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looking for playtester!

Kaizo: Beginner

Hey everyone!

I finished my hack and would love to get one or two people to playtest it!

Length: 22 Exits

Difficulty: Kaizo Light

It's on the easier side of kaizo light, so experienced kaizo players will not find it too difficult.

I'll test it out
Awesome, thank you!

I feel really stupid now because I just realized you could just kill the thwomp with the throwblock in the reznor boss fight, so I replaced it with two podobos. Creator blindness is real I guess :)

I also added a one-screen room before the level Nonexistent, which now contains a message box telling the player about the disabled spinjump.
>In One Eyed Jack's secret exit I found that you can get the second Yoshi past where the obvious ditch would happen by spamming the A button to hit the on/off block while not having the ground disappear

>I found that throughout the hack the sound for the on/off blocks wasn't working either by removing it or the port used has conflicts with the sound. This created issues where I didn't always know if the blocks were active or not

>My biggest issue is the whole final level. I found the whole hack to be on the easier side, but with a few slight difficulty spikes here and there; but then the last level spikes harder than anything in the whole hack by miles. The main thing about this first section was the whole reverse controls while jumping out of water tiles onto sprites or platforms that will obviously reverse their controls. You're asking the player to deal with the swimming faster gimmick, reverse water, jumping in and out of water tiles, and being on a tight p-switch timer which leaves no room for error. This is an issue with jumping in and out of water tiles where if you don't do it perfectly you wont jump out properly, and you'll never beat out the p-switch timer. The whole second half is telling the player to know how to deal with standard platforming or shell jumps while every time they hit an on/off block they have to switch their controls. There was also platforms or small pillars to force a weave through them that's obviously hard since there's reverse controls. Then the whole kicking koopa section where you're telling the player that they have to keep remembering when their controls are going to reverse while landing on the On/Off blocks. It would of been a challenge on it's own if it was standard solid ground, but they have no chance of correcting themselves with the On/Off blocks. Marketing this hack as "on the easier side of kaizo light, so experienced kaizo players will not find it too difficult." doesn't line up with what that final level is. This level is either built with savestating each jump to see if it's even possible, or this is an extreme case of creator's bias where you mastered all these gimmicks to the extreme while telling the player that they have to as well.
Thank you very much for playing through the whole game and for the feedback!

Fixing the yoshi section in one eyed jacks should be easy, but I'm not sure what I could do about the missing on/off switch sound.

Of course I wanted the very final level to be the hardest, but maybe I took it too far. It definitely took me a while to practice the second half especially, but I definitely beat it without savestates. I feel like the level itself isn't that much harder than some of the other levels, it's just the reverse controls you have to develope the muscle memory for.

I'll see what I can do to make it easier though.

Thank you again!

EDIT: If I may ask, was there anything with the rest of the game that you feel like I should change/fix?
Since you didn't do anything with the on/off switch sounds in AMK I assume the choices in ports is what's causing the conflicts, b/c that's usually the case with bad sound effects.

Umm for the most part the game play everywhere else was fine, and I didn't see any issues. The palette choices for the levels were a tad bit over the top, but I didn't find that any issue with them since I always could tell what the foreground and background was. I could see that be an issue for some people especially with the really bright backgrounds, but I didn't have too much of an issue with it.

Oddly enough I didn't find the Boo battle as hard as the level, b/c I would just sit in place until I had regular controls to get the blocks. It was still challenging, but nothing on the scale of the level. It's hard to say how to tone down that final level, but the first thing off the top of my head is to limit what you want from the player to be 2 things in the first section rather than the 4 things I mentioned.

I'll for sure test out the changes that you make.
I have already made some major changes to the 2nd part of the final level. Everything is less tight and it's overall shorter because I completely removed the part with the skull platform and the koopa ending.

The first half is now overall much less tight but I have not changed anything major (yet).

I did notice that sometimes there was no on/off switch sound when, for example, a throwblock or a shell would hit the block from the side but I just assumed that was normal. I did not think it would have something to do with the music. I'll try looking for new music and see if that fixes it.

Thank you very much, I will post an update here when I have uploaded a new version.
Alright I have an updated version

Here's what I changed:

Fixed the Yoshi cheese in the One Eyed Jack's secret exit and also slightly changed the disco shell part in the normal exit.

Replaced the thwomp in the Boxes Inside Boxes reznor fight with podobos.

Changed the ending of Cosmic Flashlight part 1

Made slight adjustments to the level No Hay Banda

Added a one screen room in the level Nonexistent with a message box that informs the player about the disabled spinjump.

No more up-pipe ending to the first part of Beyond The Fire.

Final level is now considerably easier. The first half is pretty much the same but more forgiving and less tight.

The second half is now much easier, shorter and less tight.

I also adjusted a couple of palettes and there are a few new music tracks and backgrounds.

The missing on/off switch sound happens everytime something hits it from the side, that's just how this custom block behaves but I don't think it's a big problem.

Also, in this test file I've made it so you can access all the levels right away, so you don't have to play through the whole hack again and can look at whatever you want!
>All of the changes looks good to me.

>Since I have prior experience in the final level it does seem easier to me, but I feel that an inexperienced player wont think the same thing.

>I did find a spawn issue with the 2 poison mushrooms jumping in the water. If you go too far right before landing on the platform before that obstacle you can get them out of sync, and it makes it impossible to survive it. I found I had to hang back to the left to not have this issue
I've made some more significant changes to the first half of the final level today, so it's noticably easier now. I'll have to fix this spawn issue, of course.

Then I will play through everything one more time before I'm finally ready to submit.

Thank you very much for doing this, you were a great help!

Kaizo: Beginner