)
-The goal sequence breaks layer 3
-None of the castle levels have bosses yet.
-The reserve item doesn't show up on the status bar
-3-5 still doesn't have the explosive gimmick that it originally had (i'll fix this once i get to 7-5)
-The ice in 6-1 doesn't act slippery (i'll fix this once i get to World 8)
-7-3 has a few graphical glitches

Here's what i would like to hear from you, the beta tester:
-Try reporting me any bug you find that isn't mentioned above, specially if it's related to the power-ups or the star coins patch.
-I would like to know if the difficulty is well balanced, like, if there's a level in World 2 that's too hard or a level in World 6 that's too easy.
-Feel free to give any suggestions on how i can improve the levels.
My Hack - Beta Testing
Don't ask me when i'll make NSMW3.
holy fucking ! this is amazing ! i can't belive this ! you made it !
First of all, I must say that the aesthetics in your hack are very gorgeous and I like the way the overworld is made. Music choices for both overworld and levels are very fitting too! As for level design, I like the way you present the powerups and how they are used in the levels. This makes a refreshing experience and a good exploration! Difficulty is well balanced.
Let's talk about some issues that I found through the hack:

The life counter in the overworld is very white, making the number of lifes very hard to see, you may want to change the palette:

World 1: Your typical grassland world, with some new stuff, beautiful graphics and a great level design!.

First of all you start at
1-0 Peach's Castle
where you can find all the powerups in an item shop!
. As you stated in your post, the rooms are incomplete (the one mentioned before for example) and there are doors which takes you to the same rooms as other doors:

I don't know if these doors will use any asm for different entrances, but at the moment, they are like I said previously. Specifically, the middle door will take you to either the
orb room or item shop
. As for the
orb room, I'm not sure if RednGreen's grassland song is suitable there (personal thought), also the numbers from the status bar are very black, you may want to change their palette
1-4 Spring Shrubland: Sometimes, the last Star Coin can have cutoff (not always) right after getting it, don't know if it is caused by the cluster effect but it's very minor (if you move through the level and come back there, the cutoff disappears):

1-A Vine Valley: I found a softlock. Climbing one of the vines allows you to get stuck inside the dirt, and there's no way to escape unless the timer runs out. You could add a ceiling to fix this or use a patch which avoids this:

World 2: A tropical beach world, which is very neat, introducing
new mechanics, enemies and a powerup

Solar Chase
: In the underwater area, when hitting a block with multiple coins, the Layer 3 Fish flickers, not sure what's causing this though. Also you can swim under the level (there is a patch that avoids this):

After coming back to the surface, right after coming out from the pipe, the
Angry Sun
is glitchy. This gets automatically fixed after finishing the pipe animation:

Flooded Fortress
: One of my favourite levels so far. I like the concept used and how it was implemeted into the level! There are a couple of minor issues though:

The second Star Coin
(located in the Frog Suit Room)
sometimes has cutoff after getting it.

For some reason, there was a coin that it wasn't possible to take, it's located where the last Star Coin is.

2-5 Urchin Reef: mostly same issues as in 2-2 (swimming under the level and at the start of the level, while you take some coins Layer 3 Fish flickers):

Also, a silly death that happens you swim with the
Frog Suit
and get too close to the
current pipe

F.L.U.D.D. Tower
: Another level which I liked a lot with a great gimmick. Mainly, my nipticks are related to 1-UP farming, though I think they are not important as getting lifes is important because the hack will get more challenging.

Also, keep in mind that if you
press the Blue Switch, getting the 1-UP will be more challenging. From my point of view I would erase those blue blocks to make it a fairer challenge

World 3: A
city world with its industrial hazards and dirty waters
and introduces a new powerup!. Music choices were really good there and those graphics are cool!

Slimy Sewer System
: This area looks a bit akward. It's like the water has "cutoff" (not really a cutoff per se but looks like the water's level is kinda forced) You can change those dark water tiles with solid foreground and it would look "less forced"

City Square
: Minor cutoff between the webs and the pipes (looks like they are not connected due to how the pipes are originally made):

Polluted Waters
: as in 2-2 and 2-5 you can swim under the level in the underwater subarea:

Explosives Inc.
and 3-8
Toxic Orb Inc. LLC.
: I think you can change Podoboos' palette to fit with
that poison used in both levels

World 4: A sandy desert world, with some
windy and hot stages ,your typical temples and new gimmicks
. It's a great world. As a minor niptick from me, I kind of missed
Angry Sun
in this world, but it's just a personal thought. My favourite level from world 4 is 4-Castle
Locked Castle

4-1 Sumo Sands: A couple of cutoffs, the first one between the sand accumulation (the rest of sand accumulations have no cutoff), the small grass and the terrain; and the second between the goal post and the sand:

Also when you stomp on the Super Koopas in the level, they show hex numbers like this:

4-2 Skyrocket Sunset: Here you can find a new powerup
which allows Mario to fly or flutter for a short period of time as rocket
. There,s a cutoff or weird conection between the pipes and the cloud in the bonus area:

4-3 Mysterious Ruins: Here you find the
first Yoshi in the hack, which has no message
. I think it would be better to make these columns semisolid rather that passable to make it a bit easier.

There's also a cutoff between a couple of pipes and the sand:

Keep in mind that
Mario can take Yoshi with him from level to level, and in levels like 4-5 Quicksand Path and 4-6 Snake Block Pyramid, Yoshi's Tongue becomes glitchy,
as you can see in the next couple of screenshots
(you can use the patch were Yoshi can't be taken from level to level or look for a fix for the tongue)

Haunted Tomb
: I liked the idea of a
"Ghost House" with Quicksand, Flames and Transforming Boos/Cement Blocks
and it was very well made. I only have a complaint with the level:

In this specific mass of quicksand there are insta-kill sand tiles which I didn't expect at all... which can be frustrating if players are exploring the level.

Quicksand Path
I like the exploration in this level. However, I think the time here is a bit short. Maybe you could put in the timer 400 or 450 seconds instead of 300.

World 5: A forest world, leaves falling from the trees
(and berries too!) and new stuff!
. I think that world 5 has a short amount of powerups, finding some of them in the second half of the levels, but this is more of a niptick.

Starting with something in the overworld, the pipe in the screenshot takes Mario to 1-0
Peach's Castle
. Is it intended?

I wonder what happens in the castle after hitting the Switches...

5-5 Cherry River: You can farm 1-UPs in two parts of the level, more of a niptick actually:

5-6 Flaming Forest: An original concept for a level that was executed quite well. The only issue is that near the end of the burning forest area, there are some flames that appear unexpectedly. I would suggest adding a warning sign or something similar so the players are ready.

World 6: A cave world (with some mines and abstract vibes!). It was very great, with some great design and mechanics(specially the
minecart levels)

6-A Magma Passage: You can farm 1-UPs with a climbing rope and Chuck's Footballs:

Also, as S1Z2 has stated before,
the blocks that appear in the message after hitting the Green Switch are glitchy and the Switch becomes two Yoshi Eggs

6-2 Crystalline Lake: Another good level here. Just a cutoff and a couple of instances where you can farm more 1-UPs

Here you can see the first 1-UP farming moment and a cutoff in the corner tile over the Chuck.

The second 1-UP farming moment.

6-3 Underground Falls:

As with the other underwater levels, you can swim under the level.

Another possible silly death involving
current pipes and Frog Suit

After getting the last Star Coin it can get glitchy at times.

6-4 Electric Fortress: Typo in the intro:

You wrote Elecrtic instead of Electric, very minor.

Overall, this was a great hack, a high improvement over the original (which was pretty good too!). Looking forward to the next demo!
Wow, This is really great. I am enjoyed this rom hack so far. Man, this remastered version is way more better than the original. It has great aesthetic and no bullet hell levels. Great job Rilla Roo.

Also same with N450 says that there are alot of glitchy and buggy stuff that you need to fix it.
New Super Mario World: The Twelve Magic Orbs Remastered Beta 1 by Rilla Roo

Oh boy, one of the first hacks I ever played is now getting a remaster.
This surely is exciting, let's get onto it.

WARNING! There will be spoilers ahead, if you don't want to be spoiled, play the hack first, then read the rest.

Minor Stuff:

After finding a switch palace and pressing it while you have any number of Star coins, the Star coins you gained will disappear. You'll have to find them again.

Hitting red and green koopas with an ice flower gives a 2 block high ice block, but hitting a yellow or blue koopa gives a regular 1 block high ice block. (This does not apply to para-koopas, which all give a 1 block high ice block.)

Freezing Hammer/Boomerang/Any Brother, Hopping Flames, Sumo Bros, Boomerangs, Diagonal Fireballs and Regular Fireballs gives an empty ice block.

Dino-Torches are immune to thrown ice blocks.

Overworld Stuff:

The arrows don't have outlines.

Mario isn't going fast on the overworld now, which isn't a big issue, but when you start going on the longer paths it can feel like a century.

The switch(?) icon doesn't really look like a switch, to me it looks like a campfire or something.
Making it a bit clearer that its a switch icon would be nice.

For some reason, World 5-1 has a key graphic at the top right instead of the keyhole to indicate a secret exit.

World 1-1:

Putting the key in the keyhole erases the HDMA.

Plenty of problems with the goal sequence (Ignoring the one you already stated about Layer 3), breaks HDMA, the "MARIO" Text has a weird palette and part of the timer countdown text is hidden by the hills.

World 1-4:

If you happen to have the ice flower (most likely because you get it in the last stage), If you turn a chuck into an ice block and do this trick (which took a bit more times) you'll get a slightly glitched Mario for a few frames.

The Goal Post, or the sprite for the goal post, has a slightly strange greenish palette.

World 1-Castle:

Didn't like this one very much. It felt way too easy.
The lack of those upwards falling (or I guess jumping) munchers is a bit of a bummer.

World 1 Overview:

World 1 was pretty solid, had about the same difficulty as the original, minus the castle, which was harder in the original.

World 2-2:

As stated by N450, the Angry Sun glitches, but also, this pipe has a really weird palette for some reason.

World 2-4:

You can get behind the background in several pipes, this one being the one of them.

Ice Blocks interact really weirdly when you press the switch here.

This level has 2 midways for some reason..?

World 2-A:

Not a fan of the music in this level, would prefer the original song used.

In second section inside the ship, if you go fast you won't get hit, at all, by the appearing/disappearing boos.

World 2-6:

Not anything wrong with the level, only the ice flower.
I found this glitch here very easily while trying to carry an ice block through the pipe.

World 2-Castle:

Why is the song so loud?
I can't hear any sound effects at all.

World 2 Overview:

It's tremendously easier than the original World 2, mostly because of the OP Ice flower, that can make almost anything into a non threat with a single Y press.
The castle is stupidly easy now, unlike in the original where it had some reasonable challenge.

Small Note: World 3 and 4 were written before N450 updated the post, so you might see some duplicate stuff, excuses in advance.

World 3-3:

This weird half coin in the secret area.

You can also cheese the secret.

World 3-6:

Not a fan of the music here, I prefer the song used in the World 3 Demo I tested.

World 3-Castle:

I love this reworked 3-Castle. It has everything like the original but a bit easier.
The downside of it is the music, which I'm not a fan of, as well as it's length.

Coming back here in the late game with Yoshi will make this happen...

World 3 Overview:

Pretty solid world, Again, tremendously easier because of the Ice Flower, the only level that was reasonably hard was 3-6.
3-A was just a pushover with the ice flower, in the final section you shoot a single ice ball on the magikoopa and collect all the coins ezpz.

World 4-1:

Killing a Super Koopa gives this strange graphics.

This pitchin chuck looks to the right while entering the subarea for a few seconds.

World 4-2:

This enemy has a really weird flame, I remember seeing it with a different type of flame before.
If you're gonna use this flame instead, I suggest changing the palette to the one the bowser statues flame uses.

World 4-3:

This is a really weird version of the song (SMW Desert), never heard it before.
Thank you Yoshi, very insightful.

I guess that Yoshi's invincible to these fireballs.

World 4-4:

Glitchy Star coin moment.

Another Glitchy Star Coin Moment.

World 4-5:

Glitchy Yoshi level.
The fireballs he spits out looks like this.

Fun Fact: You can eat bowser statues with Yoshi.
Didn't know that myself.

Hitting the random powerup glass block here turns it into this glitched graphic.

By far the glitchiest level I've played, It also has a really tight time limit if you want to get all Star Coins.

World 4-6:

Yet another glitchy Yoshi level.
Showcasing another tiny glitch you can do to enter these doors with Yoshi.

This thwomp does nothing. Not sure if he's intentional or what but he does literally nothing.

World 4-Castle:

And another glitchy Yoshi level. Man, just remove Yoshi in the level where I can get him so you don't have to redo like, 6-7 levels so far.

World 4 Overview:

Ya really goofed when you gave me the Yoshi, lol.
Difficulty wise it's about the same as the original World 4, maybe even a bit easier.

World 5 Overview:

(Note: I stopped using Yoshi in World 5 because at this point you'll probably remove him anyway :P)

The world was solid, with no glitches and bugs.
Fair difficulty for World 5, not too hard, not too easy.
Probably my favorite World out of the bunch.

World 6-A:

Really weird graphics for when the switch is hit.

World 6 Overview:

Another really nice world, very well polished, with no glitches or bugs I could find.

Overall a pretty neat demo, the last 2 worlds felt really polished and good, as for the earlier worlds, they are kinda lacking in terms of polish.
Still, this was an amazing experience, can't wait for the next demo!

Lots of love, S1Z2 #w{<3}
Since the last time I played one of your hacks (almost a year and a half ago now), I can tell that you've improved a lot. Right from the very first level, it's genuinely blast to play, with levels filled with interesting puzzles. I really think you would be a solid level designer for an actual game company.

I go into more detail with specific examples below, but one strange aspect of the hack is the presence of graphical glitches - something I've noticed from skimming through N450 and Seg's posts is that we all encountered some instances of Star Coins behaving with glitched graphics, yet we all encountered this problem at different points (i.e. I didn't notice any Star Coin glitches in any of the specific areas where N450 found them). I'm very curious to learn what exactly is triggering these glitches, because it doesn't seem like there was any noticeable pattern or logic to when and where I found them.

Another consistent problem I've found is the graphics in Yoshi's tongue - in many levels, his tongue just looks completely garbled throughout the entire level. I will note that this mainly applies to levels where Yoshi isn't necessarily required to complete the stage, so perhaps the easiest solution would be to just apply one of those Counter Break patches that prevents you from taking Yoshi to the overworld (and thus, other levels).

I love the variety of powerups that you've got going on here, but once the Hammer Bros powerup is introduced, the hack becomes rather easy to break. I discovered that it's really easy to breeze through a lot of levels with the hammer powerup (even by skipping whatever other powerups were clearly intended for the level) simply because of how easy it always is to just kill everything on-screen with the hammers. This could perhaps also be fixed using the same Counter Break method I mentioned earlier.

Other miscellaneous comments:

- I like the title screen, but what's up with the constant sound of Mario jumping? Is that intentional?

- Speaking of the title screen, the text at the bottom is a little confusing. Why are "2015-2016" and "2020" listed separately? Does that mean you started working on the hack in 2015 but didn't work on it between 2017 and 2019? It's not very clear.

- As mentioned by others previously, the palette on the OW's border is messed up. On the main overworld, the life numbers are completely white/monochrome, making it hard to read. The number's easier to read on the submaps, due to the change in palette, but it's still not very aesthetically pleasing nevertheless.

- There are definitely some weird graphical issues with the star coins. A little bit of cutoff is left sometimes, though it it's not entirely clear why. I don't think it's just because of sprite overload like N450 said, since in this case there were no other sprites on screen (unless you count the vines).

- Level 2-3 (the one with the bubbles) is a great stage - it has a wonderful atmosphere with the music + graphics, and has some fun puzzles that utilize the bubbles.

- Level 2-4 (the castle level where you change the water levels) is another fantastic level all-around, but it's got some strange sprite issues. Whenever Mario goes through a pipe, his graphics completely disappear, even while he should be making the "pipe entrance/exit" animation. Similarly, powerups that come out of ? are invisible until after they've finished the "rising up out of the block" animation.

- Kind of a small nitpick here, but I can't help but feel that 2-5 (underwater level with the frog suit and the Jelectros) drags on a bit. It starts out pretty good, but by the time I made it to the end of the last room the level started to feel like it was overstaying its welcome.

- Graphical bug: In 3-4, the background color changes from a gradient to solid when you touch the key to the keyhole.

- The Star Coin system is pretty sweet - they're often pretty fun to search for and find, and it adds a lot of replay value to the hack. That said, I do have a minor problem with the Star Coin system - the way they save is inconsistent. In MOST levels, if I beat a level after collecting only one or two Star Coins, then the level saves my progress, and I will only need to find the remaining one if I enter the level again to collect the third coin. In level 3-3, however, I collected two Star Coins, exited the secret exit by stepping on the Big Red Switch - but when I re-entered the level to get the normal exit and the third coin, I had to collect all three coins again (not just the third one).

- Level 3-A (Kamek Casino) is another really awesome level. Some fantastic visuals, really lovely music, and the 99-coin challenge at the end is super fun (if a bit on the easy side). It does have some of those same graphical glitches from earlier, though, where Mario and powerups disappear in pipes and such.

- In my opinion, you should in some way make it more clear that these yellow blocks can only be broken with the bombs. I killed both bombs right away and ended up making it impossible for myself to get the Star Coin without restarting.

- In 4-1, some of the enemies glitch out when you kill them!

- When you open Yoshi out of the box in 4-3, the message box is completely blank!

- Again, I'm not entirely sure if this is intentional, but these Dry Bones will hurt/kill you even after they've collapsed. You throw a fair number of these at us throughout this level, so it can become surprisingly annoying to deal with because of how .. unnatural it is for dead Dry Bones to not be harmless.

Ha ha.

- World 5-Castle is another level that I think drags on for too long, despite having neat ideas behind it. It quickly devolved into nothing more than just me spamming iceballs everywhere to defuse the fire, which is less of a challenge than it is just busywork.

- *Electric. I almost missed this myself!

- This is a very minor nitpick, but in a hack that is otherwise very Nintendo-styled and is clearly trying to callback to as many Mario games/elements as possible, it's a little jarringly out-of-place to include a Creeper from Minecraft. Not a huge deal or anything, it's just a small detail that bugged me a bit.

I don't have a whole lot to say about world 5/6 without starting to repeat myself. The small graphical bugs mentioned above continue to be present throughout various levels, mainly relating to Yoshi.

In summary:
All-around, a lovely hack. I never once ran into any horrendously game-ruining errors for which I would personally reject the hack from the sections (if I was a mod), there was just a small collection of a bunch of minor errors and some graphical glitches here and there.

I think you could have this spruced up in no time! Keep it up.
The handomest people in the world are ones who follow my Twitch
Well, i have to thank all three of you guys for giving all these feedback, i'm already working on to fix most of the issues adressed, although there are some that i don't know how to fix (glitchy star coin gfx) or will be fixed later (the goal breaking layer 3 or anything that requires a patch that isn't a hex edit).

As for Yoshi, i just forgot to add the counter break patch, but don't worry, i already patched it and you can no longer take him to other levels (also, he no longer shows that empty message that breaks layer 3 and HDMA).
My Hack - Beta Testing
Don't ask me when i'll make NSMW3.
Hey there Rilla Roo I finally got some time to beta test your hack, and as I noticed, if I press SELECT button on my emulator, the previous powerup will fall right down unless Mario picks it up, even if in the status bar isn't an item box. So please, fix it.

EDIT: I can't wait for the next beta rom.
7 years using I think that's not enough.

Originally posted by ForthRightMC
Hey there Rilla Roo I finally got some time to beta test your hack, and as I noticed, if I press SELECT button on my emulator, the previous powerup will fall right down unless Mario picks it up, even if in the status bar isn't an item box. So please, fix it.

He acknowledged this in the OP, already:

Originally posted by Rilla Roo
Here are some issues i'm aware of that will be fixed later:
-The reserve item doesn't show up on the status bar

The handomest people in the world are ones who follow my Twitch
Hi, Pink Gold Peach

I finished testing this beta version a few days ago and it has many great things, so I liked it a lot.

However, I found some glitches and bugs as well as the mentioned previously that can be corrected:

And now, the differences I really liked about this remastered version in relation to the original:

That’s it for now. I liked a lot more things of this remastered version of New Super Mario World 1: The Twelve Magic Orbs, but I decided to mention just the most important ones in order to not make an excessively long reply.

And thanks to Clippit for helping me to write this text (yes, I wrote this on Word 2000).

Before entering the final pipe, there is a passage which leads to the last star coin. It’s full of torches that don’t put out, so Mario can lose his power-up or, in the worst-case scenario, a life.

You need the ice flower to get this star coin, you can find it in 4-A, but i think i'm gonna hide an ice flower block in this level as it is quite annoying to play the entire level without getting hit.

This level is a great introduction to this game because it shows all the power-ups we can find along the adventure and how to use them, as well as the room where the twelve orbs used to be. Also, it has a wonderful background music and pastel blue walls, stuff that I personally found surprisingly calm.

The room with all the power-ups is still a placeholder, i'll add a item shop there so you can buy each power-up with coins, and also, the power-ups will be unlocked as you progress.

By the way: Who is Raij Bonlosaro?

The president of the Mushroom Republic
My Hack - Beta Testing
Don't ask me when i'll make NSMW3.
There a glitch when I resume the hack mario swimming help fix it
Originally posted by Mohamad20ZX
There a glitch when I resume the hack mario swimming help fix it

If you are testing the hack please be more specific, when does it happen? Where does it happen? Do you have any powerups? Is it on game over?

This thread is for testing and proper feedback so without information relating to the issue that's very hard to pin point and possibly recreate.
I've tried out the 6 world demo, just finished world 2. The new design and the new powerups makes it much more fun. And I do look forward to the finished hack.

I do have a couple of issues:

In world 2-5, if you go on top of pipes making currents with a frog suit, it's hilariously instant death, like as if you were being crushed.

In world 2-castle, I noticed there wasn't a F.L.U.D.D counter. I'm guessing the new HUD makes it somewhat tougher to implement.

And as for minor nitpicks.

I do find the world 1 cave music in the original fit MUCH more than the NSMB Cave music, I find it a bit overused sadly.

I quite liked the original theme that W1-4 used in the original. But it seems weird to hear W1-1 music in it's weird.

W2-3's original music is too good to omit. While the replacement is pretty good, I do think that the original could be put in the areas that played it where the level ends.

It might be me, but the original Kremlantis theme was a little more fitting. But at least the Kremlantis theme is there though.

I will continue to play this tomorrow and will provide more feedback when I make it to the end. Either way, it's been a blast so far!
So I made it to the end, and honestly, it's so nice that many cheap hits have been elimintated!

I will say some highlights:

The new powerups are so much fun to use! And they're used in very genius ways, and any areas where the new powerups ARE required to progress, they're done by respawning them. It avoids the one big issue that Luigi Is Villain made in that regard.

Some of the music choices were much more fitting. As much as I did like the Crash Bandicoot music, the replacements are much better!

Flaming Forest's start and gradual progress to getting burnt is an absolutely mint idea!

Live A Live's music in W4-2 is seriously awesome!

And as for some criticisms:

Hearing more of the NSMB underground music in a lot of underground areas later on really felt too overused, some were even unfitting in their areas, I woulda preferred some of the original tunes in their places. I do get a little impression it's a placeholder though.

In the electric fortress, in the vertical scrolling part, there was a section where the moving platform didn't spawn at all, without going back, but since it's around the bottom, it's more of a minor issue.

For world 3, I did kinda prefer the original music for the world map. Same goes for W3-3. Though the following level's music choice is much more ideal, and if the music was used just on that level, it's make it more appealing to hear.

Forest Heights original music choice did work better, but again, I got the impression it was a placeholder. Same goes for the Magma cavern in world 6.

That is all I can think of for now. I will say, keep up the good work!
Well, it's been a while since i started this thread, and i think it's time to post a new beta testing demo with all the levels up to World 8. Feel free to give feedback on the new levels and revisit the previous levels to see if there's anything i overlooked.

My Hack - Beta Testing
Don't ask me when i'll make NSMW3.
Hey there R.R. (it means shortcut of Rilla Roo) I finished testing new rom with 8 worlds for your remastered version of first part of New Super Mario World.

Well, the levels are very good, and the usage of custom powerups and sprites is awesome! However, I haven't found any bugs yet.

Can't wait to test new demo!
7 years using I think that's not enough.

Cool demo checked it out. A few things I noticed that seem to be bugs or unintentional. In 3-A if you reached the coin quota(?) for the bonus room you just immediately go to the goal(you will be in the room for a split second then teleport to the goal. And in the FLUDD castle you can easily fly through what is supposed to be solid ground from under the screen

Also, any level with Monty Moles and the big blocks they break, aswell as any Reznor Boss can be soft locked with the Hammer bros Suit.
Try to find a way to get the reznor fight to end even if the platforms are gone and try to make the Mole blocks breakable with hammers if possible.
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I Found Some Buggy Sprites in World 4 + Its seems That everytime i Beat A Level my Reserve Item is Gone i Dont Know if That is Intended but So Far its Well Done Polished so far :D

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on This Waterfall You can Stand but its Not a piepe Behind it No Idea if thats Intended and i cant Remember Which Level it was But in One Level It Didnt Saved The Star Coins After geting The Secret Exit which it Normaly Does :D

Mein Youtube Kanal

My Youtube Channel

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