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Illegal Value For Channel Directive

Hi, I am porting my first sampled port. Everything has worked fine until I transcribed the following measure:
f+8 r32 >c+16. e8 r32 c#16. d#8 r32 c16. d8 r32 <b16.>
This gives me the error message: "Illegal value for channel directive"
I can't figure out what is wrong here. I thought it might be the dotted 16th notes but I removed them and the message persisted. Any advice would be great. Thanks!
You're using # to denote sharp notes, but the correct syntax is +. Since # is used to define the channels, it results in that error message (#16 and #8 are invalid channel numbers after all).
Thank you so much! Can't believe I did that. Wow, I had a dumb moment there.