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Super Mario- A New Beginning (Demo 3!)


Demo 2:

I saw that Super UltiMario World just wasnt attracting much attention, so I decided to take this to the next Level.
Super Mario- A New Beginning has much more added to it thatn SUMW did, and I am planning to expand it Much More....


Update: Made OW a bit lss square-ish, but the same overall. This will not mean oll my OWs are flat and Boing, just this Peticular Island.

Yay! Mushroom!

Be Patient, you gotta wait for this Rex to Drop to advance to the next ledge.

Yea, a Red Stem, Get over it. If I can fix it, I will, but I have not bothered to yet.

Yes, after you take a pipe from the Grasslands, you end up in a forest, where I take advantage of Layer Priority.

There he is!

Look at all these coin Boxes!
I'll be-a Rich-a Plumber!
Can you reach this Bonus Room?

Thats all you get.... for now....

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This looks okay, but I would say the main area of improvement would be to standardize the graphics. It just looks strange for some foreground objects to have black outlines while others don't.

Aside from that, at least you are using a variety of ExGFX and you seem to have some level design skills. Keep up the good work!

[?] Miscellaneous Helpful Hints
If I moderated your hack, there was apparently a 90 percent chance it was rejected.
Well, for a start, Ive fixed the pipe up.

I had some Palette Problems beforehand with this thing so This was actually a good idea :)
This hack looks good. I just wanted to say that i like the red piranha. :)
I liked the design, but about the BGs...
Feather - Fire Flower = Fire Flower?? What is that? O.o
Now I leave my IPS patches of my hacks for everyone play and edit as you want to.

Bramble Invasion & Surreliatus

i would love to review this and see it grow and expand :D

this looks like an interesting one and won't be too difficult for me to try >_>
I do LP's
you can pm me or click on the link below
the levels seem to be good. But I think the OW seems a little bit to angular. But the rest looks great. Keep up that good work.
Playing around with GoldenEgg + EggVine for workflow optimization, hopefully with success...
Thanks Guys :D
Oh, and Black Yoshi, its Mario Math :D
I actually DID review the Math to make sure that no two problem clashed with eachother. Yay Lineland Road BG!

OH, and if you look at my sig, you can see that things are progressing quite nicely :3
Looks good, but, in the rex part, there is a alternative way, or other way the player can get stuck :(
My SMW hack Thread

Mario The Seasons Chaos

Ok, Ive been working on this really hard, and have level 2 done, heres some screenies.

People normally critisize me when I use anything in my Palette thats Pink. But hey, its Peach's Castle.
This is a bit innacurate, the time limit is now only 200

Oh noez! Gordos!
I seem to have not supplied a single screen showing that Piranhas That float shall exist in the hack... cept now they're Gordos and look normal.

You think one long level (now cut down 450 Seconds) and one shorter level (200 Seconds) is enough for a Demo?
[Thats 65 (Not Hex) Screens of Gameplay, 3-4 average levels.]
wow, that's a very creative way to look at Peach's castle.
If anything, there should be some yellow and stuff in the color pallette too. just because she has a crown and golden hair but that's just my honest opinion ya know ;)
I do LP's
you can pm me or click on the link below
I have inserted a handful of custom Sprites, and I will use some of them in my hack.
I say make the pink a little duller, maybe mix in some white somewhere.
Does this Look any Better?

That looks so much better, the pink doesn't hurt my eyes as much.Working on something!

Better than the cape!

Ive Dulled the Castle Palette a Bit more, and I believe my hack is bugfixed and ready to submit. I'll do one last playthorugh, first, though.

Originally posted by System
Your hack, Super Mario: A New Beginning (Demo 1), was rejected.

Reason: Two issues worth noting - the graphics used in the bonus room were submitted by someone who had stolen them from another hack, and the author of those graphics did not want them used in other hacks, so if those would be replaced with another graphic, then that would make this hack approvable. Second thing was just an error in the slopes used in the bonus room.

I can fix the slopes.... but.... but... but....
Not fair :(

Originally posted by FPI

So is this in the ExGFX-section or isn't it? If yes, no one could reject your hack because of stolen ExGFX right?

By judging from the screenshot it looks like something SCORPION would do, actually he ripped off TSRP2's bonus room GFX and modified it a little for his own hack. If he is now saying it's his, it's just wrong and stupid. But yeah overall I don't know. Personally I don't have a problem when you use this, but it looks a bit glitched in the BG.

Yep, That means I can use the GFX Freely. If whoever Claimed it was SCORPION, then we should ignore that.
Sorry for the double Post... But.....

I hereby announce that Super Mario: A New Beginning Demo 1 is out. You can download it here.
I have Hackers Block for this one level :/
I'll show you part of it right now, but I'm having difficulty Setting this Up.

Yea, the Waterfall IS ExAnimate, for anyone who is Wondering
I think the BG is too bright.This ca nconfuse the player.Dark it some.
My SMW hack Thread

Mario The Seasons Chaos

i don't even know what's what in that picture...
if the middle brown part is the background, I think you should take it out.
Only because I don't like matching foreground and background.

Like Beuli said
Kind of Confusing
I do LP's
you can pm me or click on the link below