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Glow Demo

Super Mario WorldDemoScreenshots

I wasn't planning on doing anything for this C3, but here I am, doing something :D

This is a demo for my Gameboy style SMW hack I've shown off at the last summer C3.

It's 3 levels, all from world 1. Each level has 2 exits: a standard one and a secret one found by collecting the 4 "not dragon coins" without dying (it's an extra challenge). You can play the levels in whatever order you want. The hack is Standard - Hard difficulty as it's somewhat trial and error based like old 8 bit games but nowhere near as unforgiving. Not sure what more to add so here's some screenshots of each level:


Should mention that this hack works best with Snes9x
This is looking real nice tbh, I like the contrast between sprites being gray and the level elements being colored.
This is singlehandedly the best hack I've played in recent memory.
Everything looks amazing, the setups flow well into each other and everything is well indicated.
The aesthetics are on point, I love every bit of it, especially how certain levels evolve over time and have their own story.
(like how Red Forest slowly burns away as you go on.)

My only real grudge is that the songs sound modern compered to everything else. Would be cool to 8bit-ify the songs to fit better but it's not a necessity.

My favorite has to be Yellow Canyon due to it's athletisity and a perfect use of wall-jumping and other sorts of jumping on enemies.

Orange Shore can get a bit dull at times due to how slow certain areas are but the aesthetics and setups alone make the experience worth it.

I highly recommend this hack to anyone who's searching for a good standard challenge hack with cute aesthetics and great music.

Good luck with the project!

Edit: Does the playable character have a name?
Thanks for the positive feedback!

Originally posted by Segment1Zone2

My only real grudge is that the songs sound modern compered to everything else. Would be cool to 8bit-ify the songs to fit better but it's not a necessity.

Edit: Does the playable character have a name?

So about the music, I would've liked to have 8 bit music but I don't really know anything about music porting. I can probably learn more about it, but for the moment, I'll just use 16 bit music I think would fit the best

As for the player character, yes she has a name I just didn't really find it important to mention it. The character's name is Gloria (because it can be shortened to Glo so it sounds like the hack's title)
Glourious hack. A lot of potential here.
The gane isn't too hard, levels are intuitive. Soundtrack is great and characters are charismatic.

My concerns are:
- Fire Pillar can kill you offscreen.
- I almost didn't see the "!"
Other than that I loved the experience.
Exclusive content and nostalgia!
Interesting concept, good luck with it!
Layout made by MaxodeX
2021 TRENO vibe check thread
I have tremendously enjoyed the aesthetics you propose in this romhack. Emulating the gameboy style is so neat! And it works, I've felt like all the tiles were well indicated.

Best of luck carrying this project on!
I like this a lot. Making things with the limit of what was possible on the Game Boy in mind must be fun a aesthetic challenge and you've executed well on the game textures and sprite graphics. Nice job #smrpg{y}
Finally glad to see this project have a small demo.
I'll have to give this ago ASAP!
Looks very promising, I like how you used the colors and the sprites to emulate the Game Boy, It works pretty well.

Great job!!
i will change this eventually
I've been quite busy this C3, but consider your hack in my "hacks to play list". Fantastic aesthetics, I love the feeling of Game Boy graphics and how it's strong in this hack. #smrpg{<3}

This is a bit above my skill level so I can't provide the best commentary on it, but the three main levels (I didn't get any secret exits) were pretty fun. The levels were surprisingly long and varied. The visuals are pretty clear despite the limited palette.

Super Mario WorldDemoScreenshots