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Looking for some time based tools

I'm looking for a few tools I can inserted into select levels

1- A solid block that (disappears or can be moved thru) after x seconds.

2- Something that teleports Mario after x seconds

Thank you!
What do you mean by after x seconds? Do you mean standing on the block or something?

YY-CHR > Photoshop.
I mean that the block will act as a solid concrete block for x seconds, and will then change in some way so that mario could then move thru it.

Mario wouldn't have to wait to stand on the block or anything like that, it would just disappear after a certain amount of time had passed

Thanks BlueToad
You would definitely need a custom block, but because blocks only run when you touch them, you'd also need code running during the entire level (inserted with uberASM). The block could set a timer when it's touched, and the global code could decrement that timer (you'd also have to account for touching the block multiple times, etc.). If you don't know any ASM yourself, it might be worth asking for blocks like that in the Requests forum.

Unless you want "x seconds" to start counting when the level starts, as opposed to when you touch the block? In that case the block would only have to check if the timer in the status bar is below a certain value.

wye thank you, I am actually looking for the counter to start counting when the level starts so that would be perfect.

Any ideas for that or should I get onto the Requests forum?

Thanks again
I think the Requests forum would be the best place to head. It shouldn't be too difficult a thing to make, so if you follow the guidelines and describe your request in detail you should be good.