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Old-School Level Design Contest 2021 - Rules & Submissions

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Here it is, my entry.

Edit: I went and removed mode 11 from my level.

CREME CAVERN (Its another Dark level, theres probably others, shout outs to fellow dark levels.) Edit: Revision 2 for an oversight.

(yes that's the level name)

yeah fuck it heres a quick one i made, the level design isnt really old style though its more like a regular gimmick level youd see today

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Here's my level. Much fun with it!

Mario looked at the giant guillotine in his hands and felt happy.

He walked over to the window and reflected on his Mushroom-y surroundings. He had always loved Large Mushroom Kingdom with its pickled, purple Peach's Castle. It was a place that encouraged his tendency to feel happy.

Then he saw something in the distance, or rather someone. It was the figure of Luigi . Luigi was a clumsy juggler with handsome fingernails and dirty toenails.

Mario gulped. He glanced at his own reflection. He was a charming, selfish, beer drinker with moist fingernails and brown toenails. His friends saw him as a brawny, bewildered bear. Once, he had even made a cup of tea for a stinky puppy.

But not even a charming person who had once made a cup of tea for a stinky puppy, was prepared for what Luigi had in store today.

The hail pounded like gyrating Goombas, making Mario hungry.

As Mario stepped outside and Luigi came closer, he could see the cruel smile on his face.

"Look Mario," growled Luigi, with a thoughtful glare that reminded Mario of clumsy Cheep Cheeps. "I hate you and I want FLUDD. You owe me 6934 dollars."

Mario looked back, even more hungry and still fingering the giant guillotine. "Luigi, but Imma Luigi, Imma number 1," he replied.

They looked at each other with gassy feelings, like two kaleidoscopic, knowing Koopa Troopas bouncing at a very giving holiday, which had jazz music playing in the background and two cowardly uncles sitting to the beat.

Mario regarded Luigi's handsome fingernails and dirty toenails. "I don't have the funds ..." he lied.

Luigi glared. "Do you want me to shove that giant guillotine where the sun don't shine?"

Mario promptly remembered his charming and selfish values. "Actually, I do have the funds," he admitted. He reached into his pockets. "Here's what I owe you."

Luigi looked mad, his wallet blushing like a big, brawny banana.

Then Luigi came inside for a nice drink of beer.

Layout by LDA during C3.
Myself and Evilguy0613's entry.

Endgame Entourage
. Two exits, two authors, we did our best not to break any rules.
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