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Mushroom thread

Rules:create a random type of mushroom somehow based on the previous one.
Shroom:5 up!

Poison 5-Up Shroom!

Oh noes, -5 lives! D:
Moonshroom: Oh noes 3up!
Physics Mushroom: When obtained, Mario becomes a physics genius. Unfortunately, he's restricted to a wheelchair and has to use a talker to speak until you get hit.
XD! Thats great!

Audioshroom: When eaten, the user


Heal shroom:makes mario healthy enough to get out of a wheelchair

fartshroom: You know what it does... xD

Atomicshroom: Mutates the player. (You saw this coming)


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Boomshroom: Causes ones head to swell up and explode.
X-Shroom: A parasitic form of shroom. Kills the host and gains all its abilities.
ShroomShroom - ... Whoa man I can feel the AIR!
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Doomshroom- With this mario can obtain mad power and take over the world !
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BowserShroom - You become a koopa!
May we meet again outside the battlefield.
R.BullShroom the koopa gets wings!
Hum... This blank space is no longer blank.
Bloomshroom- Gives koopa powers of controlling plants
Check out my profile for awesomeness!

Anti bowser shroom! turns player back into mario!

Wipe shroom of doom - causes a wepsite forum to have a wipe
Just back here to browse a bit.
anti-doom shroom - prevents the forums from a wipe.

Big boom shroom!
blows up th world

S. Shroom-puts mario on steriods (it may make him stronger but less of a man =P)
Your layout has been removed.