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Spawn Carried Sprites with L/R by Koopster

File Name: Spawn Carried Sprites with L/R
Submitted: by Koopster
Authors: Koopster
Type: Level
Includes GFX: No
Includes Hijack: No
Featured: No
Description: Allows the player to use L/R to spawn a sprite, normal or custom, in a carried state in Mario's hands. This code also allows for each of the shoulder buttons to spawn a different sprite.

Includes checks so sprites won't spawn when they shouldn't, such as when something's already being carried.
There is a flaw with this UberASM code: It doesn't spawn custom sprites properly. And there is a rather obvious reason for that:

	LDA $00|!dp,y		;\
	STA !7FAB9E,x		;/set custom sprite #
	JSL $0187A7|!bank	;clear custom sprite stuff
	JSL $07F7D2|!bank	;clear regular sprite stuff
	LDA #$09
	STA !14C8,x			;sprite is in carried state

You didn't consider that $07F7D2 will clear out the custom sprite flag as any sprite which would spawn also would have been a custom sprite, not to mention all the tweaker bytes set for the custom sprite would have been overwritten by $07F7D2. As a result, you can only spawn a carried sprite with the same number as the custom sprite's acts like.

While we're at the removal of your patch: You can spawn a sprite while you're flying with a cape. Just noting since this does have some potential for jank so you could make it at least toggleable.

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