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Super Metroid: Volta | Discussion Thread (Beta!)
Forum Index - Non-SMW Hacking - Misc. ROM Hacking - Super Metroid: Volta | Discussion Thread (Beta!)
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I would like to proudly present to you all:
Super Metroid: Volta

Let me start off with a screenshot montage of the planet, Volta.

Welcome to Gaia Heights, The Dual-Summit Mountain.

The outer caverns of Volta awaken.

Looks like this tunnel caved in...

High in the sky, Rippers guard their passages using their speed. Too bad Samus is faster.

Secrets are abound in Volta.

These ruin remnants are scattered around Gaia Heights, testament to a long lost civilization.

The mirror-still lakes of Cyclonia are a beautiful contrast to the dark caverns connecting the outdoors.

Inside the darkness, flying creatures abound, preying on anything foolish enough to come their way.

The Kago is a natural barrier, strong enough to repel all but a charged attack.

The caves here may be deadly, but they also hold many a treasure to be uncovered, as well as secrets of their own.

So close, yet so far away.

[size=6pt](I know that in the last shot, I have Supers, Varia, etc., but you won't have much at all the first time you come through here.)</span>

As for a storyline, I have none yet. I'm debating whether or not the game really needs one.

I have no trailer, no release date, nothing, and I'm working at my own pace, which is probably a little slow compared to most. I won't make any predictions because even I don't know when this may come out. it's done when it's done and that's that.

Feel free to comment, discuss, make suggestions, whatever. I'll read all the comments. In fact, I love getting feedback on my projects so feel free to make as many as you want, barring getting too off-topic.

Thank you and I hope you'll all be looking forward to this. :D

Progress meters:

Gaia Heights: ~50%
Cyclonia: 11%
Therma: 0%
Aquatic Rift: 0%
Fifth Area (Name withheld): 0%
Final Boss area (Name withheld): 4%

Current Bug Count: 0
All I can think of is that you can give simple instructions if someone were new to the gameplay of Metroid.
What, like insert a "how to play" into the game? Super Metroid isn't anywhere near as flexible as SMW is. There'd be no way to do that with massive ASM changes, probably something only Kejardon or Jathys could pull off.
How about putting enemies from other games, so people will feel good as almost as when playing Brawl?

Yeah, stupid idea, I know.
Yeah, it is. This is just meant to be a pure Super Metroid hack. No mixing universe, no fancy storylines, just pure Metroid goodness, in my own style.
Can Samus turn into Zero-suit Samus?
Oog...Same sort of thing. Lots of ASM code would be required. The closest thing we have to ZSS is a Justin Bailey patch that changes Samus's graphics to those of her outside her suit. Don't ask me to do that though and just edit her graphics. Samus has hundreds, maybe even 1000 animation frames in comparison to Mario. There must be at least 8 times as many for Samus, maybe more.
I'm not a huge Metroid fan, but my advice is to be careful about the overall difficulty level. Some of the Metrois hacks I tried to play are way too hard, and thus no fun for anyone but the hardcore Metroid fan. Judging from your screenshots, that doesn't seem to be a problem, so I may give it a try it when it's done :).

As far as storyline goes, I don't care much for that, however something related to lightness x darkness seems like a tangible possibility.
This looks interesting but... for some reason... the wall seems... out of place.... Also, is the sky going to be... well... I guess I'd have to put this as, in the sky. Anyway, if you want, I could come up with a plot for you! I'm goodish with that stuff and I could make it fit within the limitations of SM.

Added progress meters for the areas in the hack and a bug counter. Hopefully the bug counter stays at 0. ;)

Also, two pictures:

What could this be???

One of the rooms in the hack:

Will there be new things, like suit powerups, or items?

Managed to fetch this post out of the C3 Archive so I could repost it.

So apparently we're allowed to show off more than just SMW-related things. In that case, let me introduce you to my Super Metroid hack, "Volta".

SM Volta is my take on the Super Metroid storyline. Instead of being a retelling of the story on Zebes, I thought to myself, "What if Super Metroid took place on a different planet?" And thus the idea for Volta was born. Volta is a retelling of the SM plot on a different planet. This means that all the landscapes are new and different, new graphics entirely have been added and a few ASM changes have been made as well.

I have a thread in the ROM Hacking forum for Volta but it's a bit old. However, I'm not going to bother repeating showing the screens located within it. This is all new stuff that I haven't posted on this site before. (Some pictures are slightly outdated, so things like palettes might be different in some shots)

The Landing Site

This outdoor valley between the two mountain interiors is where you begin your search for the Space Pirates and their operations. Time passes as you travel across the planet and eventually, you will be able to watch the sunset from your ship.


Cyclonia is the second world you'll visit on Volta. The bright, outdoor lakes provide a beautiful contrast to the dark cave interiors. Here you will find many flying creatures that don't want you invading their caverns.

East Gaia Heights

Accessible later in your exploration, the eastern mountain is the larger of the two mountains in this area. In fact, this mountain is so tall, its peak has its own area covered in snow and ice. (This part not yet built).
Watch out for more advanced Space Pirates. They've been developing beam shielding technology and will only be defeated by certain weaponry.


You've beaten Mother Brain! But now, the planet is going up in flames! You must escape back to your ship as fast as you can! But watch out, the planet isn't holding up too well! It's coming down around you!

Now for the part that I've been waiting to get to. A very long time ago when I was still working on my first attempt at SM hacking, I expressed interest in adding new upgrades. Unfortunately, I didn't know (and still don't) any ASM. So the idea became nothing more than that, an idea, and the thought eventually passed.
About three months ago, maybe more, I was talking with a user on the Metroid hacking channel #jzd when he asked if I had any ASM requests that he could make. He was feeling rusty with his ASM skills and wanted a few projects to build up with abilities once more. The first thing that came to my mind was the item that I'd wanted to add in. Finally, my idea was becoming a reality!
So, about a month and a half ago, I received my item from this person. I patched it with xkas and tested it out. Perfect. Beautiful. It was just like I'd imagined it to be and the item translated perfectly into 2D. I was very happy and since then I've been building Volta with it in mind.

Now, you're probably wondering what item I'm blabbering on and on about. Well, I'll show you. I'd like to proudly present:

Boost Ball

Yes, the Boost Ball from the Prime series is now in 2D and it works great. I'll explain how you use it and how I've made it a required item.

Say you come across a bunch of crumbling blocks while in morph ball:

There's no way to cross all of them since you can't build up enough speed to do so. This is where the Boost Ball comes into play.

By holding down the Dash button while in Morph Ball, you will start to glow:

When you're at full charge, you release the button and the boost ball will jettison you across the row of crumbling blocks:

Simple, yet effective.

I'm very happy to have this item in my hack. If you're interested in it for yourself, and to see what it can do, the item has been released for public usage over at Metroid2002's forums:,7639.0.html

So, hopefully I've piqued some people's interests in what I've been up to since I quit SMW Hacking. I have no timeline or anything for Volta so don't bother asking when i plan to release it. It'll be done when it's done. It's shaping up to be a great hack from the comments I've been getting and I can't wait to finish it to share with everyone.
I am stuck after Kraid... The beta ends here ?

Originally posted by dgbarca
I am stuck after Kraid... The beta ends here ?

Too bad ! This hack rocks ! (Good idea to use tourian graphics and music)


I revamped my Space Pirates' palettes and weaknesses. Now try and guess what each is vulnerable to.
Woah, woah, woah, woah. Very nice. I definetely approve. I love the Gaia Heights especially, and the Boost Ball function is a neat addition ^.^ I'm off to play the beta.
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Forum Index - Non-SMW Hacking - Misc. ROM Hacking - Super Metroid: Volta | Discussion Thread (Beta!)

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