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vlbc13 Collaboration Hack + More

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Hello, and happy C3.

I have been working on The Thirteenth Annual Vanilla Level Besign Contest (or vlbc13 for short) since last year, and I'm happy to make a public announcement. vlbc13 is now open for level submissions!

In short, this is a vanilla collaboration hack. This is similar to a VLDC, with the exception of the "contest" element. I'm looking for some creative and well-designed levels, so sign up if you are interested! (I would like to note that submitting a level does not guarantee its insertion into the BaseROM.)

Want to see what you are getting into? You can download the level sampler to try some of the levels already made for the hack yourself.
Level Sampler


If you would like to read my document on this project detailing what it is about and the rules, look at this:
Project Information and Rules Document
If you plan on making something for this collaboration, please use the BaseROM provided within the information document.

The sign-up sheet is in the document linked above, but for ease of access, use the link below.
Sign-Up Sheet

If the "collaboration" aspect of this hack doesn't fare well, I'll simply continue to make more levels for it. I'll probably return next C3 to show off new progress and see if anyone is interested then.

I'm looking forward to seeing and playing what people have to offer. Be creative, and have fun!

Definitely gonna make a few levels for this, there are a couple of unexplored concepts I would've liked to do for eudaimonia
I suck at ASM and AMK
Originally posted by Minish Yoshi
I'm looking for some creative and well-designed levels

*looks away*

I am supporting the idea of this though. The level sampler was good to discover. The fireworks level is too damn cool.
I remember you showing off some of these levels on my server. You've definitely got quite a bit of creativity with all the different setups you have in them. Keep up the good work! :)

As for the collab aspect, I don't plan on making a level. Maybe if I'm really bored and not interested in doing any of the other stuff I'm working on, I might, but I don't know.
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Super Mario WorldDemoScreenshots