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Shibui World (Indefinitely Shelved)


After many months already invested in development, I'm happy to share some of my work-in-progress second Kaizo hack: Shibui World with you all. This so far has been a more ambitious project for me than my previous hack and will probably not be nearing completion for quite awhile yet.

With Shibui I really want to focus on platforming above all else and have levels be a challenge for players with the diversity and density of their setups and avoid a lot of modern kaizo tropes that are getting a bit stale (IMO). As such, have been drawing a lot of inspiration from older kaizo (and I mean really old, like from the early 2010s) and from standard: very hard hacks which I know will provide a few surprises (especially from some still secret levels :D).

Shibui is also most definitely a chocolate hack and uses a fair amount of custom sprites, blocks, etc. and the overall aesthetic is Vanilla-adjacent with a lot of extra flair or edits made by yours truly. This hack will be around 25-30 exits (nearly all of which are made or started), with bosses, and I hope will be a fun challenge.

Anyway, here is a bit of a "reel" of clips from early-game levels that I cobbled together from videos I make while testing (almost all of this is out-of-date :) ):

Plus some screenshots as a sneak peek at a few others:

Hope you like what you see and I hope I can meet expectation when I do finally release it! #smrpg{<3}
It looks awesome! Definitely going to play this when it's ready #smw{:TUP:}
Wooow! This looks so good! Can't wait to see the full hack!
Thanks #smrpg{<3}
This hack of yours is great #smrpg{y}

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Mega Man X3 OSTs
You continue to surprise me with creative and interesting setups, Amper. Good Job and Good Luck!

The handheld NSMBs are the best. 😀 Layout BG by Retronator on Tumblr.

As of writing this, I lack the motivation to finish this hack. The creative itch I had at the start of it has shifted and it's no longer the sort of hack I want to invest my time and energy in so I'm probably shelving it for a good long while to work on other things that interest me more. #smrpg{y}