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Cod's Crappy C3 2021 Sprite release

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So... i wasn't even gonna bother releasing anything this c3 but since i had some sprites laying around that were almost finished aside from being missing some stuff i decided to finish them off so here they are

(Post c3 thread edit)

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These look great, it's always nice to see sprites from other games, especially from Yoshi's Island, get brought over to SMW! Both the booblah and baseboy boys are great additions, makes me want to play around with them in a level. #smrpg{y}
I love all of these, I really like YI sprites in general so I'm always happy to see them made in SMW.
I really love YI sprites in SMW, and would be awesome to have more MMX1, X2 and X3 sprites. There are many of them! Nice job!
These sprites aren't crappy at all! I love that Boo Blah sprite the most; the fact that it pops out when it's right on the same Y coordinate as Mario is a pretty neat touch! Plus, the Baseball Boys are criminally underrated.
I have nothing else to say now. Huh...
Very nice! I remember seeing some gifs you posted of the Baseball boys on discord but I haven't seen the Booblahs before. I'm sure the YI graphic designers had "scary" in mind but to me they're cute. #w{<3}
I almost cried when I saw the BooBlah sprite, it's one of my favorite YI enemies. Thank you very much for making these, they look and act exactly like how they do in their games. 8>
Man, you finally managed to port Boo Blah into SMW, huh? It looks fantastic! Can't wait to see more soon!
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Nice work in genral, I can see the Baseball boys getting the most milage wrung out of them in terms of level design.
Those sprites seem a lot more polished than your thread title would imply. Especially the baseball boys, which seem like they have a lot of interesting applications for creative levels making use of them.
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I really want to use the Baseball Boys! They're very fun. You need to be more confident in your work, it's great.
It's nice to see some enemies from Yoshi's Island make their long awaited port to Super Mario World, and accurately at that! I'm also a fan of the Mega Man enemies, and I'm curious what this version of "Bit" looks like visually.

Good job indeed.

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Neat YI sprites. I love that you're dedicated to improve them, and the new Bloobah, which is a kinda funny name. Also, I love that you made a Mega Man enemy. Great job, codfish. #smrpg{y}
Oh wow, I recall those very YI sprites were being asked for over the Discord a few weeks ago, and it didn't seem like anyone was up to do them, but there they are!

Those are all very nifty. You're doing very well in ASM, keep it up #smrpg{y}
You are getting better at creating custom sprites alongside asm, which is good to see.

I hope those sprites see some good use in hacks because these are really neat and have potential for some interesting ideas.
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Crappy? Don't devalue yourself man :O

Very nice sprites overall, and I'm happy to see they finally dug their way out into SMW. I'm sure people will have a knack for sprites such as the baseball boys (hoo boy). Keep it up, pal!
lowkey love these yi sprites, i can see a ton of funny jank uses for hem. and yeah, don't sell yourself short, these are all cool as fuck
Personally, I really love to see sprites from Yoshi's Island into Super Mario World. Of course, that could be because I did recreate and port some resources from Yoshi's Island to Super Mario World but there still is something which really makes me wish there are more sprites from Yoshi's Island ported to Super Mario World.
thanks alot guys anyways i updated the original post with a updated green glove and slugger since i noticed it was still able to pickup items while it was preparing to throw a sprite
which would probably break a puzzle or whatever your making using it since the sprite it was originally going to throw would be completely gone
and i also added another sprite to the thread and added a gif for mmx3 bit

anyways thx for checking out my c3 thread :D
This is my non existent layout I plan on adding one soon.. or never

I have a discord server, feel free to join if you want
I actually wanted a YI flipper/one way gate sprite once, and I remember thinking about making it a request, but it looks like you already made it.
I don't know what you mean by "crappy", these all look amazing and very accurate to the original material. Good job!
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SpriteSuper Mario WorldResource ReleaseScreenshots