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Removal log of submissions (except hacks)

Link Thread Closed
Song Name: Ducktales Theme
Author: tam6231990 - Submitted by tam6231990
Description: XD a random midi file i had on my comp, i thought "super mario world" XD


Song Name: Lemmings - TIM3P
Author: tam6231990 - Submitted by tam6231990
Description: this is my first song file i made, although it most likely will be rejected, will the person who does so please tell what i can improve on?


Neither of these songs included a SPC file in the ZIP. To create one, press F1 on ZSNES right before the level with the song loads, and choose "Save SPC data." Other emulators have similar options for creating SPC files. Next, test your SPC in a program such as Anvil Studio to be sure it worked.

As for the songs themselves, they weren't bad. You asked for suggestions, especially on the Lemmings one. What I would suggest then, is for you to be careful with @4, since it can be a very loud and piercing instrument at times. If you want a similar, but more subdued one, try @6. Also, be careful not to let some channels dominate others: the harpsichord seemed a bit loud compared to the other instruments. Still, you've worked to reduce file size, and these probably would have been accepted if you had SPC's in them.
Section * Custom Music

Game Name: Final Fantasy 2 (Japan) [NES]
Song Name: Rebel Army
Description: This song plays in various events and areas in which the rebel army is involved. ZD-SPC seems to screw up channel #1 though...
Author: Caracc
Submitted by: Caracc
File Size: 32.7 KB

1. Near the end, it jumps an octave and becomes very out of tune, and is especially wtf at the loop. This is because there is no fixed octave placed at the beginning of channel 0. Other than this error, this port sounds quite nice and would be approved.





Then that should fix it. If that sounds too high to you, lower all the octaves in all the channels by 1 because the subsequent channels do not have fixed octaves either and will take after the end of channel 0, though they sound correct taking from the last channel.


Section * Custom Music

Game Name: N/A
Song Name: On a Mission
My first song! A short tune that gives a feeling of importance.
Author: Noobish Noobsicle
Submitted by: Noobish Noobsicle
File Size: 39 KB

1. The beginning sounds very offkey - the flute's notes does not agree with the guitar's notes at all, though it sounds decent when it picks up in speed. To go about fixing this, I would rewrite the flute line in the first six seconds of the song.

The loop point is also notably weird, since it switches key from the end back to the beginning abruptly, from high note to low note, and I think maybe if you extended the song to give time for a proper key transition back to what the starting key was, then that would remedy that problem.

All in all, not a bad first composition, but you can do better. Keep practicing and you will get the hang of it. :]

Just look above you...
If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
I really need to stop forgetting to post in here when I moderate stuff.

Removed: [BG] Custom Hills
Author: hammerbro
Type: ExGFX

Your screenshots did NOT show the BG at all, only the original SMW FG. o_O

However, more importantly, your file was incorrectly fornatted. You drew it in "4BPP MSX(/Genesis)", not 4BPP SNES. This means if you inserted it into SMW, it'd come out as a garbled mess! You can easily fix this by selecting all the tiles in genesis mode in YY-CHR, cutting them, switching to SNES mode, and then pasting them again. That way, they will be in the proper format and thus compatable with SMW.
Track Name: Kirby 64 - O2
Author: Desert Hawk
Description: Final Boss music of Kirby 64. Would suit either a long boss fight, or levels with a short amount of time.

I wasn't too fond of the sound of this overall. I realize how difficult this port is - I'd probably consider it one of the hardest to make it sound 'good'.

1. @4 is not an ideal instrument choice for the main melody. Comparing it to the original, @1 would work far better, and it would be nicer on the ears too.
2. Personally, I would have used a bass drum rather than the snare drum throughout the song.
3. The distortion guitar is far too strong, especially if it's being used as the supporting melody instrument.

As much as I don't like recommending this, I feel that this song could really, really benefit from some N-SPC trickery. Play with it a bit, and use the tips I have given. See if you can improve it.
Track Name: SMRPG - Sunken Ship
Author: Desert Hawk
Description: Sunken Ship area in SMRPG. would best suit a ghost ship (duh) or a dark level.

This actually sounded wrong everywhere. It needs to be drastically improved before it will be accepted.

1. I'd almost be tempted to blame the MIDI you used, because a lot of key parts of the song are missing, or off in general.
2. The song needs to be slowed down a tad. It's too fast compared to the original.
3. Instrument choice isn't the most desirable. I would have used the softest instruments possible for the main melody (@11, @1, @13)
4. Around 00:53, it just begins to sound tremendously wrong from there on. It feels like sets of notes that are going upscale should be going downscale, there are incorrect notes in general, etc.

Yeah. This needs work. If I were you, I would either a) find a more accurate MIDI, or b) work on correcting this significantly.
REMOVED: Toggle BMF's CPU Meter
AUTHOR: HyperHacker.
REASON: SMWC doesn't accept IPS patches anymore. Make it an xkas patch, please.
I've removed my NoFades patch until I can find the brightness code for Star Road warps.
Removed "Xkas GUI" made by Noobish Noobsicle, because it doesn't actually patch the ROM.

...Who moderated and accepted this tool anyway?
Heh, my bad. I should've read the readme a bit harder. I've re-uploaded the tool >_<
Oh snap! 3 patches got rejected by me.

Patch 1
"All Blocks into Sprites"
"Makes all blocks turn into sprites when touched by Magikoopa's Magic"
By UltimateLuigi
Rejection reason: IPS patch. Besides:
0BE67 $01:BC67 8 bytes Misc. Change to EA EA EA EA EA EA EA EA and every Map16 block will change into sprites when touched by Magikoopa's Magic. (Not just turn blocks)
Please submit your patch as ASM files. We don't accept IPS patches anymore.

Patch 2
"Mario And Luigi's Colors"
"this changes mario and luigi's color to a regular red and green "
By Flameingyoshi112
Rejection reason: IPS Patch. >_>

Patch 3
"Shooting star power up"
"this changes the fire flower power up so you shoot stars instead of fireballs. "
By Flameingyoshi112
Rejection reason: IPS Patch. Besides it was like a simple palette and GFX edit.
This feels odd, like removing submissions rapidly. Someone else post here too! D:

Removed this time:
"How to remove Blatant Level Edits" submitted by "Woody"
"My guide how to remove old SMW levels."
Now, the reason of the removal is quite simple. Just to give you guys an idea why it has been rejected:

This doesn't explain about how to remove old SMW levels. In fact this is a hack-removal-log-fix-up-progress-thing that no regular SMWC member will probably care about. No, don't even think of writing a removal log of documents too.

(Also, if you want to remove the original SMW levels just press ctrl+del on the corresponding level. That simple)
Good God. People stop submitting 'crap' to the patches section. I had to nuke another 2 files. And that's because 'they' were an IPS...

Removed file(s):
screen walking pipes.ips

well,this patch is not really a screen scrolling pipes patch,but
you can walk trough them.the big bushes are glitched,sorry guys.

The other file was the same as the above except the zip actually had content >_>

Just a small reminder:

Song Name: Zelda II - Palace
Description: Based on Supertails song, I have just put some effect to make it sounds like the original.
Author: Supertails, DgBarca - Submitted by DgBarca


Please ask permission before submitting modified versions of files already hosted on SMWC.

Song Name: Crash Bandicoot - Upstream
Description: Upstream from Crash Bandicoot. Percussion is a little soft, but able to hear. Works well for an aquatic or layer 3 water level.
Author: Desert Hawk - Submitted by Desert Hawk


Not so much a file size problem, because you did well in that regard. However, the instruments are not accurate compared to the original. For example, you could try the @3 instead of the @1 used, and bongos (@12) instead of the low bass you used. Trying some other instruments would make it sound a lot better.

Song Name: SMB - Starman remix
Description: this is a little remix of the starman theme i found, the yoshi drums drop notes from time to time but all in all still works good
Author: tam6231990 - Submitted by tam6231990


The song sounds dissonant and too chaotic in many places. The main melody's pitch is very high, the bass sounds off in several places, and the bongos seem too fast and out of place. Please work to have the instruments come together well before resubmitting.

Song Name: Super Mario Land - Bonus stage
Description: im surprised no one made this yet
Author: tam6231990 - Submitted by tam6231990


There are some accuracy issues with this song as well. The song is quite a bit slower than the original, the original does not have the loud bongo drums, and the @1 sounds off in the port. I would recommend trying to make the song sound as close as possible to the original before submitting.
REMOVED: Jump Block
AUTHOR: obviouslevel105edit
REASON: There are already bounce blocks available that do the exact same thing, and blocks that come with block tool that bounce Mario as well.
I've removed my NoFades patch until I can find the brightness code for Star Road warps.
Song Name: Sonic 3 Invincible
Author: Jaklub - Submitted by Jaklub


Song Name: Super Bomberman Draw
Author: Jaklub - Submitted by Jaklub


Song Name: Mega Man 5 Game Over
Author: Jaklub - Submitted by Jaklub


All three of these songs suffer from similar issues: problems with instrument choice and looping. You tend to use quite a bit of orchestra hit in these, which is an instrument that only sounds right on rare occasions, and there were several, long segments that could have been looped. I recommend you go over these songs again and be sure you have them as best as they can be before submitting.

Song Name: SMW Forest of Illusion Dark Remix
Author: X-King - Submitted by X-King


Though it's great to see a remix of an original SMW song, this one seems to have several offkey notes and the orchestra hit just doesn't work well. I like the idea of a dark Forest of Illusion, so perhaps you could try other instruments that convey that theme.

Song Name: Journey to Silius - Stage 1
Author: Desert Hawk - Submitted by Desert Hawk


It sounds somewhat slow compared to the original, and the percussion seems a bit off as well. Some of the instrument choice could be a bit better, such as @8 used. Vibrato would help these instruments come alive even more.

Song Name: DOOM 64 Watch Your Step
Author: SnakeEater - Submitted by: SnakeEater
This is barely music at all. It sounds like a bunch of random notes in places. If that's how the original sounded, meh, but there are also tons of unlooped rests in here. You can change something like this:
to [r1]5 for example.

Song Name: CUSTOM - A cold, snowy night
Author: GammaProject - Submitted by GammaProject


It takes quite a while to get to the actual melody, and once it does, it's very loud and rough on the ears. Plus, the entire song is extremely short and probably wouldn't be useful in most levels or overworlds.
Removed: ZSNES
Description: It comes with configurations with it. I didn\'t make this, all I know it\'s different than the other ones. I think it\'s an old version.
Submitter: link13
Removal reason:
We already have like 2 ZSNES emulator in the tools section, why bother adding more?
Section * Custom Music

Game Name: Final Fantasy IV
Song Name: Sylph's Cave
Description: A mysterious song that is probably best suited for a eerie yet calm submap.
Author: Atmapalazzo
Submitted by: Atmapalazzo
File Size: 0.5 KB

No SPC included. You already told me about this via PM, so hopefully you can dump an SPC without that weird sound problem to submit with this. If not then just send me whatever version of the text you feel is final in case you make revisions to this, and I'll dump the SPC and send back to you.

Just look above you...
If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
private void RemovalLog()
string RemovedItem = "greeny";
string Type = "Tool";
string Description = null;
string Author = "frog yoshe";
MessageBox.Show("The file was removed because it was not a tool, but a patch which was already in the patches section (No sprite tile limits)","Removal reason...");
Song Name: mario 64 --) peach castle
Description: this is my first custom music
please give credit if you used
Author: Iguy - Submitted by Iguy


The octaves in this song are all over the place, to the point that it barely sounds like the original song. Be sure to swap every < with > and vice versa. If you did swap them, it could be a chord error, which can be fixed by opening the MIDI in an editor such as Anvil Studio.

Also, there are several areas that needed looping. You can simplify big rests like this:
into: [r1]17 and the like.

Please work harder on this and resubmit.

Song Name: Super Mario Bros. 2 Death
Description: Ported by Luigi799

Midi by FireMario of VGmusic
Author: Luigi799 - Submitted by Luigi799


Compared to the original, this port sounds, well, offkey, especially the first note. You may want to try raising the flute an octave, or splitting any chords in the MIDI.

Song Name: Metroid Prime: Meta Ridley
Description: From the SNES to the Gamecube and back! Some of the issues with the song that have been pointed out is that it sounds empty and NESish towards the beginning. Other than that, I'm quite pleased with the result. Requested by Sepharos
Author: Atmapalazzo - Submitted by Atmapalazzo


Considering the original, I'd imagine this to be tough to port. However, this port has quite a few issues. The tempo seems a bit too slow, the percussion inaccurate, and the strings/piano don't go well together in sections of the song. But please don't give up: making a few tweaks to the song would make it sound a lot better.

Song Name: Shin Onigashima - Inside House
Description: A song from the Famicom game "Shin Onigashima". More people will reconize the faster version from SSBB.
Author: jorshamo - Submitted by jorshamo


I really liked the sound of the port (though the flute was a bit loud) however, you didn't include a SPC file! Be sure to put one in your ZIP before uploading, so people can listen to it without having to insert it in their hack.
Removed from Waiting to be moderated:
[IPS] Fade Fix Patch

The IPS version of the fade fix patch, for those who don't like xkas.

Blunt Metroid

Removal reason:
My blog. I could post stuff now and then

My Assembly for the SNES tutorial (it's actually finished now!)
Removed document:
Basic Paletting Tutorial

Submitted by:

A Basic tutorial about Paletting made by me, in an attempt to help starter hackers, and make them avoid doing eye-sering colors, as well as a lot of info about the different functions of the Palette Editor.

Removal reason:

Basically, it was just a whole maze in the .zip file

First there was a folder and in that folder, there was a .odt file.
You could open the .odt file with winrar. This is the point you get lost:
There are XML files, like 4 different folders, lots of screenshits. But there was no .txt, .doc, .rtf, .whatever file. Basically you just get lost in the zip/odt.

Please submit it so that it isn't a maze this time.

EDIT: Gah, my bad. Someone told me that it's an OpenOffice file. Please resubmit it.

And include in the description that you need to use that program or something
My blog. I could post stuff now and then

My Assembly for the SNES tutorial (it's actually finished now!)
Link Thread Closed