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Looking for some time based things


I'd like a solid block such as a 130 that (disappears or can be moved thru) after it has been on screen for x seconds (or based on the level time if that's easier)

to clarify, When the level loads there will be a solid block viewable on the screen I would like that block to disappear after a certain amount of time has passed. this does not have to be a visual change, it just has to allow Mario to pass thru it after x seconds

2- Something that teleports Mario to another level after x seconds

Thank you!
Your requests are vague. "Teleport Mario after x seconds"? After x seconds of what? Should Mario be touching the block for x seconds? Does the block just need to be on-screen? When making requests - especially ASM requests - it's extraordinarily important that you're as specific and clear as possible with what you want.

Though, there's a bigger issue with this request. Based on what you've written, it looks as though you're requesting two different blocks at once. However, as the rules of this forum state:

2b. You can only request one resource per request thread.
Circumventing the limit imposed on how many threads you can make by doing this will not be tolerated.

So yeah. Please just choose one block/thing (is the second thing you listed supposed to be a block too? I'm unclear on that as well) and edit your request with that.

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thank you  K.T.B.

I have changed my request to clarify. I hope that makes better sense. I'm bad at explaining things.
Using a block, it is not possible to check if it is onscreen (to my knowledge). But I could make it so that a block becomes solid/passable x seconds after the room is loaded (with an additional UberASM). So, I can claim it if you want.

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yes please BlueToad, much appreciated!
Your request has been automatically canceled and archived as it is older than 30 days and has not been claimed. More information on why this happens can be found here.

Please feel free to re-request it again by making a new thread, or request something else.