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Polyphony (and a port!)

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Heya folks, Tomato here!

So a couple C3s ago (or maybe last C3? I can't remember) I posted teasers of a hack I was working on called Polyphony. Said hack was completed back in March, and this C3 lined up perfectly with my 1.1 release, so I thought I'd talk a little about what this hack actually is for those of you who don't follow my presence in other places.

To put it simple, Polyphony is a standard/kaizo hybrid hack with branching routes and, honestly, far too many secrets :D

The primary route branch of the game is meant as a comfortable way for people new to Kaizo or put off by Kaizo to dip their feet into the genre in a more Standard-like form, with Standard levels (and forgiving powerups) occasionally incorporating strategies and techniques used in early kaizo levels in other hacks. For those of you who don't consider kaizo their thing, I get that- but you still may enjoy this route!

The secondary route branch is more hidden away, and made so that more experienced kaizo players can have a fun challenge, with far more traditionally linear kaizo level design.

Across both routes are a series of Moons- one per level, and collecting as many of them as you can is a challenge that will allow you access to a special bonus level titled Artemis, added in 1.1. There are also other levels (with their own moons) along the way that are purely optional and allow you to make your experience easier via the help of a Yellow Switch Palace.

The hack as a whole is primarily designed to provide some fun to as many folks (even remotely) interested in Kaizo as possible, with a wide array of difficulty, level styles and even routes through individual levels. Part of this was also me making a very deliberate effort to make a hack that would be extremely fun to speedrun, with a lot of depth and optimization available for someone looking to push the hack's limits.

Here's the release for back in 1.0 (this ended up releasing at the start of March in the end, oops):

You can find the hack HERE! and the speedrun leaderboards ALSO HERE!

I hope a few of you take the time to dive in, and I hope any of you who do find yourself playing it, enjoy yourselves immensely!




I made a port for my hack- my first- and I thought now was the perfect time to share it! Introducing Doctor, from the popular webcomic Homestuck: HERE!
You're welcome to use it for your own purposes, just please credit me, thank you!

Have a great C3, everyone <3 Wish I had more new stuff to show off, but thoooose things are still a little ways around the corner 8>
I think I do remember someone talking about a hack with both Kaizo- and non-Kaizo routes last C3, though not sure if it was you. Anyways, I really do like the idea. As someone not familiar with Kaizo, offering an alternate non-Kaizo route feels like it was specifically made for me.

Can't say quite a lot about the hack yet, since I haven't played it, but judging by the trailer and screenshots, it does give off some early 2000s SMW Hack vibes, which is kinda nice. That aesthetic has its very own charm and makes me quite nostalgic. That alone kinda makes me want to give it a try!
Feel free to visit my website/blog - it's updated rarely, but it looks pretty cool!
I know you've been super excited to show people the 1.1 version of this hack, and the fact it's a hybrid that can ease people into harder Kaizo is really cool! If players can use your hack to ease themselves into harder hacks, then it has a great place within the realm of Kaizo hacks. Looks great, congrats again on the 1.1 release!
I have to runback this game now on its 1.1 version! Congrats on the release, Tomato #smrpg{<3}. Also I wanna learn it for speedruns. Ironically, learning to speedrun a standard hack is more difficult than learning a kaizo hack. The port sounds beautiful!! You're really talented <3
i'd highly recommend folks give this a playthrough - tomato is a wonderful queer creator who's put so much passion and love into this project, and it's super refreshing to see. i am all for more hybrid kaizo / standard hacks, and i hope more folks follow suit in the future. fuck it right
I love the new concept of having kaizo hybrid-esque hacks that either provide a power-up to give the player more room for error, or give you alternate paths like how this hack does. Kaizo is a difficult genre to get into, and having hacks like these may help a lot of newer players to find a way through it.
The different routes are what made me, a total noob, interested in Polyphony. I think the way it is layed out really helps newbies. And on top of that, it's plain fun!
Love it! Some of the levels really stand out on how creative they are along with the two routes for different types of play and not to mention the many secrets for completionists - these elements all come together to make a fantastic hack...

..but for me, the inventive thoughts behind all the skips, tricks and speedrun strats is what really makes this hack stand out.

Great job #smw{;)}
Definitely gonna have to give this one a shot sometime. Seeing as how much output lately has been Kaizo it's good to see there's hackers providing entry points for more inexperienced players (like me).
God, thank you so much for the lovely words everyone <3

I should probably mention what 1.1 even did, huh? Well, aside from nerfs and buffs to levels, long story short, there's a moon-collection aspect to the hack, for those looking for the most challenge that they can get out of it. Before in 1.0, the moons were just beneficial. Now, there's actually an entirely additional level accessible via them! It's intended to be part of a 'Lunar Run' speedrun category, to provide even more diversity in ways to run the hack.

Since the moons have actually become somewhat important for completionists now, I also went ahead and added moon indicators on the overworld, for those who where unsure how many they'd collected.
If you don't want to go moon collecting, that's ok, the secret level doesn't actually award an exit, so it won't affect your completion criteria. Think of it as a 106% sorta thing!

Originally posted by Jezaiya

..but for me, the inventive thoughts behind all the skips, tricks and speedrun strats is what really makes this hack stand out.
Great job #smw{;)}

Thank you Jez <3 I put a lot of love and care into trying to make a speedrun that would really have a lot of depth and interesting gameplay, while also giving enough space and avoiding linearity so that natural 'unintended' speedstrats (and safe strats) could form on their own as well (and I'm pleased to say that they have!)

Again thank you everyone so much for the kind words <3 Happy C3!

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