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Super Mario bros. Star Quest *New Boss*!

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Oh, awesome.

Well I've finished Resident evil 4 on Pro (And unlocked he P.R.L 412 :D)

So progress on Star Quest resumes. Expect an update (Specifically on castle 1) very soon.
Originally posted by DoomDragon
Expect an update (Specifically on castle 1) very soon.

Awesome :D
Woah that looks pretty cool, the contra level caught my eye :D
Originally posted by MegamanXFreak
Woah that looks pretty cool, the contra level caught my eye :D

The beta version of that level is includded inDemo 1 on Isle of Unfinished Levels.
After a few weeks of not working on this, I finally have a good update.

To summarize, i've started work on the first castle.

Now, we've all seen the exterior;

...With awersome background ripped by myself :D (Mouser's castle now has a drawbridge, because I felt like it)

But here are the first shots of the interior.

It's a conveyor belt-ed Bomb factory! Being Mouser's castle, that sorta makes sense. I ripped the graphics myself froma sprite sheet, and since it was pretty easy I'l probably release it.

The first obstacle: Some bomb blocks. Luckily that pipe spits out some bob-bombs!

Falcon Kick!


(Notice I've got the block sprites to disappear in a cloud of smoke, because it looks much better than them falling straight down).

I think the departure from SMB3 graphics makes a nice change. Expect more of that throughout the hack.

I've only finished that at the moiment, but in the future it will feature lava, an elevator, and a special guest NPC (The theme of bombs is a bit of a cluse)!
I'm loving that level, makes me more anxious to beta test. =D
The draw bridge looks nice, I was thinking though to make the draw bridge chain have layer priority enabled though to give a certain effect to it though, doesn't need to be changed though if you don't want to. ;) The idea of the blocks disappearing in a puff of smoke is a nice touch.
great job. ;)
Looks good so far, but I have one question:

Two different Marios?
BBS - he changed the redrawn mario to a SMB3 mario, there's not two mario's. ;)
Originally posted by BBS
Looks good so far, but I have one question:

Two different Marios?

Yeah I probably should have made that more clear...Redrawn mario is old, SMB3 mario is how it's going to be :D
I like this SMB2 Level.
And there's nothing bad in this Level.
You just did a great job,Doom!

F-Mario X News:C3 Thread Ahead!
By the way, I gaved up hacking SMW. I think I'll come back, but not yet. ~ X-King
Originally posted by X-King
I like this SMB2 Level.
And there's nothing bad in this Level.
You just did a great job,Doom!


Oh, and a minor general update:

Slowdown used to be a huge problem for this hack, but (After spending a few hours) i've ported all the blocks I use from BT to BTSD. All slowdown is now gone! :D
Another minor update.

I;ve done a lot more on the 1st castle. It now revolves around a multi-storey system, in other words it has an elevator.

Oh, and heres the most updated castle exterior.

Now with ICB's awesome veggies, and of course the notorious bomb veggies. (Layer 3 fog = Yay, or nay)?

Note the blocks have been moved out of the way of the door for testing purposes.
hey this hack looks really good! and could you tell me how you found that smb3 mario gfx?
Fog = yay ;)

nice touches DoomDragon, added veggies + fog + elevator = win

Edit: Level 21
fog = yay

you hack is prety good
i like the fog
Thanks for feedback guyz.

Update: Earlier I mentioned the elevator, well now I've drawn up some custom 'realistic' elevator graphicz!

I'm really pleased with how these turned out. (The little wheels on the bottom spin when it's moving).


You may think it looks wierd in that beta test level, but in the actual elevator shaft it looks amazing! :D

You'll (possibly) be glad to know I am going to release these, because as far as i know there are no other elevator ExGFX out there.


Edit: Level 21

What about it ?
...I reached level 21......simple to explain.
Anyway, nice elevator ExGFX, nice job.
Ok heres more from the castle.

You come out in the elevator shaft on the Ground floor, and there are 2 floors above that. (And a basement, which you have to go to first).

So, here it is.

The elevator is on the far right. i'm going to add some 'Rope' GFX going down the shaft for realistic effect.

End of the line.

And, when you get to the end of the corridor, you will be amazed.

Trust me, you wil be.

Because remember that cameo NPC i mentioned a while back?

Well it's time for his great unveiling.

Forget everythin p[reviously, THIS is the coolest thing I've ever done.

So please,

give a warm welcome



Thats right, the clue of 'Bombs' should have given it away.

But yes, it's the shopkeeper from that awful Zelda CD-I game. he's been imprisoned to make Mouser some bombs.

You can't see here, but he does actually sell you some bombs (To put in the reserve item slot) and he uses a palette ripped from a screenshot depicting him. His room will be furnished with shop blocks, and I will change the ground tiles to fit more with the Jail-style BG.

This isn't the inal version, and I will add to it in the future, bvut I gotta say just how pleased I am with how this turned out.

Well I think i've covered everything. Comments...?

Oh wow.

I want it.

Originally posted by Blaze.128
Oh wow.

I want it.


He's now got 3 signs depicting his stock of lamp oil, rope and bombs. (All ripped from faces of Evil).

Next update will show the bomb shop block and his meme-riddled message.

Morshu will crop up at various points in the game, with more and more stuff to sell every time. Unlike the normal item shop, he sells rare and expensive stuff such as Keys, springboards and, of course bombs.
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