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Just a few ports I've done

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Eh, why not, right?

I started porting a few months ago and I've been having a ton of fun with it, so I've decided I'll share a few! I've shared a few of these on discord as I worked on them, but now they're a bit more polished. The N64 ports were among my favorites to work on.

Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney - Investigation ~ Opening 2007
DRAX - When Strangers Meet!
Front Mission: Gun Hazard - Richard Millman
Front Mission: Gun Hazard - Transaction
Glover - Atlantis 3
Glover - Intro
Yoshi's Story - Yo Yo Yoshi
Oh man, that Yoshi's Story port. Now I finally know where that song is from : P
Check out my WIP romhack!
Every time I hear a faithful N64 port, my brain just dies as it attempts to figure out how it was done. And Yo Yo Yoshi of all tracks. Love it!

All these ports sound great! Awesome job on all of them.
Profile Pic by @TheChubshi on Twitter!
For only starting to port recently these are pretty impressive. "Yo Yo Yoshi" and "When Strangers Meet" are probably my favorite ones in this set, great job! Also nice to see Front Mission getting more love.
Your Glover ports are impressive. I figure I give you a heads up and let you know that according to the USF rips I have the OST was composed by Allister Brimble and Richard Joseph. Just a little thing to add to your Glover ports' song data
One thing I really admire about your ports is your ability to create atmosphere and ambiance using the reverb and panning. Amazing job!
It's always refreshing to hear ports not from the usual suspects (sorry not sorry to touhou, sonic and mega man :P) and these are well made to boot. It's also cool to see some more n64 game ports, nice job!
Yo Yo Yoshi! #smrpg{mlem}

Fantastic ports, Fyre! I really been enjoying the recent ports you've been submitting to the site, like the Star Summit one. Nintendo 64 deserves more love.

Also, another Ace Attorney theme is neat. The series has such a good list of songs. Quite happy about that. Overall, all these ports sound neat.

My favorite one still is the one from Yoshi Story. Superb work!

All these ports are outstanding, but Yo Yo Yoshi... my god!!

I was hoping that song would one day get a 1-to-1 port, and now it's here!!!


You snapped with these ports especially the Yo Yo Yoshi.

Awesome ports Fyre!

My favorite has to be Richard Millman, it's a really good groovy track, could suit like an ending of long, difficult hack or an overworld perhaps.

The Yo Yo Yoshi ports (like everyone stated already) is fantastic.
I like how goofy it sounds.
Lots of love, S1Z2 <3

Massive thanks to Giga for making the layout!
I guess I'm the unlucky few who hasn't been aware of the Yo Yo Yoshi song until now, and I had the game! Hopefully some day you'll release the txt for all of these since they sound solid! (Even if you don't, just take it as a compliment for how good they are)

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Oh, I see you ported one Thomas 'DRAX' Mogensen's famous works. I listened to it, and looks wonderful! Just imagine if you use this in an ambient forest lakeside level.

Keep up!
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Aya Shameimaru, Touhou Suzunaan ~ Forbidden Scrollery
For being relatively new to porting this sounds better than anything I did so far #tb{O_O}
Seems like you aren't only talented at designing levels, but with porting music as well #tb{:j}
I have no idea how you did that Yo Yo Yoshi port, but it's really impressive how far you went with your samples there.
If this is only the beginning I am definitely looking forward to seeing more from you. #tb{:]}

Noticed Yo Yo Yoshi haven't seen this too often nice to see it get ported

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MusicSuper Mario WorldResource Release