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Dynamic sprite graphics issue

Currently trying to use this dynamic sprite in my SA-1 hack. Works as intended, gameplay wise, however, I'm running into a GFX issue. It just ends up looking like a jumbled orange mess every time. Any idea what this might be caused by?
I'd ask if you've included spinblock.bin in the sprites folder since the correct graphcis are there, but if you didn't PIXI would probably throw out an error.
Have you followed the instruction in the .asm file (insert SpinFloat.json in the slot right after Spinblock_dynamic.json)?
Oh, yeah, that is familiar to me. That's very likely a glitch on BSNES v115 (and v115 only since SNES9x, older versions of BSNES as well as the debuggers BSNES+ and Mesen-S work fine) since I noticed that on CLDC where I tried to use another dynamic sprites but it ended up looking glitched, something which I forgot until now. For some reason, BSNES v115 fails to copy the graphics sprite's to a buffer (sounds simple but it makes use of DMA which is a bit more complicated) and as a result, the game will load garbage into VRAM. It's truely an emulator specific issue rather than an issue with the sprite itself (which really makes it ambiguous whether it's BSNES of all emulators which is wrong or all the others).
Thanks so much for the quick reply. I didn't figure BSNES itself would be the problem. Works great now!
If you are going to submit your hack, do make sure to notify the players in your hack description that glitches may occur on bsnes.

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