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[SMBX2] Super Mario Zeal - C3 Summer 2021 Demo Update

Non-Hack GameDemoVideo/TrailerScreenshots

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It looks awesome!!!
The world map looks very detailed and well-polished, and levels look very interesting, with great gimmicks and choice of GFX.
I may play this demo in my free time, and I am looking forward to its completely release!
Also, it's glad to see so many SMBX-related stuffs here.
Tried this Project out when the first Demo released.
Glad to see that it is still alive and lots of progress did happen to it.

Overall gives a very Distinctive SMW Hack Feeling while being a Project made in the SMBX Engine.

Keep up the work FS!
Check out my SMBX Project I posted for C3 if you got the spare time for it :)
I've been seeing the progress of this through your discord posts. I don't like SMBX personally but this project looks really impressed and polished.
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2021 TRENO vibe check thread
Thank you everyone for your feedback and comments so far. So how many of you have played the demo? It's in the opening post near the bottom.

An important new update will be coming very soon to the demo, courtesy of all the hard work Lusho has done for the new worldmap border. This worldmap border in my opinion is the best of all possible worlds when it comes to aesthetics and getting across the stuff you need to know about the level you're about to enter, and lemme list em for ya.

[*]There's the usual star, lives and coin counters but beside each level name there's also a tiny star icon that will appear when a level has a power star, the star icon is grey when you haven't got the power stars in a level and will gain colour on getting the power stars in that level.
[*]there's also a keyhole icon that will only appear when the level has a secret exit, starts out black but changes to red once you found the secret exit
[*]An ! mark will be auto-affixed to a level's name when you have 100% the level (Just like in the classic DKC Trilogy! in this case, finding all the star coins, collecting all power stars if the level has any and reaching the exit)
[*]the star coin icon for the worldmap is still being worked on as of this time but will work similarly to the power star indicator, with it gaining colour once all star coins in a level have been collected

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Non-Hack GameDemoVideo/TrailerScreenshots