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Daizo's Evolutionarily Cursed ASM, Folks! >> Metroid Escape Sequence Timer Release?

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(DECAF for short)

Welcome, welcome! Don't have much to show off this time in C3, but what I can say is I decided to code a bunch of ASM that's...well, cursed. Some of these are old concepts that came from R-ACK, some from R-ACK itself, many brand new. These are mostly blocks and UberASM as my sprites are either private or are very messy. Either case, here's my showoff! Don't worry, I have thrown in some genuinely cool stuff as well.

DAY #1:

Every Switch Palace Switch [Blocks, UberASM, and Patch]
So you're in need of more than four Switch Palaces? Is six enough? Eight? Ten? ...Twenty? You're thinking too low...this pack makes it possible to have 56 Switch Palaces! This is possible thanks to the patch with makes it so regular Switch Palace SRAM is used to store 28 more switch palaces, then top that off with the other three extra vanilla SRAM values (which fits another 24 switch palaces), that results in the total without the need of SRAM Plus. Every switch palace runs in the same sublevel to prove that you can press them in any order, just like how it was in R-ACK.

Realistically you're not going to need more than...what? Eight? Ten if you're really wanting to push switch palaces to be a big deal? R-ACK used 16 plus the vanilla four since the joke was you didn't need a gigantic amount of switch palaces since having to hit every single one for the gateway level felt very obnoxious. It was there as a warning, basically :). Still, I went the full 9 yards and used every possible combination imaginable because, to quote Cave Johnson, "it's not about why, it's about why not?!" Just don't be surprised if you try to recreate "This Level Contains EVERY Switch Palace Switch 2" with all 56 switch palaces and not get some stink eyes and angry moderators moderating your hack. I guess it's possible to have the switch palaces be used at the end of each level in an open ended 56 level hack with a final level requiring all of them.

Since I really doubt you want every single one, the ZIP includes 4 versions:
- The Eight Pack (Four Extra Palaces)
- The R-ACK Pack (Sixteen Extra Palaces)
- The Double Pack (Twenty-Eight Extra Palaces)
- The Ultimate Pack (Fifty-Two Extra Palaces)
The only difference between the three is different UberASM files, different Map16s, different MWL files, and Block Lists.
The pack contains the patch required for this to work (assuming you aren't forcing the player to hit the vanilla ones first), every combination of block that is solid when the place is active, an UberASM file that automatically sets the SRAM to manual triggers to have proper visuals on the switch palace solid blocks, an mwl to set up the SRAM-to-manual trigger exanimation proper, and I pre-set up every combination of HammerBrother's 32x32 Switch Palaces so you don't have to set it up yourself.

This is more for intermediate hackers, but even if you just use the patch as is, it's still useful since you can now use the remaining switch palace SRAM "bits" without affecting the actual switch palaces. Now, the switch palace will only detect the very first bit (xxxxxxx0) instead of checking if it's "not 00", which means you can use the other bits to save other data to the save file. This is very useful if you are avoiding SRAM Plus since it breaks on SNES Classic.


[Romhack] - A sequel to "This Level Contains EVERY Switch Palace Switch". Can you survive all 56 exits?

Now of course, the only downside to using HammerBrother's switch blocks is unless you have a sprite or uberasm that deletes the tiles during level load or screen load, they will not disappear like the regular switch palaces nor will they load pre-pressed. I wouldn't mind if someone experienced with ObjecTool could create proper "vanilla styled" switch palace switches and blocks that behave properly and release them since all they really need is the patch. But for now, this is what I'm able to do for the public release.


Two Worlds [UberASM]

real final has a sublevel that teleports Mario between the left side and right side automatically in a vertical shaft, and this is the ASM responsible for it. While very easy to explain, the result gives an experience that is very hard to keep track of. In the code itself you may tone down how fast you get warped, and an mwl including the "white outline" indicator controlled through Manual Triggers. It's very cursed, but could make for very interesting levels.



Directional ON/OFF [UberASM]

An unused gimmick in R-ACK's folder, this gimmick explains itself...somewhat. You face left, the switch is ON. You face right, the switch is OFF. Very simple, but it's another gimmick made to mess with people's heads. It's a very simple code, but it's still nice to have for a release.



RNG Up Pipe [Block]

This horrid block randomizes the chance of you going up the already infamous up pipe. Basically it's random chance whether or not you will be able to enter the pipe. You can increase or decrease the chances by changing the !CHANCES define (currently it is a 12.5% chance). Basically, use with caution.


DAY #2:

Metroid Escape Sequence Timer [UberASM]

Coded by Mellonpizza for Krack The Hack, polished up for release by me. I appreciate him letting me release it since it's a really nice timer. This timer mimics the one from Super Metroid. You can put any code in it for whenever the timer runs out (runs every frame unless it pauses all animation [like dying or teleporting]), or you can make it a stopwatch and have it count upwards. Can be placed anywhere on the screen, and can even be moved with FreeRAM. Resets every time you're on the overworld. See file for how to have it work for Retry Patch.

Since this uses sprite tiles, I recommend using it for places that don't have a lot of extended sprites to spawn.



Drunk Camera [UberASM]

The exact same UberASM from R-ACK, only without the background and hdma stuff. Released by request. There's an option to fix the sprite spawning just in case you don't want it like how R-ACK handles it.



Vertical Displacer [Block]

A block that displaces Mario vertically above or below a specific amount when you touch it.


Unfortunately that's it for this C3. I had originally planned to do more, but I've been distracted by A Plumber For All Seasons haha. Happy C3 my friends, it's never good bye, it's always a "see you later"!

Want progress on 100 Rooms of Enemies: The Nightmare Edition? Go here to see.

Are you a sample porter and wanna help with 100 Rooms of Enemies: The Nightmare Edition? Private Message me or Mellonpizza for details. Expect trading "resources" in exchange. 4 more left.

That RNG Up pipe is unironically hilarious. It's such a dumb idea that I can see being used in something like YUMP. Also, I actually really like how those dark Switch Palace switches look.
Check out my WIP romhack!
The extra switches are really really nifty (and fitting), I'm sure many people will make great use of them!

Nice stuff overall. Although everything aside from the switches is pretty simple, it's really nice to see you're making progress with ASM. Looking forward to the rest of the showcase!
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As Koopster said, the extra Switch Palaces are quite nice (and very fitting of the theme of C3).

Some rather interesting ASM here, and the RNG pipes could be an interesting way to hide an exit among a bunch of pipes and make folks think the correct pipe changes sometimes...or that none are valid exit pipes. I can think of some fun trolls if one wanted to...

Very well done~! ^.=.^

The directional ON/OFF thing looks quite interesting.
I wonder how it'll look in actual levels.

Nice stuff as always Daizo!
Lots of love, S1Z2 <3

Massive thanks to Giga for making the layout!
I was subconsciously expecting the extra switches to get released one day, though.

Overall, this is a pretty interesting ASM showcase. I'm absolutely sure people's minds will get blown away with stuff such as the RNG pipes. Hoping to see more content from the oven!
Glad to see these getting released these would be incredible

You are challenged by Champion Daisy!

These are some very cool releases, that Two Worlds asm interested me when I saw it in that level but that RNG up pipe definitely shouldn't be trusted in the public's hands--I am already forseeing it in some very cursed kaizo levels. #smrpg{:D}
That pipe is going to be used in terrible ways and I can't wait

The switch expansion is very impressive. I actually remember someone asking a little while back how to add extra switch palaces, and this would be perfect for them.
You absolute madman, don't you realize what you have done!

But in all seriousness though I can see this causing quite a shakeup in SMW Hack everywhere.
Quite interesting ideas you got there, especially the RNG pipe as I could see it be used for some great rewards or devious traps.
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that pipe is one of the most evil things i've ever seen, probably as evil as timezones. also, gotta love how you managed to fit 56 switches without any extra patch like sram+, totally crazy man.
Wow, really cool resources. Two worlds and the RNG up pipe are my favorites. Really nice job Daizo.
These extra switch palaces are pretty cool, i actually wanted to add an extra switch palace to NSMW1R but wasn't sure about that until now.
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Hooray, tons of switches to press. I love when you did that in R-ACK, even more happy that you're releasing it. #smrpg{<3}

Also, the RNG pipe is a pure evil idea and I love it. Can't wait to see people doing nasty stuff with it.#smrpg{sick}
The switches are very fitting for this c3.
These are really good, the up pipe is just hilarious. Also glad you release a giant bunch of switches cause idk how many people I've seen lately asking how to add more than the original 4.
The 56 switch palace patch is gonna be very useful to some people, really cool stuff
Also that RNG pipe looks horrendous (in a good way) but I already see some people using it lmao
My goodness, this is some extremely cursed ASM! And so many Switch Palaces, too... I'm sure Mr. Switchy would love to see this thread.

Amazing work overall, Daizo! This must have taken an insane amount of commitment.
I have nothing else to say now. Huh...

This is incredibly cursed, but I like it! (Especially the Extra Switch Palaces.) Hope to see more very soon.

Keep up! All praise Lord Daizo!!!
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