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Sprites Are 1derful (Demo)

Kaizo/PitSuper Mario WorldDemoScreenshots

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I didn't really mean it's low effort when I wrote "it's lazy. It's uninspired." It's more like people dismiss this kind of level design for those reasons, whereas imo it's just another form of difficulty and it's fun to play something that challenges your ability to read and react.
Yeah, I understand what you were going for in the hack. I do think that kind of gameplay can be fun if done well. Just to clarify, take the words I put in the quotation marks with a grain of salt. :p
Ah, what I thought you meant was that I called it low effort but it's not, in your opinion. Anyway thanks for playing and for the kind words. GG! #smrpg{cool}
I will download and play tomorrow. It looks fun.
Now that I've started working, I won't be able to be as active as before. This is really very sad and depressing for me.

▬ good old days 4 (14/? level(s) completed)
▬ dumb 2 - strange levels in my notepad (22/62 level(s) completed)
By the way my Youtube channel
Originally posted by TheKazooBloccGosh
Just finished the demo! Very good hack, I had a lot of fun!#smw{:TUP:}

Do you want some suggestions ?

Originally posted by NewPointless

There's the suggestions:

My 1st romhack in progress (testing avaiable)...
I'm not a big kaizo player but like watching other people play them, this looked really interesting. I like the concept of intentionally placing more sprites than normal and the fact you can tell their placements have been thought out.
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Kaizo/PitSuper Mario WorldDemoScreenshots