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do you own a snes?
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does anybody here but me own an acual snes with smw?

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Technically I don't own it, but my brother has a snes that I beat SMW on.

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I do.
Originally posted by RandomRamen
I do.

Surely you can add more to your post than just two words. That is considered spam so consider this your warning.

Anyway, I used to own a SNES along with Super Mario World. It was sold one day during a garage sale without me knowing about it. It turns out someone in my family sold it just because I had a Gamecube. Such a sad day it was.

Originally posted by fabio
It turns out someone in my family sold it just because I had a Gamecube.

Worst excuse ever. Wait no, it's "but it's my first hack"... Never mind .-.
fuck yeah meowingtons
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Yes and yes. But the SNES is broken. D:
I guess the cart still works. >_>
I have an SNES, and many other old systems.


Super Mario World
Super Mario All Stars
Star Fox
Super Game Boy

Not a large library of SNES games (on cartridge), but meh.

also 5³ post yay
lol. I have almost the same games as you, BZM. well... more like "had", Since I can't find then anymore. =/

I had a Snes with the games:

Super Mario World
Super Mario All Stars
Some game I can't remember
I have a SNES and an NES. Both work, but the NES isn't the best.

SNES games:
- Bugs Bunny: Rabbit Rampage
- Congo's Caper
- Cool World
- Desert Strike: Return to the Gulf
- Disney's Aladdin
- Donkey Kong Country
- Donkey Kong Country 2 (missing, most likely in home)
- Donkey Kong Country 3
- Jeopardy! Sports Edition
- Madden NFL '94
- Mario's Early Years FUN WITH LETTERS
- Mario is Missing!
- Mario Paint
- Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
- Operation Europe: Path to Victory 1939-45
- Scooby-Doo Mystery
- Super Battleship
- Super Battletank 2
- Super Godzilla
- Super Mario All-Stars
- Super Mario Kart
- Super Mario RPG - Legend of the Seven Stars
- Super Mario World
- The Incredible Hulk
- The Lion King
- Timon & Pumba's Jungle Games
- Tin Star
- Uncharted Waters

I also own a Game Genie and a Super Gameboy. I know I wasn't asked to name all of my games, but I wanted to show off my library.

EDIT: Yes, I know these games aren't the best, but hell, I grew up with them.
Yes, of course. :P
Super Mario RPG
Mario is Missing! (I didn't but this one, lol)
DCK2 (Yes)
Kirby Superstar
Kirby's Dream Land 3
Yoshi's Island
Wario's Woods
Super Mario Kart
Super Mario All-Stars

I also found a SMB2 NES cartridge in a gutter once. :D

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Yeah I do. I don't have too many games for it, but here they are:

Super Mario World
Mario Paint
Lion King

Like I said, not too many, but I used to rent a lot when I was a kid.

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name and I don't own a SNES, nor do we have any of its games on the VC. I am wanting to get SMK though. (IDK if it's out yet)

Also, there's a game called Elevator Action for the NES. The title alone made us lol the first time we saw it. /offtopic

The oldest thing I own is a broken NES, well I shouldn't really call it broken since it works on my sisters T.V.
I used to own one with SMW. And for the the past 2 years I've been trying to find and buy one.

I made a standalone game once, look for Seabug Stampede on Google Play.
Yes I do. Along with SMW, Super Mario All-Stars, Star Fox, and Donkey Kong Country.
Originally posted by Trelic
- Scooby-Doo Mystert

I ENVY YOU! I want that game so badly! I've played a rom, but, eh, having the cartridge would be so much better.
I do own a SNES, and I'll keep it till the end of time, when there is only one left in the world.

Can't remember all of the games I had, but I had around 20 for the snes.

(MOST really great ones, not the cheap platforming movie/show/cheap ones, I'm taking about Square Soft RPGS, Nintendo's famous games, the pinacle of Capcom...not The Lion King...)
I do, though i didn't have all that good on games. But the good ones i had were super mario world and Super Mario All-Stars Thats pretty much all i played on it until we got a N64.


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I own a Snes...along with the majority of the good games that was released on it. I have a good three regular sized drawers filled with Snes games. I have the classic games like SMW, a Link to the Past, DKC 1-3, Star Fox, SM All Stars, Mario Kart, and Yoshi's Island. I also have some rare gems like Techmo Secret of the Stars, Mystic Quest, and Excalibur.

I'm also a proud owner of the Super Game Boy:D
I have a SNES with the following games:

Super Mario World
Super Mario Kart
Mario Paint (No mouse, sadly)
NHL 95
Madden NFL 98
NBA Live 97
Tiny Toons: Buster Busts Loose
NHL Stanley Cup
Wayne Gretzky and the NHLPA All-Stars
Super Off Road: The Baja
Sim City
Donkey Kong Country
I own a SNES as well, though I have a feeling something's dying... the graphics tend to screw up quite a bit.

I only have a small library, too:
SMW (obviously), SMAS, Super Mario Kart, Faceball 2000, Kirby's Avalanche, and Super Turrican. I've been trying to find Super Turrican 2, but without luck...

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