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Old-School Level Design Contest 2021 - Rules & Submissions

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(thanks goes to Klug for the lovely banner!)

Welcome once again to the Old-School Level Design Contest! For those unfamiliar with the first OLDC, the rules are similar to VLDC, except all graphical and custom resources are stripped out. All you have to work with is Lunar Magic and your own creativity and design skills. Most of the restrictions are the same as the last contest, but we made a few tweaks to the rules. Additionally, we are considering making another compilation hack of this contest. More details on that will be given after results come out.

EDIT: The judges have been announced! They are:  K.T.B. MrDeePay  NopeContest  patcdr and  sincx!

The obfuscated compilation of entries is also now available! You can download it here.

BASEROM: Please use this BaseROM for your entry as it allows for infinite lives. (Alternatively, you can download the ASM patch directly here.)

(NOTE: Rules have been added/expanded since the contest's start, so I encourage re-reading the rules before submitting your entry!)

  • Do not submit a Kaizo level, as it will be disqualified!
  • You’re not allowed to use any tool to edit your entry other than Lunar Magic. No custom music, custom blocks, etc.
  • You're not allowed to (re-)insert GFX or ExGFX into your ROM. Consider the #lm{extgfx}#lm{insgfx}#lm{extexgfx}#lm{insexgfx} buttons off-limits.
  • You're not allowed to enable the #lm{sgfxby} Super GFX Bypass. Use the original tilesets listed in the #lm{gfxby} Graphics Index only.
  • You're not allowed to edit colors in the global palette or enable a custom palette for your level. Use the original palette presets only.
  • You're not allowed to edit any Map16 tiles. You are allowed to use Direct Map16 Access to place individual Map16 tiles into your level, but only tiles that the original game used from the first 2 pages.
  • You're not allowed to use any functions in the #lm{l3gfxby} Layer 3 GFX/Tilemap Bypass. You are also not allowed to enable the "Enable advanced bypass settings for Layer 3" setting in the #lm{props} Change Layer 3 Settings dialogue.
  • You're not allowed to edit the background tilemap manually using the #lm{bg} Background Layer 2 Editor. You are allowed to use it to copy a background tilemap from another level used in the original game.
  • You're not allowed to use custom or edit original ExAnimation. Both #lm{exan} Level ExAnimation and #lm{exang} Global ExAnimation are off-limits. You are also not allowed to change any settings in the #lm{aniset} Edit Animation Settings dialogue.
  • You're not allowed to use the #lm{MARIO69} Horizontal Level Mode function added in LM 3.00. This includes the checkbox for the bottom row of tiles.
  • You're not allowed to edit the #lm{sprhead} Sprite Vertical Spawn Range for horizontal levels, nor can you turn on Smart Spawning.
  • You cannot use #lm{1door} to redirect the Midway Entrance to another level. In general, if it's a feature from LM 3.00 or later, ask before using it.
  • You are permitted to use LM's FastROM in your level. However, you cannot use the SA-1 or Super FX patches.
  • Your level may have a secret exit, but there should be only two exits maximum. There are no limits to level length, but unreasonable level lengths or (secret exit locations) will be marked down in design.
  • You can work with up to one partner.
  • Do not try looking for loopholes or exploits for your entry. I want people to be working in good faith, and if the judges feel you are exploiting the rules, then that could lead to disqualification!


Since I will need multiple files for the compilation, please upload your submission as a ZIP file or similar including the following:
  • Your submission as a BPS file; not doing so will disqualify your level. Do not submit a ROM or you will be banned!
  • A text file noting if your level has secret exits, Yoshi Coins or 3-UP moons
  • MWL files of your level and all sublevels necessary
  • If you used Message Boxes, another text file containing those messages
  • Make sure your submission is anonymized for the judges (i.e. name does not appear anywhere).

The deadline for submitting your contest entry is Sunday, May 2nd, 2021 at 12:15 PM EST.


Design: 40 Points
How well-designed is the level? Is it overall fun to play? How well does it execute its theme, gimmicks and level setups? Is the difficulty consistent or is it frustrating or boring? Does the level function properly or are there issues such as unintended slowdown?

Creativity: 20 Points
Does the level present any unique or interesting ideas using SMW’s resources? Does it have any original, nice setups? Is the theme/gimmick innovative?

Total: 60 points

Judges will be announced after the submission deadline. See above.

You can ask any questions in the Discord channel (#oldc-discussion) or the Discussion thread. Please keep this thread to submissions only. That should be everything, have fun with the contest!

I hope this is not too easy, gl everyone!

v1.1 Little edit, I forgot to change the start location haha, ty rextep for letting me know.

v1.2 Second Little edit, forgot to say that this has Yoshi Coins!

v1.3 Another edit, changed a section with a blind drop.

Mar de Morros 1.3
I am sorry but I had to make this level.


Made with LM 1.51
My entry: Dino Mountain

Update: Changed intro level, fixed switch palace and its message and made the 0 in the title logo smaller.

Spinjump Cave
This is my first time entering a contest! I don't expect this to get a high ranking but I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.
Bowser's Biggest Fan

Updated (last time I swear).

Here's my level.

EDIT: I made some minor changes.
EDIT2: I also made other minor changes.

Here is my level! It is the FIRST entry I submitted for the OLDC contest. Hope you enjoy it!

Btw the level is pretty challenging.


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