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Sayonara Mario World 2 Teaser Trailer

Kaizo/PitSuper Mario WorldVideo/Trailer

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idk i guess a lot of you really liked sayonara mario world, so uhhhh here's a trailer for the unnecessary sequel.

it's longer, (much) harder, and (hopefully) better than its predecessor.

fingers crossed, it's coming out this fall.

i hope you enjoy the this little glimpse into the queerest thing i've ever made.

Very looking forward to this one. Every level feels unique in a way, and I really like the throwbacks to the prequel. It looks like a lot of fun as well as a decently challenging experience.
I've seen this around the Twitchverse, and it looks like quite the experience! I love the aesthetic style, and the survival sections looks very unique. But that Skytree level #smrpg{sick}

Good job 👍
this looks absolutely amazing margot, cant wait for release

i am the coolest person !

le4che :).
I think I'd only seen one level previously in playtesting, but this looks absolutely fantastic — a lot of clever and unique setups.
Though I'm a tester on this hack and margot is a dear friend (so I'm a bit biased :)) I'm still happy people are getting to peek a little more at Sayonara 2. It's going to be a great hack and I'm looking forward to the release of this as much as anyone. #smrpg{<3}
Yooooo this looks sick! As a diehard fan of the original I am very excited! Looking forward to getting my ass kicked severely.
I'm both eagerly anticipating playing this, and afraid for my life. Unchained Margot is powerful...

Joking aside, this is looking fantastic!
God, this looks so good Margot, I can't wait to see the release! I recently played through Sayonara Wild Hearts and now I feel like I gotta dive into the first hack even more than I did before, especially with this sequel on the way.

This looks amazing! Can't wait for release: I LOVED Sayonara 1!
Setups looks great and aesthetics looks incredible. I’ll definitely gonna play this. Nice work Margot.
This looks really amazing, I'm not a huge kaizo player but the levels themselves are well made and very aesthetically pleasing.
Looking fantastic! I really appreciate the creativity I've seen so far, both from this trailer and from the bits I've seen from testing streams. The "solid coins" gimmick is especially clever (also always glad to see some wiggler friends flying up into the sky). Looking forward to release.
Cool, I loved sayonara 1, can't wait for this one!
++++1 for Kero Kero Bonito

Awesome-looking trailer. Some of the setups you’ve shown here seem really creative, and a lot of the palettes you’ve chosen are really beautiful as well. Looking forward to seeing the finished result!
The handomest people in the world are ones who follow my Twitch
I've seen a stream of this hack on Twitch once, so I can say with assurance that you put a lot of passion into it. The trailer is no different, and that's coming from someone who hasn't given the first installment a shot yet (I shall futurely). Very looking forward to grabbing the sequel when it's released!
proud and excited to announce that on smwc we stan margot and her wonderful works. queer ladies making kaizo is so strong and powerful.

looking forward to the release 😳
I'm pleasantly surprised by this kaizo trailer, I see plenty of novel and creative stuff. I'm pretty curious as to how the gimmicks of some of those video snippets even work :p

I'm not a kaizo player very often, but I'm looking forward to see this being played! Great work so far and good luck #thp{;)}
I've seen some levels in streaming, like the one
inspired by Ignoble Plants
. While I can't judge the difficulty, I really enjoy how you mix vanilla in creative ways. I wish you best of luck with this hack. Aesthetics are on point. Great job.#smrpg{y}
I saw a lot of jank in the levels found within the trailer.
And that's a good thing.

Seriously some of those weird interactions like jumping up a Wigglers falling segments as well as spin jumping and thrown block whilst it drifts by underwater look really rad.
Aesthetics are also really funky which is always great to see as all the levels look pretty distinct from each other.
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Kaizo/PitSuper Mario WorldVideo/Trailer