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Horror hack

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I have an idea of a horror hack, you could make pretty scary effects with smw.
Take this this
As an example. Especially in the end where it looks like this:
Now, it needs a good plot, and it would be best played with Mario.
Because I´m allready bissy with hacking i´m giving this idea to the people of smwcentral. And please don´t destroy this idea, it needs to be well done. And if you use it, please give some credit to me.
I just had to get the idea out somehow
How about some evil castle where the BG is a demon's skull, taking up the whole screen?
Thanks. I guess this thread is for that hack now. Where you scared before you got to the... Thing.
Put Giygas as a secret boss.
How about this as a plot?

Mario recieves a letter from "an old love" and invites him to come to Dino-Land. Mario has no who this "old love" is, so Mario travels to Dino-Land. Once he gets there, he's in shock that something is weird is going on there.

I think it should take place in an amusment park or a town/city, since you have the freedom to create a variation of diffirent levels. Also, the atmosphere should something be like the Silent Hill series; not too scary, but still some scare moments and a deep story that becomes more clear later on.
Do you think you can escape the Ghost Mansion?

Click here...

(demo, full version is cancelled, sorry)

Ooh, make an enemy that hides in the background, like Dispari Scuro's Ivy enemy! It could probably make some scary moments... scary... SCARY!

*Takes a leak in his pants*

Aw... I just got these!

Anyway, I have another idea that's almost like S.N.N.'s Boothoven fight. Basically, a huge wave of ghosts will come from the left, chasing Mario like crazy and covering everything in its path. Mario must hurry and get to the end before the ghosts one hit kill him.
Mario waks up is not a real hack. Did you even read the first post? I wont make a full horror hack (for now)
I´m allready working on a hack. And if I would, it would be really scary. I mean, it would be fucking with your mind.
Originally posted by Super Mario 64
Put Giygas as a secret boss.

But Mario wouldn't be able to grasp the true form of Giygas's attack!

I've always liked the idea of traveling through a monster, very eerie.
Mushroom Kingdom Fusion did it very well (different game engine, but whatever).
I'm a dirty heathen. Anyone have a Christian baby for me to eat?
Originally posted by NiGHTS88
Originally posted by Super Mario 64
Put Giygas as a secret boss.

But Mario wouldn't be able to grasp the true form of Giygas's attack!

What about a "pray meter", that fills up only when Mario isn't moving at all?

The battle would just be Mario trying to evade Giygas' attacks while filling up the meter.
Once the meter is full, Giygas is PWNed.
Sorry to cut this short, but there is already an "Awesome Ideas Thread." There's no point in having two. Please post your awesome ideas there.

Also, this is seeming more and more like a team hack that doesn't actually have a team or any progress. If a team gets formed and this hack starts getting made, ask a moderator to re-open this thread or make a new one.

[?] Miscellaneous Helpful Hints
If I moderated your hack, there was apparently a 90 percent chance it was rejected.
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