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SMW Google Translated Edition 2!

Super Mario WorldFull Hack ReleaseScreenshots

So a while back i made a thread for my really really stupid SMW Google translated hack, it was just a quick goofy project i made in a relatively short amount of time, but it was some of the most fun i had ever had making a hack. The incredibly stupid stuff that Google translate can come up with is honestly astounding.

Anyways, i made another one. Same thing as the first one, vanilla SMW only the dialogue translations are different again.

overall i think this hack is hilarious and turned out great, a lot of quality content, although some dialogue contains mature language and risque themes.

here are some screenshots of early game dialogue

And here is the Download for the .bps

Let me know your thoughts!
This remins me of Book of Mario (Paper Mario google translated). It looks very funny already from the screenshots alone (I love the Suggested Politics message box lol, and the "shower to continue"). I will have to try this.
Not at home to fuck.

It's a funny like thing. I like it, I want to see a bit more.

It's just the first two levels and the dialogue doesn't mess around already. I like these kinds of translations because they end up having a lot of goofy sentences.
This is just incredibly hilarious!!!

Can't wait to try it out very, very soon. Reminds me of that one Google Translated Super Mario RPG hack!
Expect to have more intel about The Hacking of PuyoPuyo coming soon. 『いけいけ団長、頑張れ頑張れ団長!』
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I got a mild chuckle out of those screenshots, although I doubt I'll be playing this anytime soon.
so google is asking me to take a shower so I can continue the game?

but really this is kek and I'll try it out soon!

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Where's my lasaga, Jon?
"-SUGGEST POLITICS-" is such a great translation.
Didn't know, the game actually wanted me to contribute in my community. I better quit SMW and follow its adivice #tb{^V^}

A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one.
Originally posted by Magmatic


I love this so much. Google Translate’s translations are so consistently hilarious that there’s still a part of me that suspects that their algorithm must be made that way in purpose.

Adding this to SMW was a great idea. 100% playing through the full thing when I get the chance :)
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Originally posted by Darolac
This remins me of Book of Mario (Paper Mario google translated)

Funny you say that, book of mario was actually what inspired me to do this. I saw a youtube playthrough of book of mario and thought it was hilarious and decided, hey why not do this in SMW?
I see where you got this idea from, Book of Mario.
Ive watched all of the videos, it was pretty funny. This also reminds me from SMW Randomizer for some reason.
Kirbo was here
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WIP Hack:
This is a very interesting idea, When it comes to forced translations. Google Translate results are not always confusing, This time. try a full load or a traveler;s degree, They put a picture of a smile on my face, I;m sure most people will laugh at the simplicity of this idea,
I'll never stop finding these hilarious in such a dumb way.

Hope there's a 3rd installment, my politics need more suggesting.
im glad im not the only one who finds this stuff hilarious #tb{:p}
Me: #w{<3}
Girlfriend: Sorry, not at home to fu*k.
Originally posted by Yogi
Sorry, sorry not at home to fuck.

This gave me so many giggles! The funniest part of it is that I didn't expect any profanity here!

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Why is this so funny? The second screenshot lmao.

Super Mario WorldFull Hack ReleaseScreenshots