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It was an excellent contest.
There were some great entries. I congratulate everyone!
Now that I've started working, I won't be able to be as active as before. This is really very sad and depressing for me.

▬ good old days 4 (14/? level(s) completed)
▬ dumb 2 - strange levels in my notepad (22/62 level(s) completed)
By the way my Youtube channel
This was a fun contest to enter, Kaizo is not my forte so i entered for fun

Congrats to the Winners and the participants
Well, 62th place...Such a shame I did so bad this time. Maybe I didn't utilize well the time I had, I finished my level too early, perhaps.

After watching people playing I was like "oh no. I messed up a lot".

Congratulations to the winners.

Meanwhile, I worked hard these days to polish my KLDC Level.

Do you know 1F0, the collab made by Team Aureus? My level will be there for people to suffer more.

I don't plan to nerf the cluster bullets and I like them with walljump. Since it will take quite a while for the BR Kaizo Collab to release, you can play my KLDC level here right now.

I've nerfed a lot of obstacles so they don't feel unnecessarily tight. Also, big nerfs to the Reznor fight too.

Thanks to Doctor No for hosting this event, that gave me a chance to learn a lot of stuff about kaizo and to improve my level design.

Also, thanks for the judges for the feedback they provided, as well for playing my level and giving some useful tips.

GG Everyone!
I haven't looked at many of this contest's entries, but I have seen 810TOXIN, and it's one of the coolest and most creative SMW levels I've ever seen. Congrats to Lazy!
Also, I think it's interesting how high most of the judges' scores were (especially Glitchcat's); I assume that means the overall quality of the entries was very high. I'd try them out myself, but I'm nowhere near good enough at SMW to beat that many Kaizo levels : P
Check out my WIP romhack!
I had no idea what entries would make it into the top bunch simply because of how good many of them were; it is great to see that more and more quality levels are being produced by the community. Congratulations to the winners.
Crap I got DQ #smrpg{ohno}

Anyway, GG for everyone for the amazing, unusual or funny entries we have this contest! #smrpg{y}
My 1st romhack in progress (testing avaiable)...
16th place! Congrats to the winners, good job to everyone who participated, that was a very well-run contest. Already looking forward to the next one!
You know, the real win was making a level with my good friend, Para_0. I'd 100% make a hack with him. Congrats to everyone who placed!

That boo ring is 100% my fault, the worst last minute change I've ever done for any level. rip.
Originally posted by NopeContest
Disappointing but expected

Congrats to Kevin, Doge and Ferpy for their placements and of course any participant as well.

The fact that you have to scroll down past 27th place to even see scores below 80 points just shows how well everyone did and how stiff the competition was.

Even sitting at 29th place I can't not be happy with my level.
Way better than I expected for my first contest. Thanks to organizers and judges, and congratulations to every contestant.
Shoutouts to kevin for fixing all the dumb ASM related problems as well as making the boss fight and the ASM for the level itself. I'm super stoked with what place the entry got and also congrats to lazy for getting first place as well as ferpy and everyone else for making SICK shit this year
Also amazing job by all the contest organisers and especially doc for handling all the shit that just gives me a headache when i think about it lmao
Congrats to the winners! This was so much fun to participate in!
GG for everyone!
Personally, I was very happy to see that there was one other level besides my own that used Wario!#wario{:peace:}
⊂二二二( ^ω^)二⊃
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