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My Little Drawings!


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I wish I could draw something as great as those.
Nice drawings OEO6!!! Paper Mario, Yoshi and Lotus are my favorites drawings from you!!!!
Originally posted by Rykon-V73
I wish I could draw something as great as those.

Same here. If I tried to draw any of these, I'd probably take forever. And when I would finish, they still wouldn't be as good as these.
much cool
It's nice seeing new drawings of yours. Not original but I, too, liked the mole the most. Quirky expression. They're all adorable. Neat color work.

wow you are an amazing artist#smw{O_O}
They all look soo cute!#smw{<3}
Still thinking on a description...
This is so cute. I love it! ♡^▽^♡
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I see a lot of these becoming emoji's or avatars.

Honestly they all have a very cute style to them which really works.
I'll say my faves are probably Monty Mole, Bob-omb and Bony Beetle.
The Amazing Flyin' Hammer Bro looks so cute
I can see some of them are pretty rough, but all of these have a charm and you can clearly tell some talent is coming out of these (which 5-minute SMWC Class drawings in one of the previous C3s had proved). Nice coloring! I especially like Monty Mole (very original), Mecha Koopa and Buzzy Beetle (the latter two look pretty hilarious). I wish I drew more so as I could improve upon my previous artworks. Keep up the good job! #wario{<3}
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Basically, I believe in peace and bashing two bricks together.

These look pretty well drawn and very acurate to their source material

Wow, I'm impressed by the sheer volume of things you drew for this. I'm always a perfectionist that can't be satisfied with my drawings so seeing you post this many of them is astounding to me. Nice work.
embed fail!!

There's a lot of charm in these. They're all very wholesome, in a way. They look like the kind of thing I'd hang on my fridge : P
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Your little drawings are really good, my favorites are the yellow koopa and the cheap cheap.
wonderful drawings.
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