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General TV Show / Film Discussion Thread

The other day my sister who's into Avatar the Last Airbender decided to watch The Last Airbender (the live action movie based on the cartoon) when it came on Nickelodeon and has been ranting about how terrible it is ever since.
The movie mispronounces the characters' names (They say 'Aang like 'Ah-ng'). There's also one laughably poorly done scene where the Earth benders are doing a dance and then a small rock slowly moves through the air. The characters are flatter than Kim Kardashian's stomach because the script writers tried to cram in so much plot there was no room for personalities. They tried to cram the whole first season's plot into he movie, and somehow a sequel has been greenlit. There is more emotion in this sentence than there is in the entire movie :P The credits were the only good part. Not only did it mean the movie was over, but they also looked kinda cool and artful. I never paid too much attention to the cartoon or the movie myself but I'll take her word for it that the movie sucks. It got a generous 6% on Rotten Tomatoes. I wonder if it's possible to be a fan of the show AND like the movie.
Originally posted by Derpy Backslide
I've decided to watch The Great Mouse Detective after hearing quite a few good things about it, particularly Vincent Price's role as the villain Ratigan.

Is it wrong that my favorite musical number in that is "Let me be good to you"? It was okay, just not nearly as great as some of the other Disney movies I've seen. I liked the Rube Goldberg trap scene.
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so i finally got around to watching the star trek 2009 reboot. i had heard it was terrible, and i had already previously seen into darkness (which, by the way, is fucking fantastic), so my opinion going in was somewhat low. but then i started watching it and HOLY SHIT IT'S FUCKING GREAT.

also i got to see terminator 3 again, except this time i got to catch all of it. that movie's really cool too, though it's got a few too many hilarious scenes thrown about, for a terminator movie at least.

i honestly don't see why both of them catch as much flack as they do, they're both really great movies, moreso star trek for me but i just really like star trek so idk b
I'm waiting for the spinoff of Breaking Bad. It's about Saul Goodman I think.
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Originally posted by Alcaro
No more Frodo Baggins shenanigans
A couple TV shows I've been watching recently.

Space Ghost Coast to Coast I talked about here. I'm watching through the first 4 seasons (only ones they have on DVD) and it's pretty fantastic. I'm loving all of the surreal humor.

The Boondocks is a great watch, especially for someone who enjoys snarky racial conflict. The show definitely tells it like it is - as someone who lives in an area with a clear divide between whites and minorities, it resonates with me. The humor and dialog are fantastic, amazing considering it's pretty much one guy writing each episode.

The Tick I started, and I haven't gotten very far, just the first episode. It's pretty funny so far though, and I'll probably keep watching after I wrap up one of the two above.

Duckman was ok, not as good as I was expecting. Jason Alexander does a good job voicing Duckman, but ultimately it's lacking something. A little too normal for me I guess.

Ducktales is a personal favorite of mine, though I haven't seen it since I was a kid. I watched an episode or two, but it's just on my to-do list for the moment being.
Lately, I've been hooked with Korean-related stuff rather than Japanese and it's pretty strange considering that I'm Mexican but whatever. I've been watching My Girlfriend is a Gumiho and it's plot is pretty interesting, to be honest. I'd like not to spoil anything since this soap-drama is pretty neat.
So I decided to watch Charlotte's Web 2 just to see how bad it is. Since it was available for streaming, we wouldn't be wasting money on it. It might not be so bad if it was a stand-alone movie, but being a straight to DVD sequel, I didn't have high hopes, and I was correct.
-Charlotte's 3 children looked like Bratz spiders.
-Not just the Bratz spiders but everyone else looked more cartoony than the original. The brighter and cheerier animation gave me Secret of NIMH 2 flashbacks.
-Flashbacks to the first movie were translated into the new cartoony art style.
-Wilbur sang a musical number about how it isn't so difficult to be a pig. I think it would be pretty difficult for a lamb to be a pig.
-Evil, British fox. IDK why but I just couldn't take him seriously.
-People were gullible enough to
mistake Wilbur with a bunch of leaves and jam stuck to him for a wild pig.
Not to mention honey acting like superglue.
tl;dr Forgettable, does not exist.
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I've been watching Silicon Valley. It's really funny. And I need to watch X Men: 1st Class (2011) so I can understand the story expansion into X Men: Days of Future Past. (Coming soon.)
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Watching Shining Inheretance. Nice drama so far~ Again, Lee Seung Gi is here! #ab{:LOL:}.
Originally posted by Egadd
Space Ghost Coast to Coast I talked about here. I'm watching through the first 4 seasons (only ones they have on DVD) and it's pretty fantastic. I'm loving all of the surreal humor.
I'm halfway through season 1, and as much as I am in love with this show on paper, I just can't get behind it yet. I find the idea of the show hilarious, but the content of the show itself has just been so unfunny so far. Coming from someone who loves shows with surreal humour, I just cant get behind it yet. I am going to truck through it though.

I did start watching Aqua Teen Hunger Force (like really watching it, not just random episodes on tv) and I'm liking it a lot more. I absolutely hate Master Shake as a character, but that's probably the point and Carl is probably one of my favorite characters of all time. I also love that it tried to start as a show about mystery solving but they just immediately changed their minds.
Honestly the show was a pretty straight talk show up until... halfway through season 1. S1 is pretty much just good for archival purposes, the only two good episodes are Banjo and Batmantis. It starts picking up during S2 with series standouts Hunger and Fire Drill and the show hits it's stride from there.

I tried a couple episodes of ATHF and it honestly was a little too crude for me. I don't necessarily mind Master Shake as a character, but without enough Meatwad and Frylock to counter him, he takes over the show a little too much.
Noted. I guess I stopped watching right before it gets good. lol
And yeah, well I don't find ATHF absolutely hilarious, it has its moments where it's laugh out loud funny. For the most part I only watch it because it's interesting enough to keep my attention.

Speaking of watching I started watching the FX series Fargo and holy shit, go watch it. Billy Bob Thorton and Martin Freeman are absolutely brilliant actors, and the writing is some of the best I've heard in a while. I can't sing the show's praises enough. I haven't seen the original movie, but I am confident this show does it justice. It's got some intense drama and just I'm fanboying I know but it's so good. Too bad it's only a miniseries, although I know it's better that way.
I'm barely starting to watch a foreign bootleg version of Edge of Tomorrow. Based on the trailer, everything has to be about rewriting time.
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I don't watch much TV nowadays, but I've really been into Catfish lately. Whether or not it's entirely legit, I find it very intriguing. I find it very interesting how people in online relationships will masquerade as others and how their lies are gradually unraveled. It's proven to be useful to me as well in online dating because I've uncovered a couple of Catfishes myself. Like there was a guy who said he was a teacher that looked like this but it turns out those pictures are from a Hungarian model. Please, if he really was a teacher he can keep me in detention whenever he wants.
I just finished the first season of Brooklyn 99 and I highly recommend it to anybody that likes comedy shows. It's made by the guy that made The Office and Parks and Recreation, except it isn't done as a mockumentary. It's funny though because the camera work is reminiscent of this style (shaky cam, zooming in on people's faces quickly when they react to something) which seems pretty weird at first but eventually you get used to it.
But yeah it's just really funny. It's got a good blend of comedy styles and there's something for everybody. 9/10 I recommend.
I currently watch The Amazing World of Gumball and it's pretty nice but it's no news sice it's the ONLY cartoon I watch from the modern times. I sweared to myself that the second this show gets cancelled or it ends, my cartoon life will be officially over #ab{;_;}.

Let's just hope that Ben Bocquelet won't pull the plug out.
22 Jump Street. Insanely funny. Torrented, of course.
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Legend of Korra season 3 epiodes 1-3 just aired on friday, I'm really excited!
The other day I saw Rio 2. It was enjoyable but not as exciting as the first one. Another one of those all too common inferior sequels.
A bit of slapstick kept me from getting bored, and I like the pop-up book animation of the journey.
I feel like the plot was resolved a bit too easily. A zerg rush of the rain forest's birds attacking the deforesting machinery which fall over like dominoes combined with a too dumb to live villain who gets eaten by a snake because he needed his hat back.

Also, how can
Linda in her bird costume
be topped?
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I was a bit of a surprise to find this out...

Exodus: Gods and Kings
The remake of The Ten Commandments from 1956 into a deep, realistic standpoint. This 'oughta be good.
Originally posted by TheDarkOnyx
22 Jump Street.

Haven't seen the seond one, but I fucking love the first one! #ab{:LOL:}