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FINISHED - A Silly Little ASM Number Game!

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No epic ASM or hack reveals this time round, but I bring a dumb fun little ASM game somewhat inspired by whiteyoshiegg's game last year.

Post a number; any number, could be 1, could be a billion, or anywhere in between. At the end of C3 posting time I'll string all the numbers together, convert it to hex, insert it as UberASM code and run it, and show the (likely horrific) results!

Some info/rules:
- Let's keep it reasonable: no more than a 30 digit number per post.
- Leading/trailing zeroes are included when stringing the numbers.
- Anything that assembles into code which breaks the game (BRK, TCD, STP etc.) will be removed when assembling the code.
- Don't be a nerd and precalculate what your number assembles into, enjoy the magic of surprise
- If the hex result has an odd number of digits, the last will be cut off.
- Decimal numbers only!
- You can post as many times as you like, but not consecutively - someone else has to post a number between yours.
- Anything that prematurely exits the code (returns, jsl to rts routines/vice versa etc.) will be removed when assembling the code. A RTL will be added to the end of the hex code.

BONUS: The final person to post a number in this thread wins a free ASM request (I'll PM you afterwards, plz don't make it super complicated. You can refuse it/give it to someone else if you have nothing in mind)

I'll begin with:
28 #smw{:TUP:}

Really hoping this takes off; I wanna see how long we can make this code.
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I wanna dig more into the ASM void, so there it is~


I like threes.
Lots of love, S1Z2 <3

Massive thanks to Giga for making the layout!


yes i like number nine how did you know

I like how even if people suggest predictable meme numbers it won't matter because it'll be converted to Hex.

Curious to see how this will turn out!


This idea sounds fun

I like the sound of "Horrific" results :)
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