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well i have a doubt
look this fucking BG2 palette(that hurts the eyes!!!)

this palette is unused?
then with the Snes palette editor, i can modify the palettes?
i used the palette 20. where is the offset that i must modify for this palette?
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1. You mean that's an unused palette? Never tried that.
2. I guess...
3. Never tried that either. Play around with the background an see if it works.

P.S. What's that on Yoshi's back?

P.S. 2: Change the palette of the ground. Palette makes the Layer 1 look bad

P.S. 3: If you're using that background, please either change the Layer 1 ground to an outside ground, or change the background to a Cave or Waterfall Cave. If you use selection 2: get rid of those clouds.