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Hooded Edge 3: Return of the Remixes [UPDATE: Marble Zone Remix]

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Ladies, Gentlemen, Non-Binaries, Reploids, and Youkai, I have, once again, brought some remixes with me to this C3:

Harmony in Gensokyo ~ Romantic Children (Remix) - Touhou 5: Mystic Square #thp{>_<1}

Can't have a C3 thread without a Touhou song (seriously, it took me a while to figure out which song I'd do for this event). Thought I'd do this theme 'cuz it's one that I've been meaning to do for a while now.

Egg-Robo's Revenge ~ Mini-Boss (Remix) - Sonic & Knuckles #smrpg{gasp}

I've only done one song from this game (which is a sin to only have done only one song from my favorite OST other than DKC2), so I thought doing at least another one would be pretty sick, and what better theme than the mini-boss theme.

Cornered 52 - Cornered (Remix) - Ace Attorney: Phoenix Wright #lm{previcn}

A song I've been meaning to do for a while now and actually started on it a few months back but never got to finishing it until now. Was also around the time I got into Ace Attorney.

Legendary Journey ~ Passat of the Hero (Remix) - ThinkOneMoreTime #smw{:peace:}

Probably one of my favorite songs to have ever graced this site. It's so freaking amazing!! Also makes this the second song I arranged that was by ThinkOneMoreTime. I remember first hearing this in "Super ''Mario'' World 2" in that game's final stage, and it was love at first sight... or hearing (idk. I'm stupid sometimes. lmao).

||=================|| 7/3/21 - Update ||==================||

Destiny of the Trainer ~ Trainer Battle (Remix) - Pokémon Red / Blue / Yellow #lm{specpal}

Never really grew up playing much Pokémon, but goddamn!! I used to binge the anime (specifically Indigo League and... Gen 5's anime too) like anything. I thought it'd be nice to finally take a stab at some Pokémon music (especially as a fan of mainly Gen 1, but also Gen 5 too) with probably my favorite battle theme in the series.

||=================|| 7/4/21 - Update ||==================||

Dance of the Ancients ~ Marble Zone (Remix) - Sonic the Hedgehog (Genesis) #lm{bgbank}

Done remixes for songs from the Master System version. Now it's time to do the Genesis version. Had this idea for a Marble Zone remix that's very similar to one I heard in a Sonic 1 romhack (Sonic 1 Remastered, for those wondering), and it ended up becoming more than just that. I'm in the minority when I say that this game is better than what most people nowadays think of it, but anyways enjoy!!


All of these will be uploaded onto the site right after C3 ends. Kinda wanna get feedback for these songs if it's necessary, just like last C3.

Probs will have a couple more songs on here before C3 ends too. No more new songs. I'm happy with all that I uploaded here. I'll have better revisions of these in the music section once C3 is over.

LINKS -> YouTube - Discord - Twitter

Stellar work as usual! From a quick listen, I don't have any complaints. Romantic Children and the S&K miniboss theme are probably my favourites, just because of my familiarity with the songs, but I also like the other two!

Romantic Children is a standard fare Hooded Edge Touhou port. Love the square waves.

I love how you opted for more FM-y instruments for the miniboss theme. It's a nice blend of putting your style on the song, without straying from it too much. I like whatever instrument (is it an organ?) you used for the repeating lead thing in the first section, starting around 0:03.

Cornered's instrumentation is also super on point. The saws and squares work together so well with the bass.

The detuning in Passat of the Hero is a nice touch! It makes the song feel nostalgic, which just feels right. I love the FM-y trumpets or whatever it is that kicks in around 0:43. There's such a great, upbeat energy to it!

You've really honed your style over the past months, and these ports are no exception to that. The instrumentation, mixing, and little extra touches are just what I expect from your ports, and it's super!

I always love looking through the music section and seeing what ports and remixes you've cooked up.

I have to say without a doubt the remix of TOMT's track is really bloody great. I used a lot of their tracks in my older hack and this particular one was actually used in the final level so it really brings back a lot of memories.
Hearing it remixed is just such a cool concept to see/hear.

I'll do my best to give some feedback for the other tracks to as I'm not an expert at music theory or porting but I'll tell ya if they sound good:

Passat of the Hero:

Really keeps the tone of the original as well as adding a fresh take to it.


Honestly feels like some sort of Black Magic in the way you remixed in the other track and somehow it works really well.
I like that the main track isn't too abrasive and has a very tense but "focused" feeling.

Egg-Robo Revenge:

The original is pretty great so your remix only expands upon that and keeps the original feel as well as giving it its own flavour.

Harmony in Gensokyo:

Man that intro and build up is awesome. I can already envision it used at the start of a final or penultimate challenge.
It really can be used to push the player forward so they can clear any challenge. Man it just bops man its a bop.

Hopefully my 6:43am feedback is okay.
One of my fave threads this C3 so far. #smrpg{y}
As always you knock it out of the park with your remixes. Keep at it man! I wish I could give proper feedback, but i'm horrid when it comes to music related things. I just like what I think sounds good. #smrpg{:D}

I look forward to more updates on this thread for sure.

But I do have to ask... why does Cheetah Men work well with Cornered? Like it works too well haha
Art by @ScoottheBat
In my opinion, you're one of the best music porters on this site. These are all fantastic, as usual.
Check out my WIP romhack!
These are really fantastic. I get a lot of use out of your ports in my hacks, and I think that I would strongly consider using these in future ones if the theming works for one of my levels.

What really stands out to me about these ports is that they don't try to affect the listener through raw loudness. They have a very refined sound and are deeply layered and subtle, compared to your earlier work.

Very nice!
I love what you done with all of these they sound epic

You are challenged by Champion Daisy!

All of these remixes are fantastic as always, Hooded Edge!

I'm really liking the Cheetah Man remix of Cornered.
It's a goofy track that tries to be being serious as well, really nice blend.
Ohhh yes, Hooded Edge, bringing more bangers. Neat! Cornered is such an iconic theme from Ace Attorney, so I'm very happy that you did a remix of this song. Would love to see more Ace Attorney themes, though. Anyway, my favorite of the bunch is the Sonic & Knuckles - Mid Boss theme. This music in particular I think that people don't give enough love. Great job with these remixes, overall, I love them.#smrpg{<3}

How are you this good at making awesome and impressive ports!? But in all seriousness, my favorite port out of 4 of these is totally ThinkOneMoreTime song!
So you're the guy whose remixes sometimes come up with "c'mon"...

Seriously, awesome work as usual! I'm only familiar with some of the songs (remixing Cheetah Men with Phoenix Wright was spectacular), so listening to 'em all was an absolute jam and I look forward for a release. I'm really happy to see you on the music porting [and remixing!] scene stronger than ever.
Thanks for the compliments, everybody!!! Seriously, this means so much to me!! :D

Anyways, just updated the thread with a new Pokémon remix.

LINKS -> YouTube - Discord - Twitter

How I know when a song is good is when I zone out while listening to it and it doesn't register that it's been playing for 10 min or so. These are all so good.
Huh, another remix of TOMT's songs? Very impressive, H.E.! I really liked your work.

And what the heck did you just mixed an Ace Attorney song with Cheetah Men?!
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Aya Shameimaru, Touhou Suzunaan ~ Forbidden Scrollery
I dunno, I think your remixes are fine for the most part but whenever I listen to any remixes of yours I swear the percussion isn't strong enough to "ground" the song. The somewhat questionably weak percussion kinda causes the song to "float away" as it were. This is just me throwing a shot in the dark as it were but maybe experiment with some other percussion samples, like stuff from SCV4 or Terranigma or stuff like that.

Originally posted by JupiHornet
In my opinion, you're one of the best music porters on this site. These are all fantastic, as usual.

We have a ton of music porters these days, but I agree with Jupi here, and I would even doubt if to simply say the best. Your songs just have that extra ommph that really marks the difference from the others. Maybe it's the fact that you focus on remixes and that adds a personal touch to the songs? Or maybe those "come on" samples that you like to use lol. Either way, pretty amazing work as always here.
Originally posted by Darolac
Maybe it's the fact that you focus on remixes and that adds a personal touch to the songs?

I think that is quite true....
Outstanding remixes as usual #tb{:]}
I also loved the first introduction-line #tb{:DD}
Romantic Children is such an underappreciated song and I'm happy to hear you covered it. Thanks a lot! #smrpg{<3}

Once again, thanks, everybody!!! (I'm running out of things to say, but seriously, thank you!!)

Just wanted to let everyone know that a new song has been uploaded, and it's more Sonic stuff.

LINKS -> YouTube - Discord - Twitter

Marble Zone is a very underrated track, so I'm glad you made this very nice remix. Great job as always, Hooded Edge. Always a pleasure to listen your banger remixes. #smrpg{:3}

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