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A Plumber For All Seasons - RELEASE!

Super Mario WorldFull Hack ReleaseVideo/TrailerScreenshots

I like your work WYE and I hope to stay with us much longer#smw{:peace:}
Congrats on completing this, you should take great pride in this work! This is not a normal romhack in ANY regard. I look forward to playing it, thank you so much for creating it!
I wonder what a HFD opcode would do in ASM...
I've played up through the halfway point of world 3 in one sitting and had a blast. The visuals are amazing and the music elevates the scene. The level design is pretty consistently great with good pacing and variety.
My negatives mostly pertain to the aquarium level (music is kinda boring and it's just kinda long) and with the bonus coins (it's all too often a 50/50 path split to find them and having to get them all in one life is a pain in some long levels). Everything else about this hack was constantly impressing me. I've waited a while for this to come out and it's just as good as I hoped.
100 percented the hack, such an amazing experience.

This hack joins with the other SMW hacks I've played that proves to me that you don't need to have complex setups or rely on SMW's engine quirks to make engaging levels that is very commonplace in this community these years. This hack proves it with the way these levels are designed like traditional Nintendo-made Mario levels, which I believe are fairly simple ideas and naturally flows and expands on the ideas as one progresses through the game. The story naturally tells itself with the levels you play and the seasons you transition to.

The seasons also play a major part of the design experience that I don't think one can easily divorce since the level design take advantage of the ideas inherent within each of the 4 seasons in a way that is naturally expected that adds in a layer of depth to what I described above on the style of level design, and A Plumber For All Seasons excels at it.

Job well-done WYE.
On Pixel Art Requests: I generally do not accept work unless I either have the time, if I see your project worth my time to contribute towards, and that is usually me doing the approaching to you on that.
-I also do not accept speculative work as I do have various art I made on-hand with me.
-I am more receptive to equivalent exchange of resources in which case, you can DM me wherever I have an active presence on for the details.
-Other times I'm availible for your project is C3 request threads I may run.

I'm looking forward to play this soon, it's looking very promising. Congrats for releasing it after so many years!
YAAAAAYYY, THE FULL HACK IS FINALLY OUT!!! ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

This hack has gotten my attention, 'cause it has original compositions from well known SMWC members, custom graphics, custom ASM and more. Seriously, I really want right nooooow!!!

Also, congrats on your 10k, WYE~ #smrpg{<3}
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Congrats to the release WYE!!!
I just explored the first season and ... wow ... what an experience. It's so much fun to dive into the whole world and explore the island and every little detail. The Leveldesign is also very well thought out beside the phenomenal visuals. The soundtrack fits very well to the scenerie. An overall masterpiece (although I just played the "early game" which you probably like fewest #tb{XD} ).

Beside the game itself I really love how much the entire community is hyped and celebrate the release with you. You definitely deserve it and makes the 9.5 years (wwooooowww) work worth it #w{=3}
I hope you have some free time to enjoy it! #w{<3}
holy shit it's time.

I had a feeling you would be pushing this for your 10k post. But honestly, massive congratulations on this release. I'll be sticking this onto my SNES later and giving it a good play.

congrats on the release WYE, I'm glad to have been able to contribute something to the soundtrack even if it was a bit last-minute notice -- I'll definitely be playing the full hack as soon as I can, as it looks like a super fun experience.
This hack has been a singular highlight for me, that just kept delivering. The care and passion that went into this hack is nothing short of inspiring. I'm looking forward to dusting off my SNES for this one!

Congratulations WYE! You did it!

I'm humbled to have been a part of making this hack happen #fim{^_^}
I played through spring and a few levels of summer on my snes classic mini. So far, this is one of the best hacks i've ever played, no doubt about it. The graphics are beautiful and the level design is amazing too. Fantastic job!
Super Mario Travelers

Not since TSRPR and TSRP2R has hack really engaged me and I've only just now finished the spring season. I'll certainly be playing the rest of the hack in near future. The level design is exemplary and on point! The Music is excellent, I can see why you were confident enough the include the soundtrack with the hack. And the Art Style is well executed! I think A Plumber For All Seasons is worthy of the title "Magnum Opus", which in Classical Latin translates as "Great Work" and A Plumber For All Seasons is indeed a great work.

Congratulations on the long-awaited release! Everything about this hack looks very charming, and I appreciate how much care went into the atmosphere of each level. I played most of it earlier this day and I had a lot of fun (I still have a few Star Coins left to collect). The soundtrack is lovely and I'm glad I was able to contribute something to it!
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Quest on Full Moon Island 2
I don't play too many hacks these days but I absolutely need to make an exception for this. Congratulations on finishing it!

It was nice to read your retrospective. As someone who has also been working on a hack over many years, I know the exact feeling you're doing through. One day I'll also be able to take that breather, and feel weird about it no longer being something I have to work on.

I hope you stick around a while longer and keep enjoying your time here! Can't wait to play the hack.
This is possibly one of the finest hacks mankind will ever have seen.
Congratulations for eventually finishing it. 9 and hald years of effort, but only by watching the trailer I can tell all of the invested time paid off! #w{<3}

I think I've only posted in your wip thread once or twice before, but gosh I can't overstate how pretty this hack is. It's so nice to finally see it finished, and of course to see you getting closure with it!

I've played through most of the spring world so far and I am absolutely in love with all the vibes everything is giving off. All of your hard work truly shines through.
Who did the Phases of Water track? I really like that one a lot!
Super cool to be apart of this project. I really like this hack and I'm proud of ya, WYE. Congrats on the release!
Having 100%'d this hack, I can safely say it's one of my all time favorites, and I am so happy that, after all these years, you managed to finish this. I hope this hack serves as a reminder to other people that persistence pays off, even if it takes years of work. Your effort here clearly shows, as every part of this hack is polished to perfection. I'm so glad I got to play this, thank you so much!
Played throught the first "season" so far - and as others already stated, this is really well done.

The graphic style reminds me a bit of Kirby's Dream Land 3 especially the BGs, which isn't a bad thing. Although I find it funny that with all these fancy graphics you also did stick to the overall SMW-Mario-design. :D

One tiny thing i did notice is that in that first underwater stage (with all the urchins) there was one star coin which didn't appeared the first time I played it. It was the one guarded by the line-guided urchin left from the throw blocks. I guess too much sprites on the screen is still a thing or something? Don't know.

Overall, this hack sure is a winner. #smrpg{y}
Looking forward on making my way through the later seasons.

Super Mario WorldFull Hack ReleaseVideo/TrailerScreenshots