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Another hack by me

Kaizo/PitSuper Mario WorldFull Hack Release

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Here you go:

It's hard, it's evil, don't play it unless you have some tolerance for really weird bull****.

Some videos:

I'll post a full playthrough in a few days, for those who prefer to experience it like that. Thirdwall also streamed his testing, so checking his vods is another option, although some things changed in the release version, of course.



Full playthrough:
I can't stop yelling WHAT at your hack. This is glorious!
You're super creative with weird/cursed stuff. I'm sure this will bring a lot of laughter
Yeah, show them the power of the crab army!

I really love the use of yoshi house birds. They create an interesting dynamic that I never saw in any other hack. I love it.#smrpg{:3}

This is a really unique and special hack. I'm sure it's going to be very influential. The use of dynamic reaction-based kaizo obstacles is really interesting to me
Cozyduck always with the crazy good stuff XD. From what I saw it looks amazing dude, nice job.

That dolphin stacked on the yoshi house bird lol that's pretty smart
I've seen small bits of this hack on streams, it looks both pretty wacky but also creative and with a lot of unique sprite behavior or interactions. I do appreciate the uses of rather unusual enemies.
The aesthetics may not be my cup of tea, but everything else is spot on. I have a soft spot for crazy ASM gimmick levels, definitely wouldn't have imagined a hack like this from you
I suck at ASM and AMK
I'm not super familiar with your stuff, but I like what I see in these videos (especially your usage of the Yoshi's House birds). Nice job on this!
Check out my WIP romhack!
Since stand tall and other levels, I’ve been following your material, and it’s so awesome!! This hack looks very very fun and very hard at the same time!! Keep doing awesome things.
As all worldly Swiss travelers do, Cozyduck decided to embark on his summer travels to the pacific islands. Unfortunately, he arrived on Christmas Island during the less than pleasant annual red crab migration. Local folk legend has it that Cozyduck locked himself in his hotel room and played through the entire Hyper series with nothing to eat but Frutti di Mare and Crabcakes for breakfast through dinner. For decades he toiled laboriously until he had perfected his jank craft. Perhaps he had intended to create something considered "bad". I think he may have created a masterpiece instead. This hack embraces the wonderful, forward-thinking idea that nothing in hacking really matters, as long as you're having fun (or at least someone will).
Having watched your full playthrough of Stand Tall, I was blown away by your creativity with vanilla assets. Just in these two short videos, you have surprised me once more with your creativity and inventiveness (particularly with the first video with the birds and dolphins). Since I'm probably not good enough as of now to beat your new hack, I'll be waiting for the full playthrough. It looks like your work here is fun and most certainly creative. Keep it up, cozyduck! I hope to see more from you in the future.
It's been such a delight to see this hack shape up. This hack may not be for everyone to play (which is fine - making stuff for everyone isn't as fun!), but watching streamers react to each of your batshit ideas is certainly gonna be amazing. Thanks for the passion and quality, cozyduck!
It's easily the best thing I've done
So why the empty numb?
Your name is familiar to me due to Stand Tall, so seeing you come up with a brand new creation is truly a delight. I'm still figuring out my way in stage 3, but I thoroughly enjoyed what I have played so far (the birds stacking with any sprite though, wow!). Keep it up with your passionate ideas, my pal!
I mean this in the best way: when I seen some of this demented hack being playtested it made me want to go a little off the deep end in my own levels (though probably not as much as this :D) Congrats on release!
This hack is something like I've never seen before, especially in the Kaizo genre. Most people will probably not enjoy it, or even hate it, maybe for its RNG-heavy elements, or because they actually have to react to things instead of repeating the same actions over and over until they win, or maybe just because Yoshi's tongue never has the correct graphics. Anyway, those who have the courage to play through it will discover a grandiose display of creativity, jank and, more importantly, crabs. May the crab army rise victorious against the evil Mario Mario, and put an end on his ever growing desire to kill everything that crosses his path.
Not sure if I can play it so I'll just comment what I've seen in video:
this is madness.
I love very much the use of stacked sprites with the lil' chirping bird (cute fella (tm)) and the fact you've made the cursed MagiKoopa call other monsters instead of its magic.

very creative use of stuff imo and I couldn't dream to get there in regular difficulty-styled levels.

Look at this little guy and how stronk he is.

This actually is looking really good I just haven't had time to play it.
Again not my cup of tea but I am otherwise impressed by what I'm seeing in the videos of your hack.

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Kaizo/PitSuper Mario WorldFull Hack Release