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Super Mario World: By SMW Central
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So.... I have a massive proposal that's been on my mind for quite a long time, and after receiving the staff's permission, I'm ready to present it in hopes of garnering the interest necessary to make this a reality.

And speaking of reality, let me show you a screenshot of The Second Reality Project by FPI, versus his remake, The Second Reality Project: Reloaded.

Striking differences, yeah? Well, I played Reloaded after it first released, and this hack was the biggest inspiration behind what I'm about to present to you today. The remake of TSRP utilized new graphics, new music, etc. to give the original an outstanding and much-needed facelift, bringing it up to par with (then) current hack standards. See where I'm going with this? No? Well, let me go ahead and get right to it...

I would like to propose a new SMW Central project where we, as a community, remake Super Mario World from the ground up, utilizing all the tools, resources, and talent that we have to offer in our community. To essentially make Super Mario World as if the original game itself was a hack. What if we created Dinosaur Land? If we decided the world themes, the graphics, the music, the overall design?

We have HDMA & parallax. New Layer 3 options. ExAnimation. Two entirely new GFX slots for both levels and overworlds. Way more ExGFX slots overall than we'd even need. Music samples. Shiny new tools. Talented composers, designers, coders... It's all here. We have everything we need to remake Super Mario World utilizing everything we've built over the years. A true love letter to the game that brought us together in the first place.

Basic Concepts to Start (Based on thoughts from the Discord server.)

• Level design would remain as-is, to avoid tampering with the core of the game. Towards the end, we can possibly arrange a small group of trusted level designers to make possible edits or extensions where we can agree that the original game was lacking.

• Plenty of engine optimizations and bug fixes.

• Enemies, blocks, sprites, etc. can be given new animations and/or actions for more fluidity. (EX: More smashed frames for the Rex enemy.)

• Layer 3 / Parallax / HDMA / Cluster sprites all utilized in different combinations together to create unique effects or weather for any particular level. (EX: Rain in a Donut Plains level, or layered trees and fog in a Forest of Illusion level.)

• Revamped world themes. With all the space available for ExGFX, we can truly create a Dinosaur Land with vastly unique scenery across all the game's worlds. I have an entire sub-section here with ideas:

- Yoshi's Island - Beach (YI 1+2) / Jungle (YI 3+4)
- Donut Plains - Plains / Savannah
- Vanilla Dome - Actual cream colored cave + maybe a more specific cave aesthetic separate from regular cave levels throughout the game. (Crystals or mineshafts.)
- Twin Bridges & Cookie Mountain - Turn this world into an Ice/Snow World? It's pretty high up, after all.
- Forest of Illusion - Upping the illusion factor, maybe a creepy or horror element?
- Chocolate Island - A more rocky and mountainous vibe to separate it from Cookie Mountain.
- Valley of Bowser - Lava / Badlands. Maybe even some swampy areas. Could be a very diverse "secret lush underground world" underneath Dinosaur Land.
- Star World - Actual space/ethereal theme. Special World could be debated specifically in the future.

• New Koopaling and Bowser bosses, either retaining the spirit of the originals or being something completely new.

• Separate Luigi GFX and physics.

• Remixed music from the original game, expanded for the new world themes as well. Possible multiple remixes of the main overworld theme based on the world you're located in (Donut Plains, Cookie Mountain, Chocolate Island).


Closing Statement

As I've said before, this is an idea that I've been sitting on for far too long. However, I felt it would be best to actually introduce this as a potential community effort in order to pull as much of the site's talents as possible. We all have our strengths, so why not put them all together and give Super Mario World all new life?

The PR staff has informed me that, given this project garners the interest and maintains it long enough, they will consider giving it the space on the site it would need. And if enough of you are truly on board, it would be an honor to organize such an exciting project for us.

To prepare for that hopeful outcome, this is going to be the thread to share any and all ideas, graphical/musical concepts, suggestions, etc. and organize them all in one place.

would like to participate on this, i could draw a thing or two
im not the most available person in the world BUT this seems very tempting to do


emojis on the post footers when

While I share my concerns on people missing the point if they make a fully custom level instead of making a custom level that keeps the ideas and layout faithful to the original, I am however, sold on the idea of having an aesthetic reimagining of Dinosaur Land that I have to ask on how to approach the graphics considering my biggest criticism of SMW is its aesthetics not conveying the same sort of surrealism that other Mario games do more successfully with their backgrounds and tilesets due to it being a launch title.

Should we do an approach like SMWCP2 in which every graphic in the game uses user-created graphics specifically made for the collaboration or should we be not be limited to that and tolerate the use of ripped graphics from other games alongside user-created graphics submitted to the Graphics section that are free to use for any hack?

Additionally, should ever graphic that goes into this collab need to be in the same artistic style or should the collaborative nature of it be exemplifying the individual tastes, skills, and stylistic preferences of the artists in question? That is something to be more clear on about.

On Pixel Art Requests: I generally do not accept work unless I either have the time, if I see your project worth my time to contribute towards, and that is usually me doing the approaching to you on that.
-I also do not accept speculative work as I do have various art I made on-hand with me.
-I am more receptive to equivalent exchange of resources in which case, you can DM me wherever I have an active presence on for the details.
-Other times I'm availible for your project is C3 request threads I may run.

Sounds really cool. Although with the TSRP comparison, hopefully this wouldnt use the redrawn GFX. I feel like level remakes would be cool to make it feel more new, but the design being the same isn't too bad a thing. I think the title would be cooler, if it was like a reboot title, where its the same as before. Just Super Mario World, or maybe SMW. Seperate Luigi physics excites me though
You already know i'd love to make the overworlds with you

My Hack Thread

This sounds really neat! I'd love to contribute something like this (or try to anyway) which would probably be a level

>Mark danced crazy!
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(I already expressed interest when you mentioned this earlier on Discord, but I'll post here too)

Yeah, I like this idea a lot. It's been a long time since there was some genuine community-wide excitement over a hack (at least not since SMWCP1.5 was attempted and failed, if I recall), so I'd love to see something like this actually end up finished.

I would love to help organize the resources and updates that could be made to really help bring the project to life, though there are still a handful of things that would need to be clarified first (StrikeForcer's questions are a good place to start).

One thing in particular I mentioned in the Discord that I would absolutely love to see are beta resources that were found in the game's files. For example, there's the Layer 3 cage that Smallhacker discovered years ago, which was meant to be used in side-scrolling levels in which Mario is trapped in some kind of box. Of course, that's only one example, but in general it might be a nice touch to include a handful of "bonus" levels to the hack that make use of beta features that Nintendo gave up on.

Hell, there are probably a lot of early features within the game that would be a blast to expand on.

In terms of graphics, I'm not entirely swayed one way or another whether the graphics necessarily should be all-original or could be taken from existing resources within the sections. For example, there are SMAS rips like these that may be fitting within a level or two, especially since such graphics would feel at hope with the "Nintendo-styled" theme, but it would still be interesting to see what new visuals some of the artists around here can come up with.

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this is a cool idea. if it goes anywhere, id love to help out! not too hot in the graphics/asm/music departments but i can say i put a good amount of thought into level design and putting everything together. it would be really cool seeing a """modern""" version of super mario world.

Originally posted by K.T.B.
in general it might be a nice touch to include a handful of "bonus" levels to the hack that make use of beta features that Nintendo gave up on.

i know this is kinda stepping out of line with the initial ideas of the project, but i really like this. i think of it kind of like super mario advance 4's e-reader levels. it'd be fun to scatter them around every once and a while.
As I said on Discord, this is a really cool concept.

I'd love to see this come together and be a part of it.

Originally posted by K.T.B.
I would absolutely love to see are beta resources that were found in the game's files. For example, there's the Layer 3 cage that Smallhacker discovered years ago

This is really funny because recently (today even, as of the time of writing) I ripped the said layer 3 cage from a mockup i was able to find here:

Though, I'm currently waiting on the disassembly of Sprite 88, that is most likely gonna be used with said cage, I'm not shy to send over the GFX Files.

If ripped graphics are allowed, I'd be happy to do the work in ripping some graphics from games or even sites, like MFGG.

Lots of love, S1Z2 #w{<3}
I can work on the overworld if you want.
I also like the idea a lot, and if this actually happens I would love to contribute to it with some overworld design #smrpg{:D}

To answer the questions on graphical style, I would prefer we stick to a consistent style. The idea is “SMW but better,” with more detail than the original, but still maintaining that vibrant and lively Mario style. Something also simple enough for multiple artists’ adaptability. Quality checks would be in place to keep everything uniform.

Here’s a sample shot of a tileset I recently created for personal use, but it’s within the scope of the general style I’d like to maintain.

And as far as the overworld is concerned, I’ve been working on a set for that as well. Also for personal use, though I’d love to also use it for the collab:

And beta content within extra levels sounds like an exciting bonus. I considered expanding the Special World with 8 new levels alongside the existing 8, though the idea of scattering them around the entire game would be another interesting take.
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+1 for scattering the bonus levels around the game, since it would create additional intrigue for players (someone may try to just rush to the end if they care the most about the new levels, for instance). Scattering the levels also means that we'd have to come up with new secret exits to unlock them in the first place, which will lead to a player having the incentive to more thoroughly search each level and ultimately get more opportunities to appreciate all the updates and revamps and such that we've made.

The handomest people in the world are ones who follow my Twitch
Quite excited to see where this goes. Since I don't really romhack I will just cheer on the sidelines :-)


You can see progress on my projects/art on my Twitter!
Wow, this is a pleasant surprise! Really cool idea that I haven't seen anybody think of!

Seeing this is like a remaster, we could try to add a new mode like how the Switch port of 3D World did.

Also I would suggest the name "SMW+" (or "SMW + 'insert extra mode name here' or something")

YY-CHR > Photoshop.
Huh, I've thought about the possibility of this for a while. Seems like a good idea. I assume that the graphics and music would be updated and that new tilesets and tracks would be added. More Layer 3 usage would be good as well, and one could easily add some HDMA. Should there be any additional levels? The original game didn't really have that many. I don't think the Twin Bridges would make sense as an ice world, since Cookie Mountain is the only level in them that isn't a bridge, underwater, or castle, but I could see Vanilla Dome going heavier on the crystals and Chocolate Island being more mountain-ish. Perhaps some fonts should be changed as well? Maybe one of the VWF message box patches could be used, and the overworld font probably doesn't have to be in all caps. Yoshi's Island 4 makes more sense as a beach level to me, so maybe 2 and 3 could be jungle. Could Tubular be made less annoying, too? Some of the other levels might also be worth improving, and more checkpoints and Yoshi coins could be added.
My biggest concern for this project is a consistent artstyle. If multiple pixel artists are at work, it can be really hard not to have inconsistencies. So please keep this in mind.

Staff/Admins, please don't let this flop! I really want to see something like this!

YY-CHR > Photoshop.
What a wonderful idea this is! I'd be glad to contribute as well. Graphics and level/overworld design are my areas of strength, and I love making fonts, so that's also something I can help work on. There are so many opportunities for improvement and enhancement, it boggles the mind.

Chapter two: Land of No Shame
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Also, perhaps we could make use of these (with permission, of course)?
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