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Old-School Level Design Contest 2021 - Rules & Submissions

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Slip 'N' Scare

Clear Vid of the entry (you're gonna need it).

It's been over 4 years since I submitted anything on this site, so here goes nothing

Rumor has it that everyone and their dog is submitting an entry. So am I.
Throwing my hat in the ring for the first time.... Crossing my fingers!

Submission: "Hot Cocoa Hills"
Originally known as A Yoshi (2006-2009), Aquifer (2010-2011), and Azurik (2012-2014).

Here's my submission! Judges, (whoever you are) I hope you enjoy this level!
Originally posted by Friday_D0nat

Me too!
Fixed patch. You can redownload it.

Blue-Grey Valley
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List Graphics. OLDC 2021.Online BG Ripper.

Thanks to Koopster, Quills and JP32 for testing/feedback!

1.1: A few tweaks made to the level in order to prevent breaks. Added usernames in credits.
1.2: Some more tweaks.
1.21: Tweaks again. This should be the final version.
1.22: More lenient reset in cave. OKAY, THAT'S IT!
1.23: The same reset is now easier. This is the REAL final version now!
Originally posted by Magikey
get fixin' :angreally:

Got it! It's now impossible to skip the cave. And now, this is the REAL real final version!
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Basically, I believe in peace and bashing two bricks together.

Why Be Right?

(I hope nothing is wrong with this level!)
Another weird level made by me.

Edit: Version 1.1 fixed one softlock and added 1 extra 1-up.

Edit 2: Literally just lowered one pipe to ground level for easier reset.

Edit 3: Another small edit.


Link Thread Closed