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ExGFX Behavior?

I recently discovered how to add ExGFX into my hack. Some gfx were just for background effect to make the level look more appealing (like lights, bushes, etc). When I put them in the game at first Mario could run past them like normal. Now for some strange reason Mario interacts with them and has to jump over those background objects. For some reason their tile settings changed to 130 (Grey Cement Block Action). I can't seem to change them back to normal... Anyone got any pointers?
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If by background stuff you mean decorations on the FG, I think you forgot to press F9 to save the MAP16 settings.
Mm, you have to change the background tiles you are talking about to 25, and then right click over the tile you just changed. It'll "paste" the new tile settings onto that location.

Remember to press F9 afterward!