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LAX: A Relaxed New SMW Collab
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Hey, I've decided to put together an SMW collab. Reading through the responses on my original thread kind of helped temper my views a bit to keep in low key/stress and make sure there's no pressure for silly things like custom bosses at the end, for example or strict rules as far as worlds, themes and difficulty. I know that so far, it looks a bit barren but I do have people interested that haven't fully participated yet (very early stages), my levels are still WIP, as well as someone specific who has been helping me with ASM and such who will be closely involved in this project. He's a member of the forum but given the anonymous aspect of the project... besides myself of course. Feel free to ask any questions here but please keep claims/submissions on the site here.

It's a bit unorganized but I guess I'll copy my plan from the website here to make things easier:
This project is intended to be kept "low budget", reasonable unlike many collab hacks of the past. I'm open to many level types and styles. I intend to accept most. I don't want to make a lot of rules for this project, I just ask that if I ask something to be changed in a level this it is at least acknowledged so that we can work together on whatever issue it is. If I really like the level and no response is given, in time I will change this aspect myself. I would like this hack to be mainly Standard; Normal through Very Hard but is also open to Kaizo. With Kaizo, will be a bit more strict. I'm not looking for the typical style that's put out all to often right now. For all levels, I mostly just ask that the level is completable by the author without savestates and playable on modern emulation/console. Shouldn't be too much to ask, right?

As far as chocolate/ASM/graphics are concerned, most will be welcome too. The main thing with this is that it is either preexisting or not too complicated that it can be made in a reasonable amount of time. A good example would be a final boss. I don't mind if this project ends with vanilla Bowser or something preexisting. I flashy new final boss isn't necessary. I don't want anything overwhelming to hold back the project in whatever aspect.

Pseudonym shall me used for level credits and will change over to author's actual username upon completing the hack. I believe this was done by YUMP2 first but during the credits? I could be wrong, I haven't played that hack. This means claiming and submissions will be done privately using the link at the top.

I don't want to label this hack's inspirations and pigeonhole/force a style. It doesn't need to be super serious, it can be (just not story, no need for that here) but I would prefer to stay away from YUMP style junky levels and things that crash/delete saves. As for my influences, well my favorite hacks are mostly Japanese though there are plenty exceptions. Particularly SMW Gaiden and Vanilla Flavour more recently. Anikiti and Hai Mari are among my favorite Japanese hack authors.

I do not intend on using the retry patch so keep this in mind. If more checkpoints are needed, let me know and I will install multimidpoints. I would prefer to use that over vanilla checkpoints (1-up/dragon coins) but it won't be a rejection reason if they are used.

Thank you for your time.

LAX collab
Unfortunately, the link you provided doesn't work, at least for me. Whenever I click it, I just get an error message saying "Not Found". Oddly enough, the link to the website in your footer loaded fine. This is definitely something you should look into, as a broken link may put off those who look at this thread and are considering participating in your collaboration.
Sorry about that, should work now.

LAX collab
I don't want to be a downer but you're kind of going against the rules of this forum, firstly you haven't provided any screenshots of anything you've actually implemented yet and second we discourage threads solely asking for people to join a hack team without any effort put in place yourself.
I've even checked out your site and even then there's nothing to show right now.

Unless you have something to actually show off in the next couple days this thread will be closed.
What subforum would be more appropriate for this?

LAX collab
This would be the right place if you had progress to already show off.

BTW I can see the post history.
Originally posted by alternateSMW_
If you'll notice, literally no one has picked up interest in this. What harm exactly is it causing?

The fact that "no one has picked up interest in this" proves his point, though. If you want people to take interest in your project, and potentially help you out, then you need to give people a reason to do so. In order to get people interested, you must have tangible progress that you can show off. Without it, this thread essentially serves no purpose.

Also, "good"? I'm not sure if it's your intention to come off as passive-aggressive (I also saw your earlier post before you edited it), but if it is, then come on now. Responding to someone who informs you of the rules by insulting them is not how you will get your way.

The handomest people in the world are ones who follow my Twitch
Originally posted by alternateSMW_
I'll take a few screenshots and keep it afloat for a bit but why do I have this feeling it won't be enough?

Unfortunately, even if you put some effort into it (it seems like you are doing it, at least by what you are saying), its hard to get a collab going. This is mainly because even if said user puts in some effort, it's not easy to get people to work on your project if you are not well known in the community.

By no means I want to discourage you, on the contrary :). I think the best way to gather people's interest would be to show your actual levels.
Are the levels demonstrated so far meant to be late-game levels? I tried the base ROM and the levels do seem to be on the trickier side. Of course, the stuff in the base ROM is still early in development though.

Also, do you plan to use the SA-1 patch? Or the FastROM patch from Lunar Magic to reduce slowdown? I didn't see any slowdown in the base ROM, but it would be a "just in case" sort of thing. You might want to include the No More Sprite Tile Limits patch too if you aren't going to use SA-1. I noticed that Luigi disappears when the Banzai Bill shows up in level 25.

Good luck with the project! Hopefully I will have the free time to build a level for this.

I'm not really sure where the levels would place yet but I would imagine so. I will probably reduce the difficulty a bit as time goes on or at least make it function a little better.

NMSTL has been applied just after releasing that base rom, I'm not sure why I waited until after. I'll put up a new base rom either later today or tomorrow. Probably no on the SA-1 unless for some reason it becomes necessary. I don't really have experience using it. FastROM I haven't applied yet but I should.

Thank you, hope you're able to participate.

LAX collab
took a quick peek at the level claims, was curious what this was all about:

wuhan institute, huh? i'd love to hear what that's all about. i'm very curious.

edit: oh! you're aterraformer on an alt account. well that explains so much. same isp, same state, same weird crt filter effect on your screenshots, same twitch layout, that time you yelled at ninja boy for no reason, and now uh jokes targeted at china. ah well the shows over, hope you had fun.

closed & bye! 😘

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