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Baron of Shell

Kaizo/PitSuper Mario WorldVideo/Trailer

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I have been working on this hack for over a year and decided to show off a trailer I made! It is a hard chocolate shell hack inspired by the Sheffy series, GlitchCat's Various Dragons, and Team Shell.



You have no idea how satisfying this is to watch. I also really like the different types of shells you used (especially the timed shells and the rainbow Spiny shells).
Also, this is unrelated to the hack itself, but that's what song in the trailer? It's really good.
Check out my WIP romhack!
The song is a chopped up version of a song from the new Doom Eternal OST "The Only Thing They Fear Is You"
this is absolutely astonishing, im glad to have the opportunity to play it early

i am the coolest person !

le4che :).
This is not the type of thing I'll ever play, but I would be impressed if this hack somehow got a port of "The Only Thing They Fear is You".
That DOOM-esque title screen looks fantastic! Is that going to be in the game, or did you make that as promotional art for your hack?

While I'm not big on Kaizo hacks, I can safely say I like the gimmick of having to use shells or other items constantly. It's a nice theme with the hack!
I have nothing else to say now. Huh...
I don't really play Kaizo hacks, but damn, that artwork looks amazing! The hack itself also looks pretty rad, and I'd like to watch others play through it.
Feel free to visit my website/blog - it's updated rarely, but it looks pretty cool!
I am working with my buddy Brakkie to get that pixel art ported into smw. It won't look exactly like that because of the complexity, but it will be very close, and act as the title screen.
Sounds exciting in that case. Good luck!
I have nothing else to say now. Huh...
Originally posted by shaoshao


I love how badass this looks, with some DOOM vibes, honestly, this art is amazing. I’ve been losing interest in shells based hacks these last months, but this one brings me new charm. I’m gonna try this out for sure. Good job shao!!
This is actually looking really good. It reminds me of another kaizo level a bit that revolves around shells I just can't place my finger on it.
This hack definitely gives me a Sheffy vibe, a lot of tough shelljumping and other item tricks. I really like the layer 2 usages in this, I feel like that can create some really unique setups.
Epic artwork, I'll just say that.

The trailer's also nice, but you just die a lot which puts me off for some reason.

Anyways, great work!

YY-CHR > Photoshop.
Cool Trailer, cool Artwork, cool setups! Good work shao. How many exits are planned for this beast? #w{=3}
I currently have 12 exits, I plan on 3-4 more
missed shelljumps in trailer lol.
Joking aside I like how every level has a unique gimmick despite being only shells, also that title screen is one of the best I've seen
I suck at ASM and AMK

My Youtube

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Originally posted by NerDose
also that title screen is one of the best I've seen

Can't agree more, that title screen alone sells the hack. I'm not a fan of kaizo tricks such as shelljumps, but I appreciate the variety this hack seems to have regarding that.
The shell oriented hack trend has lived on #smw{B)}

I'm loving everything I saw here. The teaser has shown some pretty creative levels all-around with shells and their variants, and the title screen's artwork is genius. Just be careful to not run out of ideas, because I see tons of potential with shells. Good luck with this project and I'm looking forward to seeing more! #smrpg{y}
That title art is sick, it'd be totally sweet to see it in game but it's gonna be tricky as you said to get it in--if you all need a hand with that though, hit me up. #smrpg{y}
This sounds and looks brutal.

I want to give congratulations for the title screen because it's badass.
I'm all for Buff Mario now, will Buff Mario have a player sprite too? That would be fun :p
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Kaizo/PitSuper Mario WorldVideo/Trailer