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First Steps with haking - Not much but honest work Part 2

Hello, this is my 2nd try of hacking. I will add new levels and ideas step by step.

Every feedback is welcome.

New Stuff:
- 1st training level
- some technical gimmicks

- i will improve the training levels, they are useless right now
- i have created some more levels/ideas
- Ow in Mario is a bit boring, more or less a fancy level select menu...I m thinking of options to improve this, with some exploration parts maybe like in DK3

Link to patch: Patch




Level1/Training level:


Level2/Training level:



From the screenshots it looks pretty interesting! I'll try to play it tomorrow and I'll send my feedback to you.
Yes I know the text isn't centered, you can thank Twitter and the way they like to have the PFPs cut into the banners for that one.

ok thx. I made more levels but i dont know what to do with this idea of changing levels + palettes. The "training" level is build very simple because i just like to show the idea and need feedback.

I would include some text and explain more in trainings levels. My idea was also to hide a red coin in each training level and if you collect all you can enter a secret area or so. So the training levels have a bit more depth.

But it is also possible to cut the trainig lvl idea and include something like NG+ or day and night mode.
Having a training mode is a neat idea that I've never seen anyone do before! I like the concept, and I like how you're explaining it well in only four lines of text. For your second attempt at hacking this is pretty impressive!

Alright, I played and enjoyed it! I'm not a very big fan of the obstacle course or kaizo-esc hacks but I can tell this has thought and love put into it.

If you're going to continue this further I would recommend adding a little bit of lore as to why these bubbles are even a factor! Speaking of, the idea of the bubbles are real cool and remind me a lot of Portal 2's differing gels.

Overall, this is really good for a "first steps" hack!
Yes I know the text isn't centered, you can thank Twitter and the way they like to have the PFPs cut into the banners for that one.

ok thx for the kind words. I will add some more levels next days. Yeah i can ask to move this topic to the Kaizo sub forum.
Added 2nd level see main post for more information
Added 3rd level
custom camera
see main post for info
Really minor, but instead of having two messages appear at once in the intro level, you can talk about the center scroll in the first level instead, hence not overwhelming the player.

YY-CHR > Photoshop.
Thx for the feedback, u are right. I will change this and make a training level for the start level. Here i can explain all interactions.
I created the first real training level with some technical gimmicks. So you dont die here, you just get set to the beginning and the section resets.