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Judge the OLDC Judge: Alpha Dreamflight
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I'm still in the thick of judging the OLDC submissions right now, but I've been having fun doing it. Honestly it stirred up some regret in me about not participating myself, but there's no law against making my own level under the same rules. A few of the site's contest compilations had judge levels, and in absence of OLDC2's collab (as it is still a WIP), I am putting out a level right here and now for you!

Beepus here.

Now part of the experience I missed out on was being judged, and that's where you come in (if you want). I know fan judging is a popular thing, and if you don't feel like doing 120+ levels to try your hand at that why not just one? I appreciate any feedback you'd be willing to give.

Special thanks to:  K.T.B., Segment1Zone2,  JamesD28,  Ninja Boy and  Atari2.0 for testing and feedback.
I didn't participate in this contest, but I hope to see your judging on other OLDC submissions.
I feel a little guilty now, as I never actually got around to finishing the entire level; I did get through the first couple of rooms, and I do really enjoy some of the puzzles you've set up. It's pretty hard, as a whole (not a bad thing).

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I can't wait for the results to come out! Good luck for.... further judging.. I guess
I plan to try this out when I get the time. K.T.B. mentioned puzzles, so I'm assuming I'll need to put the good old thinking cap on. I'll try to give you a review after I play it, and hopefully it'll help!

On another note, following the rules set by OLDC is pretty neat; I'm one to always think that vanilla SMW has some cool things in it that few seem to want to really get into and explore.

This looks like a really creative level, I remember getting stumped pretty early on.

Cool puzzle level and yeah, good luck with the rest of the judging!
Lots of love, S1Z2 <3

Currently Working On:
Nothing for now.

Massive thanks to Giga for making the layout!
I instinctively held right and jumped as the level started, and jumped head-first into munchers. 0/10

Jokes aside, this is a very interesting level, especially mechanically, but I can't tell how I feel about it.

One on hand, the puzzles are very interesting. At first it's just kind of an overwhelming "what the heck", and then you just mess up a few times and learn to put 2 and 2 together, and it becomes satisfying to execute.

On the other, I feel like there's a bit too much precision and micromanagement with keeping the yellow shells and not dying. The part where I first started to feel this was around the triangle block/rainbow shell section. That being said, I think this issue is mostly because of the lack of proper checkpoints, as you mentioned yourself in #general just now, and vanilla SMW sucks in that regard. Dropping a few savestates here and there makes the level much more enjoyable, I find.

That being said, I'd still consider it a success of a level, since you mentioned it being a learning experience.

I think the first room was my favourite though. It's a matter of personal taste, but I like segmented puzzles like that where you only have a finite amount of resources. It prevents it from becoming overwhelming as one puzzle cascades into another.
You will be judged!

Joking aside though, that was a brutal level, not gonna lie, and I'm talking mostly about the wings room. Some of the puzzles are interesting, but you could've added an extra Yoshi if you happen to reset without the one you actually get the wings on (or just spread them across the level if you want to be forgiving). On the other hand, I agree with bebn legg in that managing to keep the shells without dying was kinda precise. But on a positive note, this level's off to a great start for a judge level.

All in all, nice job and good luck with the [rest of the] OLDC2 judging!
When I'm off the clock I'll get around to giving this a go and trying my hand at some unofficial level judging.
I can already see Blue Yoshi in the screenshots so I'm wondering what you've made with such a game breaking creature. #smrpg{cool}
I'm not one who often plays Kaizo, but this looks pretty neat!
A blue-yoshi level! There were really cool sections, especially the puzzles.
Originally posted by AppleBoy54321
I'm not one who often plays Kaizo, but this looks pretty neat!

From the looks of it, I wouldn't consider this a Kaizo level, just a challenging level with some precise tricks and puzzles. If you were referring to Kaizo as a design style though (with generally linear setups and specific movements), I can see where you are coming from with this.
Sadly in my initial playthrough I didn't spot the 2 potential softlocks (1 in each room, both by throwing a p-switch up then hitting the kaizo block before it falls back down). I have failed as a playtester #smw{T_T}

That aside though, I thoroughly enjoyed the level. Some of the setups are a bit tight, but consistent enough to not be a pain.
Seems like my legacy of overwhelming judge level lives on #smw{:peace:}

Yeah, I haven't completed this yet, but this really suffers from being very unforgiving and especially for forcing you to redo the entire level if you fail (or even if you lose yoshi). I've only gotten as far as the low-fly between disco and munchers part - and considering winged yoshi is not the nicest thing in the world to control, I really don't like that that section exists.

I'll keep trying to complete it anyway, cause aside from the obvious issues, the puzzles and setups presented so far are quite nice and I'm curious to see what else you came up with. Overall it seems way neater than Brown Block Basement, that's for sure :P

Avatar by Magi!
I am very grateful for the feedback I have seen in this thread so far. Truth be told I would like to try this idea again in the future, only with a lot of patches and/or asm to make the experience suck a lot less. The limits of the Blue Yoshi zone are quite stifling.
I played a bit of this, the puzzle at the beggining is neat, a bit confusing but neat, the second part is also really good, having to maintain the Yoshi and the yellow shell, still haven't played the entire thing

Now because of me the world will know how much you can cheese this level #wario{XD}

With things coming to a close soon I figured I could put up a hastily cobbled together clear video, hopefully assuaging some fears about the level being too complex.
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