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FINALLY! I'm Back!

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Once upon a time, I was having so much fun posting comments in the site, until one day... I FORGOT MY PASSWORD! Since I forgot my password, I was so mad... FOR 30 DAYS TOTAL! Then after 30 days are over, I re-joined the forums and try my normal username, but guess what... IT SAID THAT IT'S ALREADY TAKEN FROM ANOTHER USER! (that's me...) So I have to type my username BlueYoshiMonster"453"... after that, it went fine.

1. If i'm posting in the wrong forum, please commont me, ok?

2. Did anyone miss me?

EDIT: Oh I forgot. Am I breaking the rules?
Hey... welcome back.
Also, to answer your question...
You should have posted this in this thread.
I'm closing this, but you can repost this in the thread I mentioned above. :P
Link Thread Closed