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New Super Mario Bros. 2 REMIX - That one NSMB2 rom hack

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(Sorry the logo is like this, I made it with the 3DS screen in mind.)

Alright so, you know how I have SMBA2 and SMBADX? Most of you, probably even all of you don't know about this other one I have called New Super Mario Bros. 2 REMIX.

Just another rom hack I've put off because of how worn down I am. My priority is usually SMBA2>NSMB2R>SMBADX. So you'll probably being waiting a while for this and SMBADX but, anyway, I'll shut about SMBA, and start talking about this rom hack.

BLEH, so, I don't know how to describe it other than "Mario goes to rescue the princess again". Bland story, I know. But, I don't want to waste the good stories I have for my SMW rom hacks.

Shut up Mayro get to the gameplay.

I've changed up a few elements from NSMB2 to be in the NSMBU style... I thought that was cool... uhhhhhhh yeah. Just take some gameplay before I implode.

As you may of noticed in these two videos, there is some new music. And most of that happens to be made by me (remixes basically). The rest is by Nintendo (The only track made by Nintendo in those two videos other than the overworld map music is the SM3DW underground music.)

But, I have a lot more in store for the soundtrack.
Here's a few of the notable tracks.

Now that's about it. If you'd like to try the rom hack: Download!

To install on Citra (You need a copy of NSMB2 of course): Appdata>Whatever you set it to>Citra>Load>Mods>The title ID of your NSMB2 game>romfs

And to install on real hardware, you need CFW (Custom Firmware). You can visit this website for more information.
As someone who enjoyed playing NSMB 2 on the 3DS. I can say this looks very promising! Going to give this a try.
I'm not super familiar with NSMB hacking, but this looks interesting. Nice music remixes, too. I might actually give it a try on my 3DS, we'll see.
Check out my WIP romhack!
Here's a few other songs you might like:

SoundtrackMisc. HackingDemoVideo/Trailer