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SMW The Great Adventure (DEMO) - A new hack by Bandicoot

Super Mario WorldDemoScreenshots

So, after the burnout that Ive been from SMWHacking during the last year it had been kinda hard for me to getting into smwhacking again, however my passion for level and game design allowed me to get the courage to try one more hack, the goal was to make a shorter one compared to my previous hacks making it a hack more or less the same size as the Donkey Kong Country/Crash Bandicoot games which are games that last 2h-5h at max on a 100% playthorugh.
However, I just couldnt help myself but to put a lot of secrets and exploration into it, so its starting to get a bit more ambitious.

And the progress is going really well.
So far I have 3 worlds done(out of the 8 planned).
With the demo that I'm going to show you today having 20 levels and 32 exits.
The hack has no plot (or final name) determined yet which is why the current plot is actually kinda similar to the original SMW, but it is not the main focus anyway.

So here we are, my new project:
SMW The Great Adventure

You can download the demo here:

And here is some screenshots:

I hope you guys enjoy it!
And feel free to leave any feeback#tb{^V^}
This is looking good so far, can't say I'm a big fan of the more SMM type of hammer bro graphics but that's my personal preference.
When I have more time I'll try and boot this up and take a better look.
I will play soon. It looks pretty cool.
I couldn't find anything to write :| By the way my Youtube channel
Will the eight worlds have more levels than planned?
I dont know yet.
The original plan was to make a hack with 8 worlds containing 6 levels each.
I'll probably stick with this until the final project.
It looks great

You are challenged by Champion Daisy!

I Play Curently Trough Your Demo and i Must Say its Great Nice Music Choices and Interresting Gameplay and Level Design but i Think there are no Yoshi Coins in Lakito Falls and there is one Coin Missing in Firebar Canyon i Think just Would like to Point it Out for The Final Release to be A Succes :D
Mein Youtube Kanal

My Youtube Channel

I did get a chance to play through the entire demo and so far it's pretty good.

some minor issues to fix before the final release:

beating the Swooper's Well stage in world 1 does not show a save prompt. that seems to be the only level where it occurs while beating all other levels display a save prompt.

a few levels in the 2nd world have only 4 yoshi coins:
Firebar Canyon
A Chuck Paradise
Frosty Gusty Forest

also there are no yoshi coins in Lakitu's Falls level in the 2nd world.

Super Mario WorldDemoScreenshots