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Anorakun's Palace of Graphics : Day 4 ( My hack + New level + KLDC Level + Old Drawings)

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Your choice of rips is interesting to say the least. I can see the gambare goemon stuff being useful later on down the road for me.

These Goemon rips are really neat. My favorite of them is the the feudal castle you posted in day 2 to be used in overworlds - it's always nice to have eastern assets to be used!
The man with impeccable taste in rips comes again!
These Goemon rips looks very very nice, some look empty but still looks nice, good job on these #smw{:TUP:}
That feudal castle and the flower petals are really nice stuff.
Great stuff! Love it!

YY-CHR > Photoshop.
Your graphics are always delighting to look at and I am happy you are giving attention to a rather unknown game as Ganbare.
I also loved to see the petal cluster sprite. Really beautiful #tb{:j}

Great stuff, as usual.
Thinking about using one of your graphics any day, I just need an idea for a level.
Exclusive content and nostalgia!
I really dig those retro rips and that cluster sprite is really nice. Like I said in my comment on the nepal rip, it's really nice to see a snowy mountainside instead of snowy plains. You've got a real nack for picking out cool things and it's always cool to see more of your rips in the section.

Once again, thanks everyone for the feedback and very kind replies. I appreciate you're enjoying these neat graphics, because I have even more to showcase.

And speaking of bringing more fun stuff for graphics, I've ripped some No Body The Dragon sprites. Not one, two or three. 20 Sprites! That's right! Also, I want to thank No Body the Dragon for his amazing work, I'm using it quite a lot in my new hack, and most of the sprites are charming and fit well with the SMW style.

Let's take a look. And please, credit No Body the Dragon for these sprites. I'm just sharing his AWESOME work, because I think more people should know about him.

Amazing Snowman Bro.

This fun snowman throws snowballs at the player. Great for christmas / ice / snow themed levels.

Angler Fish

This porcu-puffer replacement is based on a boss from TLoZ: Link's Awakening. The Angler Fish. Great for aquatic dark levels.

Angry Penguin

Mario, no!

This replaces the buzzy beetle with a funny penguin that looks angry. Even more funny when you kick it.

Automobile / Car

This replacement of the Mega Mole is perfect for urban levels. Nothing much to say, except that I edited the colors to look better. Instead of brownish, it uses blue.


Boom Shakalaka!

I heard you like basketball, so I brought this ninji replacement to spice up your levels.

Bison / Buffalo

Found in some places of EUA, now it's there for you wild western levels. Hooray!

Dice Goomba

A perfect fit for casino themed levels, in general. I've used this sprite in my KLDC 2021 level, mainly because somehow, these dicey foes fit well with japanese castles.

Bone Pillar

These classic enemies from Castlevania, now in your SMW Hack! Or Halloween hack. Also perfect for Castlevania themed levels.

Mr. Dynamite

These dangerous and cutes enemies are a perfect fit for subterranean areas or caves. You can use it for a bob-omb, or maybe, the more evil SUPER-BOMB sprite. (For even more big explosions!)

Flame Wheel

It's based on a japanese youkai called Wanyudo. Giant flame wheels with a creepy head. Luckily, this grinder replacement is just a nice fire wheel.


A classic variant of Thwomp, found in Wario Land 3. Originally, Omodons are carried by bats. They still look funny as ever. Great for any kind of level, if you want a bit of wackiness in it.


To not be confused with the Twitch emote Kappa. This very mischievous creature is a youkai. It loves cucumbers and mischief, they usually carry small forks. A nice replacement for the rip van fish.


This Urchin replacement is great for spooky levels. I changed the colors to resemble the medusa heads from CV: Rondo of Blood. This apparition of Medusa is based on the first Castlevania game.

Japanese Lantern

Another sprite used in my KLDC 2021 entry. Great for any kind of castle level with a japanese theming. Or not, you decide where to use it.

Panzer / Rose Lotus

These rose volcano lotuses are great for any kind level in general. They look a bit like a certain SMB2 sprite.

Mechanical Dolphins

These mechanical fellows are great for futuristic or mechanical enviroments. They also look really cool and stylish.

Rubber Duck

Funny rubber ducks to replace the fishes. Quack!!

Spiky Larva

While it was listed as "alien theme" in the spritesheet, it resembles more a certain Kirby enemy than something alien-esque. Could be used for some spooky levels or caves, perhaps.


This funny bird, which, for me, looks like a funny swan, has been used in KLDC 2021 as well. A great replacement for the swooper, can be used in japanese levels, areas with nature and wherever you wish.

Slot Machine

Also called pachinkos in my KLDC 2021 entry. This is a great replacement for the Customizable Reznor, made by KevinM. I've included an modified ASM file to enable the 16x16 reznor fireballs. You'll need Customizable Reznors + Sonikku Reznor Fireball Flag patch + the modified ASM I've included with this sprite, if you want to see these crazy slot machines spitting coins like crazy.

All the sprites can be found in this big download button below:


I shall upload all these sprites in the Graphics Section soon. For now, I'm lazy to do that. I hope you enjoy these fun enemies. That's all for day 3. #smrpg{:3}

Oh, I love everything I see here. I always appreciate rips of NBTD sprites you know for what reason, but the rips also look really good. You made excellent choices of what to bring onto SMW as always. Looking forward to possibly making use of some of them. I love the Nepal foreground especially. Great work! #smrpg{y}
I gotta appreciate the fact that you do provide the community great rips from commericial games of various systems, as well as some free to use fanmade ones.
Modern Redrawn Mario Bros. 1.5 (last update - February 14, 2023, some new bonus frames, tons of minor touchups to various poses)

On Pixel Art Requests: Depends on what it is and if I have the time for it. If its complex and I don't have the time, don't expect me to accept it.

Projects I support:

Ah, yes, more sprites from NBTD.
Someone has sent me the full .png a time ago and it sits on my computer, occasionally I look at it to choose what I want to rip but the sheer amount of different sprites quickly gets overwhelming.

Having a smaller selection around that's already ripped is very good and gives another perspective.
Damm, sprite graphics were always my favourite ones. These rips are really fantastic, and I love how some of them are inspired from rare enemies like the angler fish.
This is dedication. I have no idea how long it took you to prepare all this content for C3. Congratulations!
Exclusive content and nostalgia!
You know what? You're right. No_Body's sprites rule. We're using some of those rips in my hack, actually, and I can maybe help you port the rest of his stuff over to SMW for next C3 or something?
Originally posted by Darkbloom
You know what? You're right. No_Body's sprites rule. We're using some of those rips in my hack, actually, and I can maybe help you port the rest of his stuff over to SMW for next C3 or something?

Sure! Why not?

Thanks everyone for the feedback. Now for the content of day 4. It's not a graphic release...



Yeahhhh! It's a demo of my hack. The lore part ain't finished, neither is the player sprite, but I have 9 levels finished and I hope you enjoy playing it.

Special thanks for Segment1Zone2, K.T.B. and Mario Hacks community for playtesting my hack.



This level is based on the myth of the Yuki-Onna. Ghostly icy feminine figures that make travelers get lost in snowstorms. In this case, I'm using the Tricky Magikoopa, made by RussianMan. What it does? Their spell teleports the player to specified level or second exit. Yes, the whole gimmick involve avoiding these spells or use them to proceed, while avoiding nasty hazards in a snowstorm.

And lastly, but still important...


After having not utilizing well my time in KLDC 2021 to polish my level, I started to rework on it after the submission period of the event has ended. I watched everyone's reactions, judge reactions, gathered feedback and I present you the final version of my level. A lot of fixes, removal of tighness, cheese fixes and a more fair Reznor Boss. I spent almost a month fixing stuff to deliver the best experience for anyone that wants to play it now.

I want to thank Mario Hacks, the KLDC judges, the kaizo community and various persons for all the feedback I got. I took it by heart and that motivated me to fix it. Since this level will be present in a upcoming hack, yeah!

It will be in Team Aureus' collab, 1F0. Stay tuned for updates in this fun Brazilian Kaizo Collab led by Insanit in the future. Since Insanit challenged me to make a kaizo level and I had this one done, I decided to use it there.


And that's it for C3...

But before, we go, I want to share some old drawings I've made in Inktober from 2019, before joining Discord and SMWCentral.


Aaaaaaand that's it for today. Thank you for this fun C3. I hope you have enjoyed all the fun graphics that I posted. Also, check out my hack and / or KLDC level if you can. Thanks everyone.

I like most of the sprites wish I could use them in the future#smrpg{y}
You did a ton of work and also awesome. I admire the effort you put in all your material: graphics, hacks/levels, drawings, etc. I hope someday to have the deditacion you have for making stuff. Congrats Anorak, 4 days of really high quality goodies.
I agree with Alex a lot. You contribute so much to the community and I'm really glad you're around.

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