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[SMBX2] Super Mario Zeal - C3 Summer 2021 Demo Update

Non-Hack GameDemoVideo/TrailerScreenshots

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Once again I'm posting Super Mario Zeal at C3. Super Mario Zeal has seen quite a lot of progress since the previous C3 Expo. World 2 and World 3 are basically almost done and 99% percent playable. I will be releasing some updates as the expo goes on (such as an updated world map border that will hopefully be coming very soon). I look forward to hearing your critique and I hope you'll enjoy the current demo and perhaps look forward to future releases from me and my colleagues in the SMBX Community, Without their help I doubt that Super Mario Zeal would have gotten as far as it did. Thank you.

King Bowser has teamed up with King Wart and King K. Rool in a new alliance known simply as "The Rotten Regents". Together these Kingly Konquerers have stolen and scattered the power stars for their own (as of yet unknown) diabolical ends. It it now up to Mario and his friends to recollect the scattered Powers Stars, discover what the Rotten Regents are up to, and put a end to their sinister scheme!


World 1: Mint Island

Hub World 1: Lake Shroomperior

Lost World

World 3: Ship-Break Slough

World 4: Relic Ravine

World 5: Cursed Cryptlands

World 6: Wario's Island


v1.1 "Destiny"
[*]Fixed all Yoshi's arms colour
[*]Change the Black, Pink, Orange and Cyan's Yoshi's colours to use actual SMW Colours
[*]Finally made a unique animated loading screen icon
[*]Fixed a rather embarrassing glitch where 2-C: Cobrat's Crawlway was missing it's backgrounds, configs and AI files
[*]Implemented MrDoubleA's Accurate Koopas API for the SMW Koopas
[*]Implemented MrDoubleA's updated accurate SMW Costumes for Mario, Luigi and Toad
[*]Greatly improved the classic Goomba's appearance and colouration
[*]Fixed a minor visual oversight where the Snifit's bullets death effect was missing
[*]A new fancy map transition system for worldmap pipes, barrel cannon, and regular cannons has been
coded and implemented by MrDoubleA. Now going between worlds is faster while still being immersive
and interconnected!
[*]Created P-Balloon sprites for Toad and improved Mario and Luigi's P-Balloon sprites
[*]Power Stars now rotate like in Super Mario 64. Level ending power stars have black outlines,
non-level ending power stars have coloured outlines instead.
[*]Which means that Toad is once again playable!
[*]deprecated powerup_guard.lua and Implemented anotherPowerDown.lua
[*]Fixed the missing unique sound effects in 3-B: Alternate Antiquity
[*]Fixed the somewhat amusing "fade out" bug in 3-A: Swamp Romp, but at the expense of losing the
water's enemy concealment
[*]1-1: First Step Fields and Mint Island Village's backgrounds have been improved.
[*]A new fast travel system between towns has been implemented. Visit your nearest FUNKY Flights
for more information
[*]The secret exit in 2-13: Honey Hive Hop has been tweaked to be appropriately more difficult
[*]The Green Switch Palace is now available
[*]Almost all of World 2 and all of world 3 (except for it's actual boss fight) is now complete!
[*]Bully and Birdo now have new sprites
[*]The SMB3 and SMB1 Bowser's sprites have been replaced with my edit of Gambare-Lucifer's Bowser Sprites
[*]Both Bowsers can now be spin-jumped on (although there is no level with 'em yet)
[*]Super Mario Zeal now has a fancy-ish Launcher Page and Achievements. Gotta catch 'em all!

Download (Google Drive)

Secondary Download (Dropbox)

Curious SMBX hack here. Looks nice really.
OOOOOH! I don't hack this game, but this looks amazing!

You are challenged by Champion Daisy!

I am a simple individual. I see a reference to Chrono Trigger (especially the Zeal kingdom), I must take a look. Honestly, these screenshots look really promising. It's a creative idea, and based on what I'm seeing, it looks like you're pulling it off decently enough.

I'm also really hoping that you make good use of the Corridors of Time ports in the sections

The handomest people in the world are ones who follow my Twitch
I've not really played or dabbled much with SMBX but I have seen over the years it getting more additions and updates which are really allowing content creators to push it's potential.

First off before anything else I must say the Overworlds are fantastic. They have that SMW feel to them but also stand out on their own with how distinct and varied they are from each other.
I like how level themes aren't restricted to what we see in many Mario Hacks or Official Games. Flying Fish Forest comes to mind when I say this as I like the usage of Fish outside of water.

I'll have to give the demo a try when I have some free time as it's clear a lot of effort has went into this project. Nice Work #smrpg{y}
This is truly a great episode, I like the level designs and aesthetics. I especially love the world map!
These overworld maps looks so good
These world maps are amazing, the levels are very good, keep them that way.#smw{:TUP:}
Looks incredible! World 5 is my favorite :)
It looks interesting. I didn't really see much level design and from what I saw, the bosses could be more involved, but aside from that, it looks pretty decent.
I haven't touched SMBX in at least 5 or 6 years, but I might pick it up again just to try this. This looks incredible, and I LOVE the visual style.
Check out my WIP romhack!
I don't know how to set SMBX up to play this, but judging by the videos and screenshots, this looks absolutely gorgeous. The plot is funny and the levels look fun to play, with a diverse amount of gimmicks. One thing I would say though is that the worlds have maybe too much levels, 20 levels per world is a lot. This may be just me though; I think if you make the levels themselves different enough, it won't feel too rough. Keep up the great work here!
I actually used SMBX befoee getting into hacking, it's a very good tool nowadays with the latest improvements. That K. Rool boos seems pretty awesome, it's incredible how SMBX has evolved in all of those years.

As a bit of an improvement that you can make, I saw that you colored the beach line with gray/white on the overworld; however, the color between that line and the terrain should be a bit lighter than the color of the terrain, instead of darker. Right now it looks a bit off.
Originally posted by Redwykelz
I don't know how to set SMBX up to play this, but judging by the videos and screenshots, this looks absolutely gorgeous. The plot is funny and the levels look fun to play, with a diverse amount of gimmicks. One thing I would say though is that the worlds have maybe too much levels, 20 levels per world is a lot. This may be just me though; I think if you make the levels themselves different enough, it won't feel too rough. Keep up the great work here!

It's actually not difficult to set up. Lemme walk you through it real quick!

1. Download and install SMBX2 from here

2. Download my episode demo

3. unzip the demo inside the "worlds" folder in SMBX2's install directory. The end result should look somewhat like this:

4. launch SMBX2.exe and select my episode from the launcher.

it should show up in the launcher like so:

wow looks good, nice ow, love the boss!
Looks really good! I ought to try this out soon #smw{:TUP:}
Thank you all for trying out the demo so far. I have got some feedback from people on discord over a few concerning bugs and gameplay issues and the hotfix in the opening post is meant to address those

[*]The Star Warp back to Mint Island from the Lost World now places you back to the Mint Island Star Warp like it's supposed to
[*]The transition animation for the pipe from Lake Shroomperior to Ship-Breaker Slough has been corrected
[*]The difficulty of the world 1 boss has been slightly toned down via the addition of a few throw blocks
[*]The pathing issue in world 3 has been addressed
[*]A few graphical glitches on the Lake Shroomperior map have been quashed

All you need to do is to unzip the hotfix inside Super Mario Zeal's folder and let it overwrite the files inside.

Wow, those overworld maps look stunning! I haven't been keeping up with SMBX for a while, but this looks very promising.
Fanatical like a Demon
Those world maps look amazing! As someone who's yet to even edit or create an overworld on LM, seeing ones fully created (even if not on LM), are an incredible sight! That King K Rool boss was also really interesting. Love the screenshots you have going on and vids showcasing stuff you have. This looks like it's had a lot of thought put into it and certainly with care.
Major thanks to Suika Ibuki for layout!
I'm open for music requests, just DM me on discord and we can further discuss there.
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Non-Hack GameDemoVideo/TrailerScreenshots