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Mario's Insane Adventure by iamweegee

File Name: Mario's Insane Adventure
Submitted: by iamweegee
Authors: iamweegee
Demo: Yes
Featured: No
Length: 3 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Hard
Description: Mario visits Insanity Delta and it has been taken over by Bowser.
Again like your previous submission I'll have to reject this one as well.

The main issue are that the levels even for a demo or way to short and can be easily ran through as aside from levels having many sprites you can still just bypass them by running and jumping past them all. In some areas we see excessive amounts of sprites used such as the area with all the Mega Moles that fall out of the sky.

There also a few other issues which if you are new to SMW Hacking you should try to avoid such as where you place Yoshi Coins as some of their placements result in them been cut in half when collected due to been placed on a Screen Boundary.

By all means if you wish for people to test your hack you can upload a bps to your Files on the site however even submitting a Demo to the Hack Section, it needs to be of a substantial quality which this is not. Like I said in the past rejection log look at other small demos we have accepted to get a better idea of what we accept when it comes to them.